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This article is just a fan page. It is a part of the Austin & Ally fanbase all based on information from the series or cast and crew.

*Not to be confused with Delly (the friendship pairing between Dez and Ally).*

Dally (Da/llas and A/lly) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Ally Dawson and Dallas. Ally first confirmed she had a crush on Dallas in Secrets & Songbooks. They never dated in the series. Ally has a former crush on Dallas ever since she developed feelings for Austin in Girlfriends & Girl Friends, but it is unknown if Dallas still likes Ally or not.

Other Names

  • Allas (A/lly and Da/llas)
  • Alls (All/y and Dalla/s)
  • Dall (D/allas and All/y)
  • Alldallas (All/y and Dallas)
  • Laslly (Dal/las and A/lly)
  • Dallally (Dall/as and Ally)
  • Dallyson (Dal/as and Al/lyson)
  • Dallasly (Dallas and Al/ly)
  • Allyas (Ally and Dall/as)
  • Dallallys (Dalla/s and Ally)
  • Aallas (A/lly and Da/llas)


Secrets & Songbooks

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

  • Ally was nervous about asking Dallas to dance.
  • When Dallas rejects Ally's invitation to dance, Ally gets upset.
  • Dallas comes back at the end of the episode to apologize to Ally about saying no.
  • Ally and Dallas dance badly together in the end.
  • Dallas tells Ally he can't dance, just like Ally can"t.
  • Ally asks Dallas to dance.
  • Ally kept looking at Dallas when Austin was about to perform.

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World Records & Work Wreckers

  • Ally mows Dallas's lawn.
  • Ally accidentally tells Dallas he should work at Sonic Boom.
  • Dallas starts working at Sonic Boom just to get closer to Ally.
  • Ally has a hard time firing Dallas.
  • Dallas told Ally that he loved working at Sonic Boom because he got to see her every day.
  • Ally thought it was cute when Dallas said Libary instead of Library, even though it's one of her pet peeves.
  • They admitted they both get nervous around each other.

Dally Quotes

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

Dallas: Hey Ally?
Ally: Oh, hey.
Dallas: You're a really great dancer. I couldn't have never been able to pull that off. That's why I said no to you. I mean, I wanted to dance with you. I just didn't know how.
Ally: Wait a minute. You can't dance? That is amazing!
Dallas: It is?

Ally: Yeah, I can't dance either. Look! *dances badly*

World Records & Work Wreckers

Ally: Staring at Dallas? What?! No! That's ridiculous.

Dallas: I've been wanting to come to the store to say hi. I just-I haven't had time. After work, I always have chores. Like today, I have to mow my lawn. It's the worst.
Ally: I can mow your lawn for you. ...Why would I say that?
Dallas: Really? You'd mow my lawn for me?
Ally: Yup. That's what I heard myself say.

Dallas: Thanks!

Ally: Dallas, I am so sorry about the whole firing you, marching band thing.
Dallas: It's okay. I probably deserved it. I wasn't the best employee. I just-I get so nervous around you sometimes.
Ally: You get nervous around me? Around nervous I get you! ...See?
Dallas: I probably should get going. I have to work at the libary.

Ally: Eh...


  • Ally Dallas.png
    Both have the word "all" in their names.
  • They both admitted that they get nervous around each other.
  • Both of them can't dance.
  • They both had worked in the mall, Dallas later left to work at the library.
  • Both of them have brown hair and brown eyes.
  • In Noah Centineo's Interview, the hostess of OnTheSpotInterviews, commented that she thought Dallas and Ally had some chemistry, and Noah agreed with her.