I can so communicate my feelings....and now, I'm feeling......FEELINGS!
Austin to Ally

"Diners & Daters" is the sixteenth episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on June 17, 2012 to 2.87 million viewers.[1]


Trish gets a job at the Melody Diner and when the gang goes for lunch, Austin instantly falls for one of the waitresses, Cassidy. But when she tells him she doesn't have time to date, Austin gets a job at the diner and enlists Ally's help to win her over. Meanwhile, Dez starts getting addicted to Cha Cha Chicken Pot Pie, so Mindy takes advantage of his addiction to get him to like her.


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Memorable Quotes

Dez: I'm starving. What kind of waitress takes 20 minutes to get to a table?
Trish: Guess who got a job at the Melody Diner?
Ally: That kind of waitress...
Trish: She's the worst. She's always looking over my shoulder, bossing me around, she drives me nuts [sees Mindy behind her, starts singing] are in the brownies, so save them for dessert!
Austin: I sing too! I'm Austin Moon.
Dez: He's an internet sensation. He's sort of a big deal.

Trish: [to Cassidy] This is his friend Dez; he's not a big deal.
Ally: I'm Ally; I don't know what my deal is!

Cassidy: Well, it's great to meet you Ally, Big Deal, Not A Big Deal.
Trish: Whatever you do, don't order the Chips and Salsa.
Dez: Why? I want Chips and Salsa!

Mindy: Did somebody say Salsa? [rolls tongue] Salsaaaaa!
Dez: Can I change my order?

Mindy: No! Dance!
Austin: No way! We have so much in common! We both love're both in high school,'re both holding bottles of ketchup! Cheers.
Ally: Maybe some dessert will make you feel better?
Trish: I don't feel like dancing, so whatever you do, don't order the Chocolate Shake, the Lemon Twist, or-

Dez: Get the Raspberry Robot!
Trish: Noooo!

Mindy: Raspberry Robot! [says this in robot-like tone]
Ally: Okay! I was thinking about this. There are only 3 possible reasons why she won't go out with you.
Austin: I'm listening.

Ally: One, she has a boyfriend. Two, she misunderstood your question. Three-
Austin: She's a mermaid, and her dad won't let her date humans?
Ally: ...I was just going to say that she might not be in to you.

Austin: I think my reason makes more sense.
Mindy: I hope your giving this table your best service, 'cause it's got my favorite customer. I'm talking about you, Dezzy cakes.
Dez: I know you have a crush on me, Mindy. But I'm batter at long distance relationships. Maybe you should go stand over there. Or in Alaska.
Dez: Anyways, I'm an expert in love. I've been rejected so many times I can show you what not to do. Observe. [To a lady] Excuse me, I'm Dez. I don't have a job and I only shower once a week. How would you like to be my girlfriend? [Lady exits] See, do not do that.
Austin: What did she say? What did she say?

Trish: Well, she said she won't go out with you because- [cell phone rings] Hang on. Hello? Would I like to take a twenty minute survey? I sure would! Yes. Bananas. Yes. Oh, that's a tough one, gorgonzola?
Austin: What did she say?

Trish: She just asked what my favorite cheese is.
Cassidy: Okay, new guy. Watch and learn. ♫ Here are your onion rings lunch and joy are what they bring. Don't you like your veggies fried? Here are your sauces on the side.♫
Austin: Whoa. That was, like, the best song I've heard about onion rings.
Ally: So what do you like about Cassidy?

Austin: She's perfect.
Ally: Perfect. Got it.
Austin: But not too perfect.
Ally: Not perfect. Got it. Why don't you tell me how she makes you feel?
Austin: Like I'm wearing a new pair of sneakers. Or I'm about to eat pancakes or I just did a big loop de loop on a roller-coaster and I' trying not to throw up.

Ally: So she makes you feel like your going to throw up pancakes all over your new sneakers?
Austin: Oh, and throw something in there about onion rings.
Ally: Okay. Onion rings. Would you like you be throwing them up or just eating them?
Austin: I'd like to dedicate this song to the coolest girl here, Cassidy. ♫ You're perfect, but not too perfect. You're the pad of butter on my pancake stack. You're a roller coaster ride and I feel like, throwing up. Cassidy, go out with me... something about onion rings... ings. ♫
Austin: You called her the butter on my pancake stack. If anything she's the syrup.

Ally: I just wrote all the stuff you told me. You're the one who can't communicate your feelings.

Austin: I can so communicate my feelings, and right now I'm feeling... feelings!
Austin: Hey, Ally. Got a second?

Ally: Yeah, sure. You can go, Trish. Thanks for listening.
Trish: Huh? You were talking to me?
Ally: Yes. I thought you were taking notes.

Trish: No. I was taking a survey on how to be a better listener. On a scale of one to ten, how did I do? [Ally grabs magazine and throws out into the trash] I'm gonna call that a seven.

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  • This is Mindy's second and final appearance in the season and series as of now.
  • There was an unscripted moment during the scene when Austin and Ally were goof dancing. Laura Marano accidentally tripped on the couch, making Ross Lynch stop dancing and almost break out of character; Marano recovered smoothly by saying "it was part of it" and continued dancing while Lynch jokingly replied, "it was not a part of your dance."[2]
  • This is Trish's second time sang on the show.
  • Trish was hired and quit from Melody Diner.
  • This episode title refers to the Melody Diner and Austin trying to get Cassidy to go on a date with him.
  • This episode was ranked #1 in Disney Channel Australia's "Fanpicked Austin & Ally Countdown".
  • The Melody Diner may be a reference to Mel's Diner.
  • This is the first (and only appearance) of Cassidy.
  • Austin makes a reference to The Little Mermaid  when he guesses that one of the reasons Cassidy turned him down was that she was a mermaid, and her dad won't let her date humans.
  • Ally's hair in Season 1 always have a clothespin: since this episode, there's no clothespin in her hair.


  • Ally has stage fright, but when she sang at the diner, it was full of people.
  • During Heartbeat, Austin's watch kept disappearing and reappearing.


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