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What up!
— Daustin's catchphrase

Daustin (D/ez and Austin) is the best-friendship/bromance pairing between Dez and Austin. They have been best friends forever since they were little and seem to have a brother-brother relationship. They treat each other as if they were actually brothers, but closer.                                                              

For the real-life pairing of Ross Lynch and Calum Worthy, see Coss.

Other Names

  • Austez (Aust/in and D/ez)
  • Destin (De/z and Au/stin)
  • Dustin (D/ez and A/ustin)
  • Austz (Austi/n and De/z)
  • Detin (De/z and Aus/tin)
  • Dezin (Dez and Aust/in)
  • Nez (Austi/n and D/ez)
  • Deztin (Dez and Aus/tin)
  • Din (D/ez and Aust/in)
  • Austinez (Austin and D/ez)
  • Dezmaustin (Dezm/ond and Austin)
  • Dezmonstin (Dezmon/d and Au/stin)
  • Dezstin (Dez and Au/stin)
  • Dezmostin (Dezmo/nd and Au/stin)
  • Austidez (Austi/n and Dez)
  • Zaustin (De/z and Austin)
  • Dezaustin (Dez and Austin)
  • Auz (Au/stin and De/z)
  • Ausez (Aus/tin and D/ez)
  • Wadoon (Wad/e and M/oon)
  • Moonade (Moon and W/ade)

Daustin Moments

Season 1

Rockers & Writers

Daustin in Rockers & Writers.png

  • Dez helps Austin out with his newfound fame.
  • When Austin is on TV talking about his video, he gives a shoutout to Dez.
  • They have their own handshake.
  • They seem to have known each other for a while.
  • Dez records Austin playing the drums with corn dogs.
  • Dez records and helps make Austin's music video.

Kangaroos & Chaos

  • Dez helps Austin out with his music video by getting props for it.
    Daustin 122.jpg
  • Austin leaves a stranger in charge of the store yelling, "I'm coming buddy!" when Dez steps on the kangaroo's tail, making it destroy the music room, even though Austin said he can't leave a stranger in charge.
  • When Trish says that she borrowed a jacket from an ultimate fighter guy named Face Puncher, Austin and Dez demonstrate what he is going to do when he finds out.

Secrets & Songbooks


  • Austin and Dez eat the same sandwich that was lost for a month.
  • Dez knows that Austin doesn't get nervous about singing.
  • Dez can't tell secrets about Austin, meaning that he doesn't want to betray him.
  • Austin and Dez both come up with ways to read Ally's book.


Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

  • Austin and Dez play a game of go fish with cheese.
  • Dez suggests to send Ally a pickle basket, and Austin decides to do it.

Bloggers & Butterflies

  • Dez attempts to help Austin with finding out who H8ter Girl is, even though he only makes it worse.
  • Dez is able to catch H8ter Girl in her catfish costume to allow him - and Ally and Trish - to find out her true identity.

Tickets & Trashbags

  • Austin and Dez practice their award show reactions.
  • Austin told him that he wasn't just his video director but his best friend.
  • They both realized they left Nelson at the award show.
  • Austin said he couldn't imagine himself going to his first award show without Dez, Trish, and Ally.
  • Dez mentions that he always gives Austin his pants.
  • When Austin tells Dez that he'll give him the ticket, Dez gives him his pants
  • Dez says that he has been with Austin through everything.
  • Austin says chocolate covered hot dogs remind him of Dez.

Managers & Meatballs

  • Austin and Dez "happy dance" about Spike Stevens directing Austin's next music video.
  • Dez becomes upset when he gets replaced from being Austin's music video director.
  • Austin was sad, 'frowny-facing' all his pancakes because he was worried about Dez.
  • Dez missed being a part of Team Austin.
  • Dez helped with directing Austin's next music video, Better Together.

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

  • After Dez falls off the rope, Austin runs up to him (even though he has a cast and crutches) and worriedly asks if
    Daustin 01.jpg
    Dez is okay.
  • Dez tried to help Austin's ankle by ice and acupuncture, even though Austin didn't want it.
  • Dez wanted to dance with Austin.
  • Dez is sad when Austin dances with Ally instead of him.

World Records & Work Wreckers

  • Dez and Austin compete to earn the world record for basketball spinning.
  • Austin gives up his chance to win the world record so Dez can win.
  • Dez gives up his chance to win the world record so Austin can win, not understanding Austin already gave up his chance for him.

