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Spike Stevens is my favorite director! He's the reason I got into filmmaking! Before that, I just wanted to become a brain surgeon.
— Dez

"Directors & Divas" is the 11th episode in Season 3 of Austin & Ally and the 56th episode overall. It aired on April 13, 2014, to 2.3 million viewers.[1]


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Dez gets an unexpected opportunity to help with a movie Austin's starring in. But things prove to be hard when he has to deal with Austin's co-star Brandy Braxton, a high maintenance actress.

Episode Summary

When Trish and Austin are able to get jobs for the whole gang on Spike Stevens' new movie, everyone is thrilled, especially Dez. Spike Stevens happens to be Dez's favorite director, and is excited to be working as his assistant. Ally has the job of writing the theme song for the movie, and Austin is going to be a main actor in the film.

Getting to the beach club, where the movie is set, Team Austin finds out that the movie is called The Pilot and the Mermaid, which is about how a pilot meets a mermaid and they fall in love with each other. Austin will, of course, be playing the pilot in the movie. Playing the part of the movie is Brandy Braxton, who happens to be a short-tempered actress who tends to throw tantrums on set, as the foursome discover. While filming several of the scenes, all Dez seems to be doing is what consists of a job of an unpaid intern instead of doing any actual directing. However, he turns out to be right later on as he discovers that he was really only hired for being Austin's friend by Spike after another one of Brandy's tantrums. This upsets Dez, and causes him to be angry with Austin.

At Sonic Boom, Austin finds Dez there with Bear-Bear, Brandy's stuffed bear, and apologizes for not telling him the truth. He says that he didn't want to disappoint Dez, but should still take up on this opportunity. Dez finds hope in this, and decides to go back to the movie set.

Back on the movie set, the foursome discover that Spike must leave in a dire emergency of his wife being in labor. This allows Dez to finally get his big break at directing a big film. However, things go awry when Brandy refuses to work on the film with Dez as the director. Not only that, but Trish's temper also unleashes at Brandy when she has had enough of Brandy's attitude, causing Brandy to quit the movie. Once again, Dez is down in the dumps, but he and Team Austin find a solution to get the actress back on set - Trish must apologize to the actress. Bringing Brandy back for the plan, Trish apologizes and Brandy does forgive her. However Brandy again becomes angry when things don't quite go her way, making Dez lash out at her to try to get things done. Finally, Dez is able to get to her, and Brandy apologizes for her behavior, to everyone's satisfaction.

After successfully filming the movie for the day, Spike Stevens comes out and reveals that his wife wasn't really in labor - everything was a set up so that Dez could actually direct the movie, thanks to Team Austin as well. Dez thanks Spike and his friends for how well the plan worked out and is glad to receive some praise from his favorite director too.

Near the end, Dez shows Austin, Ally, and Trish the edited part of the film containing Ally's theme song in it - Heart of the Mermaid. Since Brandy had earlier on made Ally change the song entirely, translating into Spanish, and back into English, she says that the lyrics are a bit weird. The video shows Austin and Brandy singing the song together as the pilot and the mermaid.

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Memorable Quotes

Austin: I hope it's a musical. I've always wanted to be in a beach musical.

Ally: What are you gonna be? Some kind of singing surfer? (Austin shrugs) I don't see it.

Austin: Uh, hi, Brandy. I'm your co-star-
Brandy: Don't talk to me either. I don't really care about my co-stars. I do have a few rules. One, don't stand in front of me. Two, don't look me in the eye. And three, don't ever touch me.

Spike: Alright, Austin. I need you to stand in front of Brandy, look her in the eye, and carry her to safety.

Brandy: I want my blankie, I want my Bear-Bear, I want my yogurt, I want a unicorn that breathes fire!
Dez: That is it, young lady! I have had enough of your temper tantrums! Now you listen to me or you're getting a timeout! You're the actress, I'm the director. Now stop acting like a baby, get on the beach, and be the mermaid! Have I made myself clear?!

Brandy: Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir. I'll be good, I promise.


  • Grace Phipps, who starred in Teen Beach Movie with Ross Lynch, guest starred in this episode.
    Directors & Divas (7).png
    • When they were talking about what the theme for the movie was, Austin hoped it was a beach musical, and Ally says he would play a singing surfer, which refers to Ross's movie Teen Beach Movie which Ross Lynch & Grace Phipps also worked on for the first time.
  • This episode is part of What the What Weekend on Disney Channel.
  • Dez's favorite director, Spike Stevens, is introduced in this episode.
  • Dez's movie, "Claws: Dun Dun Dun" from Filmmaking & Fear Breaking was mentioned in this episode.
  • There are some references and parodies of Teen Beach Movie.
  • This is the seventeenth episode to be filmed of the season, and Laura Marano also guest stars on the seventeenth episode of Liv and Maddie, "Howl-A-Rooney", as Fangs.
  • Spike Stevens is also mentioned in the season 1 episode, Managers & Meatballs, when Dez inadvertently gets Demonica Dixon to hire him to direct Austin's new music video.
  • Another movie Brandy was in, The Duchess Diaries, is a parody of The Princess Diaries.
  • This is the first time Dez actually gets a directing job.


  • Austin got his hopes up and brought down wanting to be a mermaid. The male equivalent is actually a Merman.
  • Ally complains that Spike made her change the song from English to Spanish and then back to English which is why the lyrics are weird but there was no reason for Ally to get rid of the original English lyrics so she should still have them if Spike changed his mind about wanting it to be in Spanish.


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