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There's no way that Billie and Bobbie are that perky in real life.
— Trish

"Duos & Deception" is the 6th episode in season 4 of Austin & Ally. This was the 9th episode to be filmed in Season 4.[1] The episode aired on April 19, 2015.[2] It was watched by 2.22 million viewers on the night of its premiere.


Trish books Billie and Bobbie of "The Billie and Bobbie Show," a famous brother and sister duo, to talk and perform with the students of the A&A Music Factory. Meanwhile, when a code inspector comes to look at the music school and threatens to shut it down, the foursome learns the famous duo have ulterior motives.[3][4]

Episode Summary

In an attempt to organize the chores at A&A Music Factory and pass and upcoming health inspection sent by the Mall of Miami, Ally installs an upright gaming wheel in the practice room. Trish walks in and announces that she has booked Billie and Bobbie to perform at the music school in front of their students, although her announcement takes more of an effort than usual. Due to the feminine spelling of both of their names, none of the team are truly certain of which is the brother and the sister. Dez tries to help by opening his laptop and showing video footage of their actions, but it doesn't work. They spend much of the episode trying to figure this out.

A typical performance of "The Billie and Bobbie Show" at A&A Music Factory.

Bobbie and Billie's act is extremely perky and cheesy. They tend to dress like mid-1970's pop musicians, and their act consists mainly of singing their theme song and telling corny jokes. Everyone but Dez finds their act way too corny, although Ally realizes how corny they are but still accepts them. Sometime before performing in front of the students, they sabotage the music factory so that they can fail their inspection, placing condiments in the wind instruments, rats in the vending machines, and too much soap cleaning up the bathroom and leaving the sink on so that bubbles run all over the school. When she and her brother end up getting ketchup and mustard on each other after using the wind instruments, they happily go to the food court to use the condiments on them for eating.

The pop-star and songwriter accuse their friends of making the mess, while they struggle to clean it up, when suddenly a health inspector named Mr. Schxlumbraugh, who's name is difficult to pronounce by all four of the team members. The inspector, demands answers about the mess and threatens to shut the school down. As Austin & Ally are cleaning the school up, the cutesy brother and sister, and enquire about the mess. When they explain what happened, they sympathize with Austin and Ally when they hear about how Trish and Dez caused the mess in the music factory, leaving Austin and Ally to do all the work to fix everything, and insist that Austin and Ally go get lunch while they clean up. Once they leave, the brother and sister go to talk to Trish and Dez, feigning the same sympathy, saying it's a shame they have to do the work while Austin and Allie go out and have a relaxing lunch.

Trish and Dez find their friends eating in the food court, and accuse them of exploiting them, which both deny. All four argue over how much they depend on each other to keep the school running. Lily approaches the four of them as they argue, and inadvertently reveals that the Billie and Bobbie had sabotaged The A&A Music Factory by setting up all the mishaps in order to get them shut down so they can open their own music school called "The B & B Music Factory." Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez realize what happened and resume cleaning the school, but while they're doing so, the four come up with a plan to expose Billie and Bobbie for the frauds they are.

The cutsey brother and sister team turn on each other... LIVE!

Later that night before the performance at Club-a-Dub-Dub, Ally and Trish approach Bobbie and convince her that her brother thinks he's the bigger star of the show and views her as merely his backup performer, which eliminates her usual cheerful demeanor. The scene is cut to Austin and Dez doing exactly the same thing with Billie. During the performance, Billie and Bobbie lash out at each other and inadvertently reveal which one is which. Bobbie uses their knock-knock jokes as an attempt to accuse him of insulting her dancing, and Billie interrupts the act to perform a new version of "The Happiness Song," which evolves into a round of insults between the two of them. Both stop the song to argue with one another and reveal their proposed music school, leaving the stage as the show goes on without them. After they both storm off stage, Ally is amazed they were able to sabotage their plot so easily. Surprisingly, Dez and Lily take the stage and do their own version of the "Billie and Bobbie theme song".