Songwriting & Starfish

  • Austin helps Dez remove the starfish off his face before Trish can because Trish would hurt him.
  • Austin calls Dez for help when he is stuck in the freezer.
    Tumblr m96p9f7r8X1razi2wo1 250ausd.gif
  • Dez finally saves Austin (and Ally and Trish) from the freezer.
  • Dez uses glue sunblock on his skin and asks for a group hug which glues them all together with Austin and Dez glued next to each other.

Soups & Stars

  • Dez follows Austin on Tweeter for every hour.
  • When Dez tries to do the splits, he screams in pain, and Austin runs over to Dez to help him up.
  • Dez thinks Austin's twitts are better than Ally's, saying he "lives the life".

myTAB & My Pet

  • Dez tosses Austin his phone, but it accidentally lands in the cage.
  • Dez and Austin are left to wait in line together.
  • Dez helps Austin watch the store.
  • In the opening, Austin and Dez sleep next to each other.

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking

  • Austin helped Dez with his movie despite being afraid of umbrellas.
  • Dez knew about Austin's secret fear of umbrellas.
  • Dez knew Austin's middle name was Monica.
  • Dez said that Austin wears boxers with trucks on them and Dez is proven right.
  • Dez, being Austin's best friend, knows all of Austin's secrets.
  • They admit that they are BFF's.
  • Dez admitted that he knows everything about Austin.
  • During a flashback, Austin & Dez went on a field trip together.

Successes & Setbacks

  • Austin and Dez did their "What-up" handshake when Austin was offered the chance of a record deal.
  • Dez tried to help Austin with his demo.
  • Dez was freaking out (literally) when the doctor said Austin had nodules on his vocal cords.
  • Dez brought Austin a giant get well card of his face.
  • Austin and Dez did their "What-up!" handshake, even though Austin wasn't supposed to talk.
  • Dez helps Austin out by using different-colored scarfs for current moods.
  • When Austin holds up a yellow scarf, Dez says there's a spider on his shirt and tries to kill it.
  • Austin and Dez were chasing each other in the practice room.
  • When Austin's about to scream in pain, Dez covers his mouth and screams for Austin.
  • When Austin was about to sing the high note Ally said "Here comes the high note" and then Dez said " Shhh!! Austins singing", meaning he really wanted to hear Austin sing.

Season 2

Costumes & Courage

  • Dez made a pumpkin carving of Austin's head.
  • Dez and Austin spied on Jimmy and Ally.
  • Dez told Austin to write all his feelings down in a text to Jimmy and Ally, then press the "Don't Send" button. Which was actually the send button.
  • Dez must be proud of Austin because he pretends to be him.

Backups & Breakups

  • Dez couldn't tell Austin his secret or Trish's secret.
  • Austin knew Dez knew something about Trish's boyfriend because he said ' Uh', five times, meaning he knows Dez, very well.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

  • Magazinesandmadeupstuff.jpg
    Dez was upset that Austin picked Brooke instead of him.
  • Austin looked hurt when Dez refused to high-five him.
  • Dez knows that Austin collects ' grizzly bears'.          
  • Austin agreed with Dez when he basically said Ally was un-cool.
  • Dez tried to help Austin learn martial arts.
  • Dez actually called the police, because he said that he knew how much the pretend motorcycle meant to Austin.
  • Dez was happy when he and Austin have the same bows in their hair, just different colors.
  • Austin high-fived Dez after his performance.

Campers & Complications

  • Dez asked Austin to forget about the girls and just focus on hanging out with his best friend.
  • Dez was the one that got Austin to admit that he loved Ally.
  • Dez let Austin know about his suspicions that Ally wanted to be Elliot's girlfriend.

Chapters & Choices

  • Austin and Dez privately talk to each other inside the practice room.
  • Austin asks Dez to eavesdrop on the girls for him.
  • They put up the "Welcome Home, Mom!" banner together.
  • They were eating pizza together at Mini's.
  • Dez gets Kira's attention since Austin wanted to talk to her.
  • Austin tells Dez that he's chosen Kira over Ally.

Partners & Parachutes

  • Dez was the last one to leave Austin and Kira.
  • Dez and Austin were eating at Mini's together.
  • After being turned down by Ally, Dez allowed Austin to take a fry from the Fry-Fle Tower.
  • Dez gave Austin the idea to talk to Jimmy, which would end his relationship with Kira.
  • Dez gave Austin the idea to parachute a piano down to Ally.
  • After the piano crashes the party, the two boys leave the party together.
  • Dez felt really bad for Austin after the piano broke.
  • Dez was happy for Austin when Austin realized that Ally liked him for a while.
  • Dez wanted to help Austin win Ally over.
  • Dez was happy that Austin sang to Ally.
  • Dez was happy that Austin and Ally were now an item.

