{{InfoboxCharacter |image = didi.PNG |full name = Diana “Didi” Olivia Wade |gender = Female |resides = Miami, FL |eye color = Green |hair color = Red |family = Dez Wade (brother)
Dennis Wade (father)
Donna Wade (mother)
Unnamed grandmother (mentioned in Spas & Spices, Girlfriends & Girl Friends,Tunes & Trials)
Male cousin (mentioned in Couples & Careers)
[Dwayne Wade (cousin)
Darrie Wade (nephew)
Carrie (sister-in-law)
Piper (sister-in-law) |relationships = Chuck McCoy (ex-boyfriend) |first episode = Family & Feuds |last episode = Family & Feuds |actor = Galadriel Stineman }} Didi Wade is Dez's younger sister. Her name starts with the same letter as her other family members and she has red hair just like Dez.

Didi is portrayed by Galadriel Stineman.


Didi has red hair which is usually worn down and with curls. In Family & Feuds, her only appearance, she wears a green dress. She may tend to wear skirts and dresses.


  • Her first boyfriend was Chuck. (Family & Feuds)
  • Just like her brother Dez, she is also childish.
  • She thinks her brother is weird. (Family & Feuds)
  • She and Chuck talked over video chat. (Family & Feuds)
  • She listens to FM 109. (Family & Feuds)
  • It is possible she attends Marino High School with her brother and ex-boyfriend.
  • Her father is an inventor.
  • Her parents are named Donna and Dennis Wade.
  • She first broke up with Chuck, because of a prank pulled by Trish, Austin, and Dez, who sent out a fake love song request sent by "Chuck" to Ally in (Family & Feuds).
  • She pretended to be a zombie in a zombie apocolypse. (Family & Feuds)
  • She owns a pink scooter, which was won and given to her by Chuck as a present. (Family & Feuds)
  • Her first appearance on the show was in Family & Feuds.
  • She doesn't appear again after the episode, Family & Feuds but gets mentioned.
  • She is the second sibling of a main character to appear on the show, the first was Trish's brother JJ De la Rosa.
  • She is one of the main reasons why Dez and Chuck ended their feud, but it somehow continued in Mix Ups & Mistletoes.
  • She was mentioned in Proms & Promises.
  • Dez Wade is her older brother.
  • It is revealed in Proms & Promises, that Chuck broke up with her.
  • Her actress, Galadriel Stineman, had a recurring role as Cassidy Finch, Axl Heck's (now ex)-girlfriend on the hit ABC sitcom, The Middle.


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