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Hey, Ally!
— Dallas greeting Ally.

Dallas was Ally's former crush who used to work at the Cell Phone Accessory Cart, at the same mall that Sonic Boom is located. He is a recurring character on the show. Ally lists reasons as to why she likes him, namely his hair, nose and a great smile. After taking something that Ally said seriously, Dallas quit his job at the Cell Phone Accessory Cart, choosing to work at Sonic Boom. Now, as of the ending of World Records & Work Wreckers where Dallas got fired from Sonic Boom, he now works in the library, but he pronounces it as Libary

He is portrayed by Noah Centineo.


Dallas at his cart shop

Dallas is a really nice and kind guy. He says sorry when he couldn't dance with Ally, meaning he cares about people's feelings. He has a crush on Ally, shown in Club Owners & Quinceaneras and World Records & Work Wreckers. Sometimes, he gets nervous around Ally. He is a bit clumsy, and also a bit ditsy.


Secrets & Songbooks

Dallas was first introduced as Cellphone Accessory Guy. He walks by as Ally was telling Trish about her crush. As Ally was awkwardly trying to make conversation, Dallas found that odd and walked away. During Austin's performance of "Not a Love Song", Dallas approaches Ally with surprisingly no awkwardness.

Club Owners & Quinceañeras

Dallas approaches Ally and Trish at the food court. Again, Ally is trying to make conversation but failing. Dallas responds by saying "what game" when she asked if he had watched the game last night. Trish invites Dallas to her quinceañera, which Dallas happily accepts. Dallas walks away, but comes back to retrieve his drink that he left on their table. Later, at the quinceañera, Dallas is asked by Ally to dance. She is nervous and starts rambling, and he declines her offer. He apologizes and quickly walks away, leaving Ally devastated. After the party is over, Dallas approaches Ally and tells her the only reason that he declined her offer was because that he couldn't dance. Dallas and Ally were then seen both happily dancing horribly.

World Records & Work Wreckers

Dallas runs into Ally and the gang at the mall. He reveals that he's been thinking of going by the store to say hi, but he hasn't found the time. After work, he has chores, like mowing his neighbors lawn. When Ally offered to do his chores for him, he happily accepts the offer and walks away. After Ally finished doing his chores, Dallas stopped by Sonic Boom to thank her personally. Dallas later quits his job at the cellphone accessory cart, mistaking Ally's words. He shows up to work at Sonic Boom, much to Ally's surprise. However, Dallas is a terrible employee, he was seen dropping boxes and smashing the contents. He later sold a $500 guitar for $50, further proving his incompetence. Dallas thanks Ally for the job, saying that he loves it there and the best part was that he got to see her everyday. When Ally goes to fire him, it turns out that he quit. Since her mother is a librarian, he got a job at the library. When he goes to take up the last box before he goes, he ends up dropping and smashing that one too. Dallas later got the marching band treatment, but he guessed that he probably deserved it, saying he wasn't the best employee. He reveals that he just gets nervous around Ally. He is last seen leaving Sonic Boom for his new job at the library.


Ally Dawson

(Friends - Ex Crush)

Main article: Dally

He appears to find Ally strange throughout Secrets & Songbooks, but during Austin's performance of Not a Love Song, the two share a smile. In Club Owners & Quinceaneras, Ally wants to share a dance with him but he can't dance so he rejects her. He later confesses to Ally that he can't dance and she says she doesn't know how to dance either. In the end, the two awkwardly dance together. He also has a crush on her, as seen in World Records & Work Wreckers. In that episode, Ally accidentally said that if he thought his job at the Cell Phone Accessory Cart stunk, he should work at Sonic Boom. The next day, Dallas had started working at Sonic Boom. Ally tries to hide this from her dad, but she fails when Dez talks about Dallas's terrible work ethic. When Ally goes to fire Dallas, following orders from her dad, he tells her he loves the job because he gets to see her every day. In the end, Dallas gets hired to work at the library because his mom is a librarian, and she has been trying to get him to work there.

Trish De la Rosa

They don't interact too much in the show, but when Trish asked Dallas to go to her Quinceañera, he gladly accepted to go (Club Owners & Quinceaneras).


  • He and Austin Moon are both named after cities in Texas.


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