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

  • Austin gave Dez the idea that the typewriter was magical.
  • Dez was the only one out of the other three to actually support the idea at first.
  • Austin was trapped in Dez's body

Spas & Spices

  • Austin had promised to help Dez out with the chili competition.

Solos & Stray Kitties

  • Dez immediately changed his mind about Jimmy after Austin reminded him of a fact.

Boy Songs & Badges

  • Austin was the one to offer Dez a way of getting out of the Impossible Knot.
  • Dez helped Austin write the song all night.
  • They both were happy when they saw pudding.
  • Dez gave Austin the idea to present the song to Ally and Trish to get it fixed.

Sports & Sprains

  • Dez( and Trish and Ally) tried to help Austin hide the fact that he was injured

Fresh Starts & Farewells

  • Austin helped Dez study for his biology exam.
  • Dez (and Trish) joined Austin on his first tour.
  • Dez tried to comfort Austin by saying that Ally was coming.

Season 3

Road Trips & Reunions

  • Austin knew all the foods that Dez was looking for.
  • Austin and Dez had the same bathroom schedule.
  • He only allowed Dez to call him by "Little Golden Toes".

What If's & Where's Austin

  • Austin(and Trish and Ally) knew how disastrous it would be if Dez cooked.
  • Dez(and Ally) knew that it would be horrible if they'd never met Austin before the fantasy.

Presidents & Problems

  • Dez set the alarm clock to a different time, so Austin wouldn't be late.
  • Dez says Austin should find a sparkly dress to match his sparkly shoes.
  • Dez took Austin's medal but Austin didn't get mad.

Beach Clubs & BFFs

  • They hugged.
  • Austin cared for Dez when Trish said no one cared.
  • They tried to find the treasure together.

Cupids & Cuties

  • Austin (and Trish and Ally) tried to cheer Dez up when he gave up on love

Last Dances & Last Chances

  • Austin told Dez that we wanted to be with Ally instead of Piper.
  • Dez got very excited about this.
  • Dez wanted Austin to be his partner for the dance contest, but Austin said no.
  • Austin was standing next to Dez when Piper came over to them.
  • Dez was happy for Austin when he won prom king and lifted Austin up a little.
  • Dez was very happy when Austin and Ally finally got back together because he's always wanted them to be together.
  • They were both seen dancing with their girlfriends at the end of the episode. (Austin with Ally and Dez with Carrie).

Records & Wrecking Balls

  • They were playing with the instruments together at the beginning of the episode.
  • They worked together on trying to convince Lester not to sell the store (along with Ally and Trish)
  • When Austin said, "And, I met Ally here", to her about meeting Ally at Sonic Boom, Dez does the same to Trish and says, "And, I met Trish, here", showing Dez wants to be like Austin.
  • Dez says "You don't get sick on rollercoasters", showing he knows a lot about Austin.
  • They were next to each other when Ally performed Parachute.

Relationships & Red Carpets

  • They were both excited when Austin and Ally said they were both nominated for the best debut album
  • Dez asked Austin if he was okay after he was upset
  • Dez told Austin that he's moving to LA
  • Austin looked heartbroken when Dez said that
  • Dez said he's really gonna miss Austin
  • Dez hugged Austin
  • Dez (and Trish) were both very happy when Auslly finally admitted they love each other and kissed, showing he (and Trish) have been waiting for that to happen.
  • They group hugged with Trish and Ally
  • They hugged
  • Austin said he's really gonna miss Dez
  • They did their "What-up" handshake

Season 4

Mattress Stores & Music Factories

  • They were making birdhouses together.

Homework & Hidden Talents

  • They played the "Spin The Can" game along with Ally.


  • They're best friends
  • They're both boys.
  • They both can be immature.
  • They're both best friends with Ally and Trish
  • They're both part of Team Austin
  • They can both sing.
  • They both like wrestling.
  • They both have girlfriends. (Austin - Ally. Dez - Carrie)


  • Austin has blond hair, but Dez has auburn.
  • Dez's clothes tend to be a little more crazier than Austin's, and more brightly colored.
  • Austin is a famous singer, but Dez isn't.
  • Austin has dated many girls on the show, but Dez has only dated /dating one - Carrie.
  • Austin knows how to flirt, but Dez doesn't.
  • Even though Austin and Dez are both immature and not bright, Austin is a bit more smarter and professional than Dez.


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