Inspector Schxlumbraugh comes back to the A&A Music Factory and gives it a passing grade, but still is upset with the team for not being able to pronounce his surname. Austin requests a copy of his paperwork, to show his parents that there are some tests that he can actually pass. After he leaves, and the team celebrates their inspection, the two singing brother and sister return to apologize (at the behest of their parents) and offer them a pie. Before they leave, they ask Austin and Ally which of the two is which, the same question Team Austin asked about them.

Memorable Quotes

Dez: Cleaning the bathroom? What's my prize?

Ally: This one of a kind toilet brush!

Trish: Guess who booked big-time celebrity guests to come to The A&A Music Factory to talk and perform in front of all of our students? (takes a deep breath) Sorry. Too many words.
Dez: They're my second favorite musicians. You guys are tied for third. First is the musician that performed at my family reunion. Turned my aunt into a dove. Never did see her again.

Dez: What's cheesy about a brother-sister duo that tells knock-knock jokes and sings folk songs about friendship, sunshine and sibling love.

Trish: Everything?
Billie: Huh, well that's a shame. Here you two are working so hard to make this school shine and all those two do is bumble it up *gasps* 'Scuse my language!
Bobbie: Why that no good, cherry-picking sack of marshmallows! Excuse my language.

Bobbie: Hi we came to say that we're sorry.

Billie: Mother said we had to get right down here and offer you an apology pie.

Dez: Did you bring any apology ice cream? I like my apologies a la mode.

Billie: You know, we just saw everything y'all had going for you here and wanted it for ourselves.

Trish: Oh, you can have Dez.

Bobbie: Oh... no thank you.
Bobbie: Hey, before we go, we have a question for you, and it's just a little bit embarrassing.
Billie: It's just, it's been bugging us since, uh, we met.
Bobbie: Which one of you is Austin, and which one of you is Ally?
Austin and Ally: Seriously?

Songs Featured


What The What?!? - Austin & Ally - "Duos & Deception" - Promo


Main Cast

Guest Cast

Special Guest Stars


  • Dove Cameron is friends with Sofia Carson, which is friends with Sabrina Carpenter. More ironically, all of these people guest starred on Austin & Ally.
  • This episode had a live taping.
  • The cast had the table read of this episode on January 12, 2015.
  • This episode began filming on January 15, 2015.
  • This episode had three special guest stars: (Dove Cameron, Ryan McCartan; cast of another Disney Channel Original Comedy, Liv and Maddie; and Leslie David Baker).
  • Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are a couple in real life, but their characters here are siblings.
  • This episode is part of the "What The What!?" weekend.
    • This is the second episode to be a part of this weekend, the first one being Directors & Divas in 2014.
  • This episode will be out early on Watch Disney Channel App on April 17, 2015, and On Demand servers one week earlier.
  • Lily said that she didn't know what was going on, but then she explained everything and Trish said that so she knew what was going on. This scene happened for the first time in "Grand Openings & Great Expectations".
  • Billie and Bobbie theme song lyrics changed every time (for some different word).
  • Dez and Lily made a parody of the Billie and Bobbie show theme song by performing "The Dezzie and Lily Show".
  • Billie and Bobbie wanted to start the "B&B Music Factory" (parody of the A&A Music Factory), in fact Billie and Bobbie is a cheesy parody of Austin & Ally.
  • In this episode we see the Mall inspector for the first time.
  • The snack machine in the Music Factory was introduced this episode (and it's shown only in this episode so far).
  • This is the third episode with an event of the A&A Music Factory (fourth event: "'The Billie and Bobbie show' Live Taping").
  • The "roles" for the cleaning were:
  • Club-a-Dub-Dub (the Karaoke Club) was introduced in this episode.
  • This is the second "What The What!?" themed episode, first one being in 2014: ironically, in the 2014 one, Laura Marano acted in a Liv and Maddie episode (where Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan act in), while in this year one they acted in Austin & Ally.
  • Dez mentions he teaches music video making at the Music Factory.
  • "Duos" refers to Billie and Bobbie; "Deceptions" refers to the two secretly sabotaging the Music Factory to steal the students.
  • The Billie and Bobbie Show is a nod to The Donny and Marie Show, which starred real life brother-sister duo Donny and Marie Osmond.




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