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We need to be ruthless. Plan every detail. Make no mistakes. I don't want to go back to jail!
Ally to Austin & Trish

"Crybabies & Cologne" is the fifth episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and 24th episode overall. It was the 4th episode filmed for Season 2. It first aired on November 11, 2012 to 3.3 million views.[1]


Trent, Trish's ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and used her to get to Austin, is back, and after finding out that Austin stole Ally's song and made it famous, he steals Ally's song Got It 2 and makes it famous, and then begins to steal Austin's life. Will Austin and the gang be able to prove Trent is a fraud? Or will Trent ruin Austin's career?

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Austin and Dez battling like Gladiators, using cymbals and bows as if they were swords and shields. Ally takes the bow and shields because she knew they would not be able to pay for them when they get broken. Trish

Ross thinks he's "Awesomeus."

enters with a new job, working at the Mall of Miami customer service. She announces how she had booked Austin at the Wanda Watson Show. Trent enters Sonic Boom with a variety of t-shirts with different words. The first saying "I'm", the second saying "Sorry", and the third shirt saying "That" in the front and "I pretended to be your boyfriend just to become Austin's backup dancer, and that I had another girlfriend the entire time". Trish rejects his apology and Austin tells him to leave. Dez is shown wearing the apology sweatshirt, that was originally meant for Trish, but still tells Trent to leave before yanking on the strings, causing the hood to shrink and only part of his face showing. Trent then leaves the store.

Austin and Ally are in their music room, and Austin is recording Got It 2. Once Austin finishes singing the song, Trent enters from behind the closed door, complementing the song. He asks that Ally could write a song for him to sing and become an overnight internet sensation. Ally questions why she should when he'd hurt her best friend and Austin hints at him to leave. Trent replies that he said he was sorry and asked if Ally believed in second chances. Ally says of course that she believes in second chances when Austin replies that he doesn't and again hints for Trent to leave. Ally told Austin that she gave him a second chance when he stole her song, Double Take. Austin claims Ally only said "kinda" and it was an accident. As Austin and Ally are talking, Trent, using the opportunity while the two were distracted, steals the CD recording and hides it under his shirt. 

Trish and Austin go to the movie theater so Austin can sing to a girl working there to convince her to give Trish free tickets. Trent appears and talks to Dez about how he's the most important person in Team Austin. Trent shows Dez


the "Double Take" music video and he tells him that there weren't really 5 Austin's. Dez eventually whispers Trent the secret to his filmmaking skills.

The scene changes and Team Austin is at school when they hear the principal sing the song that Ally had been writing for Austin. After asking where that came from, they're told T-Fame recorded and uploaded the song. They go onto the Internet, and after seeing the video, learn that Trent is 'T-Fame', he stole Ally's song, and he even copied the music video idea of 5 Trent's from Double Take. After that, a competition between Austin and T-Fame has officially started.

When Austin gets flustered at Trent for copying everything, this is after he sees Dez with their handshake and

Entertain Me Tonight declares Austin "Crybaby of the Week."

when Trent reveals that he and Austin are going to share the time on the Wanda Watson show, Austin later gets dubbed as the "Crybaby of the Week" by Entertain Me Tonight after posting about T-Fame being a fake. Team Austin then brainstorms how to get back at Trent for his plagiarism, and they finally decide on leaving a sticky suit for Trent to wear which will stick to the chair he sits down and rip off when he gets up.

When the interview day comes and Trent hasn't fallen for their plan, Dez and Dex, sharing a similarity, fawn over the Bee Whisperer, and during the interview, they inadvertently release the bees, and the bees go to the interview. Austin and Wanda get out fine, but the bees surround Trent because his new cologne attracts bees. He destroys the Wanda Watson Show set similar to the manner in which it was done by Ally in Rockers & Writers at the Helen Show.

The episode ends with Team Austin laughing at Trent being declared the crybaby of the week, and Entertain Me Tonight's host then makes a reference to Rockers & Writers. She says that while Trent destroying the Wanda Watson Show set is number two, number one is still the video of Ally destroying the Helen Show set. Team Austin, minus Ally, laugh and comment about how the video never gets old, and then head off, revealing the 'Kick Me!' signs on their backs. They get kicked by random people, and Ally smiles proudly; then the episode ends.

