(in a high pitched tone) But, I like purple!
— Dez, in Seniors & Señors

Dezmond "Dez" Hatfield Wade is the tritagonist on Austin & Ally. He is an aspiring director who films everything that he possibly can. He filmed Austin Moon (Dez's best-friend) singing "Double Take" (Ally Dawson's song) and posted it online, which made Austin an overnight Internet sensation. Dez easily annoys Trish De la Rosa a lot, but he never knows what he does wrong and the two are currently friends, due to them becoming a lot closer in Season 4. He has shown that he may have feelings for her in some episodes, as he is always nice to Trish. He also filmed a short horror/adventure/drama/action/thriller, Claws Dun Dun Dun. Dez also has a talent for tap-dancing, as shown in "Soups & Stars", "Backups & Breakups", and "Parents & Punishments". Dez is married to Carrie and has a six-year-old son who is a genius and goes to college. He also keeps his word and never breaks a promise, as shown in multiple episodes such as MyTAB & My Pet and "Bloggers & Butterflies". He seems to be perceptive of people's emotions, as seen in "Albums & Auditions". He had always dreamed of becoming a famous director, and he always tries his best to help Austin out with his career, while also getting further in his own during the progress. Dez ships Auslly, as he has made 500 "Team Ally" shirts in the past ("Chapters & Choices" & "Partners & Parachutes"). Dez's last name was revealed to be Wade in the episode "Fanatics & Favors". His first name Dezmond was fully revealed in "Horror Stories & Halloween Scares". Finally, his middle name Hatfield was revealed in the Season 4 episode, "Mattress Stores & Music Factories".

Dez is portrayed by Calum Worthy.


Dez in Season 1

Dez is a quirky guy who is a really funny boy and he can be random, crazy, awkward, disgusting, clumsy, honorable and silly. He is wise at times, but he is mostly seen to be a rather stupid and ignorant goofball. He is very loyal and a good friend to everyone.

His weird habit of pulling random objects out of his backpack (like a ham, a turtle, an Abraham Lincoln ice-sculpture, jam, etc.) amuses his friends.

He is mostly in his "own little world." He also seems to be "easy-going" sometimes, but he can also be very sensitive. He is also shown to be very strong, as shown in World Records & Work Wreckers, when he can spin a basketball, hold three boxes and a birthday cake, at the same time (he wanted a wedding cake but there wasn't one). He is brutally honest whether characters ask him for his opinion or not. He also stated once that he never breaks a promise in Bloggers & Butterflies, when he ended up giving real pictures of Austin Moon to Miami H8ter Girl. It's also shown that he can't keep a secret for most of his friends. Mostly he can when he had to cover for someone.

In many moments especially in Season 1, he was very wacky and slow to understand things. In Albums & Auditions, he was at an all-time high with intelligence; he figured out M.U.N.Y.'s meaning before Trish De la Rosa and Austin where he understood how Ally Dawson was feeling. From that episode onto Season 2, Dez seems to have matured and gotten smarter. It is known that his original dream job was to be a brain surgeon as seen in Directors & Divas and has been shown with various animals (Kangaroos & Chaos, Tracks & Troubles, What If's & Where's Austin, Princesses & Prizes, and Cupids & Cuties). His real dream is to become a filmmaker and he loves being Austin's director.



Not much is known about Dez's background. He was born to Donna and Dennis Wade in 1996, possibly in Miami. He also has a sister named Didi Wade and some grandmas. Therefore, he has a very big family. It was also revealed in the Season 3 episode, Fanatics & Favors, that Dez is also related to NBA superstar named Dwayne Wade through marriage.

Dez and Austin Moon have been best friends for a long time and went to the same school since they were very young.


Physical Appearance

Dez has short auburn hair, blue eyes and pale skin. He has freckles on his face and is always smiling. He dresses in a weird and creative way. His clothes are very crazy combined and colorful with different random patterns. He usually wears normal shoes, but, in the episode "Secrets & Songbooks", he was actually wearing clown shoes. He sometimes like to dress as a director, especially when making movies. Dez wears suspenders, too. He seems to dress a bit more mature in Season 3.



Austin Moon

Daustin 122.jpg

Best Friend

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Austin and Dez are best friends. Dez has also directed Austin's videos, and right now is his director. Dez and Austin hang out a lot. They have been through everything, thick and thin. In Tickets & Trashbags, it's mentioned that Dez would often give Austin his pants in tough situations. They act practically like brothers. In Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction, Dez gets trapped in Austin's body after acquiring a magical typewriter.

Ally Dawson


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Dez and Ally

Dez and Ally aren't seen hanging out much but are sometimes seen to be interacting. They seem to be really good friends. In Soups & Stars, he tells Ally he is her BFF - "Best Freckled Friend." In Campers & Complications, Dez begs Ally to hang out with him when Austin is too busy hanging out with Kira. He is on "Team Ally" (he even makes 500 shirts) meaning that he wants Austin and her to be together, which eventually happens. However despite the fact that he fully supported the idea of Austin and Ally dating, in season 4, he would be a little mad of the idea that he prefers hanging out with Ally than him.

Trish De la Rosa


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Trish and Dez seem to be frenemies, but are still somewhat friends. They are both big fans of the Zalien series. They don't interact well with each other, as Trish is very mean to Dez, and Dez is a bit scared of Trish. They might secretly have feelings for each other.

Chuck McCoy


Chuck was Dez's enemy from Freaky Friday & Fan Fiction toward the middle of Family & Feuds. They have been competing with each other a lot. In the end, they ended their feud and became friends.


Good Friends

They are shown to be good friends, and like hanging out together with their friends. Dez often answers Jace's video chats, and talk a lot together.




Mindy seems to have a big crush on Dez, but Dez doesn't seem to return the feelings. Dez also seems to be afraid of Mindy.

Glamour Kitty


Dez showed love towards Glamour Kitty in the episode Solos & Stray Kitties.



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Dez met Carrie at Shredder's Beach Club, where she worked as a waitress in the episode Cupids & Cuties. They find out the common interests, like their love for horror movies and that they both think they're called some type of "love ___", but in reality, they are the only ones that call themselves that. By the end of the same episode, they had gone out on one date and they become a couple. They went to prom together in Proms & Promises and in Last Dances & Last Chances. In Buzzcuts & Beginnings, it was revealed that Carrie broke up with Dez a month prior to the episode. In Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds, it was revealed that they never actually broke up. In Duets & Destiny, it is revealed that he and Carrie are married.



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