Memorable Quotes

Austin, I gave you a second chance when you kind of stole my song.
Austin stole your song?
She said "kind of". It was an accident.
And I'm glad I forgave you because look how awesome it turned out.

It turned out awesome because I'm... awesomous. But he's...jerkimous.

I just want to say: After Austin, Ally, Trish... you are the most important person on Team Austin.

Why, thank you!

Mr. Conley
Oh, it's not Austin's song. It's by this new artist: T-Fame. I'm thinking about doing a cover of it, for my reggae band.
You're in a reggae band?
Mr. Conley

[in faux-Jamaican accent] There's a lot of things about me you don't know.

This is crazy. It's like he's copying my whole life!
Well, I wouldn't go that far...

S'up losers! Meet T-Fame's new best bud: Dex! [do bad version of What-Up handshake]

Entertain Me Tonight Host
This feud is officially on. Austin Moon has accused T-Fame of musical thievery. Sounds like someone's jealous, and by someone, I mean Austin Moon. We have a new Crybaby of the Week!

I'm not a crybaby.

Austin, we shouldn't rush into anything.
I know, Ally. You're gonna say we should sit down and reason with him. Water the plant, people, and goodness will grow. Blah blah blah.

No, I was going to say we shouldn't rush our revenge. I want to get this guy. We need to be ruthless. Plan every detail. Make no mistakes. I don't want to go back to jail! [Austin and Trish exchange glances] I saw that in a movie once...

Oh, laugh all you want. Someday I'll get my revenge.
Sure you will.
Ow! Hey!! Ow! Owwwwww! Why'd you kick me?!?!

...Told ya.

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  • This episode is very similar to "Rockers & Writers".
  • "Entertain Me Tonight" is a parody of "Entertainment Tonight"
  • This is the second appearance of Entertain Me Tonight. It first appeared in "Rockers & Writers".
  • This episode claimed the top network spot and was 3rd overall all networks.
  • The rest of Trent's apology t-shirt says "I pretended to be your boyfriend just to become Austin's backup dancer, and that I had another girlfriend the entire time we were dating and that I called
    Crybabies & Cologne Pic.jpg
    you my boo when I had another boo."
  • T-Fame is a parody of rapper "T-Pain".
  • This episode title refers to Austin and Trent being labeled as the Crybaby of The Week, and the cologne that caused Trent to become swarmed by bees.
  • The line where Ally says, "I don't wanna go back to jail!" could be considered a reference to a quote from Citizen Ruth, a 1996 comedic film, seeing as in that movie, Ruth said: "I don't wanna go back to jail again. Least not for more than a week or two."
  • This is the second episode to have an ending where Team Austin laughs at a video together, first was Kangaroos & Chaos.
  • Ally kept bringing up the fact that they should put a kick me sign on Trent's back, and at the end, Ally put a kick me sign on Austin, Dez and Trish's back to prove her plan worked
  • This is the second episode Team Austin tries to put a stop to someone trying to ruin Austin's career. The first was Tilly in "Bloggers & Butterflies".
  • Trish said she was fired from the Nail Salon a week ago. She worked there in the episode, "Backups & Breakups", which was three episodes back. That means the episodes, "Backups & Breakups," "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff", "Parents & Punishments", and "Crybabies & Cologne" all lasted for a time span of a week.
  • When Trent was attacked by the bees, a brown suit was covering his whole body.
  • This is the second episode where someone tried to copy Dez. The first was "Managers & Meatballs".
  • This is the last appearance of Trent and Mr. Conley.
  • The Wanda Watson show is a pun on The Wendy Williams Show.


  • Trish asked a girl if she could borrow her myTAB. After Team Austin is done watching a part of T-Fame's music video, Trish never gave the girl her myTAB back.
  • On the Wanda Watson show, when Trent was talking about his cologne, the camera zoomed in. He said it was called Stay Smooth but it obviously still says Sweet Puppy.
  • When they showed the clip of Ally on the Helen Show, Dez and Trish were in it, but they weren't in front of the camera of the show


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