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Friends and partners. Always.
Austin and Ally to each other

"Couples & Careers" is the thirteenth episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 32nd episode overall. It first aired in the United States on May 5, 2013. The episode was the twelfth episode filmed of season 2. On the night of its premiere, it earned approximately 3.7 million viewers.


Austin goes on his first date with his new girlfriend Ally.

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However, their date gets ruined when bad luck keeps happening. Meanwhile, Ally is getting suspicious about her relationship with Austin. On the other hand, Dez and Trish team up to film their favorite scene from the Zaliens movie series, hoping to win the contest so that they can then watch "Zaliens 8 My Brains" early at the premiere of it.

Episode Summary

After Ally successfully gets a "hole in one" in "Clarinet Golf", Austin decides they need to go on their first official date.

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But when everything gets awkward during the date, they are unsure if they should stay together or break up. Trish gets them a gig to come up with a song to write for an upcoming cartoon film. While they try to come up with a song for the cartoon film "Butch & Bitey," Austin and Ally tell Trish and Dez how awkward they've been together since becoming a couple. When Austin and Ally try to write the song, they're too scared of hurting each other's feelings now that they're dating, so they compromise with the song ideas, but it ends up turning into a horrible song. When they realize how bad it is, the producer comes in and Austin and Ally end up fighting in front of the producer. Austin calls Ally "weak" and Ally calls him "childish." The producer doesn't produce their song but he gets goo all over him when he shakes a stuffed animal. When Austin and Ally get back to the sonic boom and in the practice room, they both tell each other how it was much easier to hang out when they weren't dating.


Ally suggests that they're not ready to be a couple just yet. They break up but they agree to remain friends and partners. They hug and they go back to the same cafe they went to for their first date, but just as friends.

Meanwhile, Trish and Dez discover that "Zaliens 8: My Brains" is coming out, and if they make the best movie of their favorite Zaliens scene, they can win four tickets to see it early, so the entire Team Austin can go. After shooting the scene, they submit it and they win the contest.

Memorable Quotes

Okay, you put one hand here and the other hand here.

Austin, I know how to play. Oh, yes! I got a horn-in-one.

You rock at Clarinet Golf! Can I take you out to dinner to celebrate?
Austin Monica Moon, are you asking me out on our first official date?
Why yes I am, Ally I-don't-know-your-middle-name Dawson.

I accept. And I am never telling you my middle name.

I want to take you to Illusions Magic Cafe. The waiters are magicians, and your hunger will disappear!

Awesome! Pick me up at 7:30! [mimics Austin's previous tone]

Guess who's the best manager in the world. Eh! Time's up. It's me. I got you a meeting with the producers of this huge new animated movie. They want you to pitch them a song, and if they like it, they'll use it.
Trish, that's awesome. What's the movie?
It's called "Butch and Bitey". It's about the friendship between a stray dog... And the streetwise flea that lives on his butt.


It's nice that someone's making an original movie for a change, and not some cheesy, mindless sequel.

Guys, the new Zaliens sequel's coming out!

Zaliens Eight My Brains. Get it? It's like "They ate my brains", but it's the number 8! [starts laughing]

Man, those movies are genius.

[looks at poster] Coming soon? I can't wait that long.
Well, you won't have to once Trish and I win tickets to the premiere. They're having a contest where fans make a video of their favorite Zaliens scene.
With Dez's awesome directing, and my amazing acting, we're gonna win.
Did you just compliment Dez?
Uh... what? You can't prove that.
Or can I? Zalien brain suck! [starts to do the action on Trish's head]

Oh, Ally. Leave the brain sucking to the pros.

Hey, Ally. Listen, about our date.
It was weird, right?
I know. It's like we couldn't even talk to each other. How cool is this fork?
Very cool. Even the coolest fork in the world isn't that cool.
Hey, how cool is this cash register?

So cool.

My babies!
My locker!
Where are all my books?
Oh, they're still in there.
Wha...? Oh! Ah. Ew. My books are all gooey.

Who keeps books in their locker?

Songs Featured


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • Ally is revealed to have a middle name that is unknown by Austin.
    • The series finale reveals it to be "Edgar".
  • Zaliens 8 is mentioned in this episode.
  • Trish compliments Dez for the first time.
  • Austin asks Ally on their first date.
  • They go to a restaurant called "Illusions Magic Cafe".
  • Trish and Dez win a Contest for Zaliens 8 tickets for the premiere.
  • The episode was shot on September 14, 2012.
  • This will be the first episode to include bloopers at the end.
  • This is the second episode where Trish and Dez dress up as Zaliens.
  • Austin seemed more romantic to his girlfriend, Ally, than his other ones.
  • They do the handshake/hug as they did in the first episode.
  • The cafe they go to may be based on the song Illusion, what with the name and levitating chairs.
  • Another movie from the popular Zaliens franchise is mentioned in this episode.
  • The Zalien costumes that Trish and Dez wore in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers are back in this episode.
  • A popular Zaliens concept, brain-sucking, is seen in this episode.
  • Austin and Ally remain as friends and partners after their breakup (take a break).
  • Butch & Bitey may have been a parody of Austin & Ally.
  • Ally is shown to have gone through character development- she was willingly playing clarinet golf, whereas, in the 1st season, she would have gotten mad at Austin for playing with the instruments.
  • This episode received 3.67 million viewers on the night of its premiere. [1
  • Dez mentions one of his relatives-a cousin who has apparently just gotten married.
  • On the Butch & Bitey poster in the producer's office, underneath the title, is one of the Austin & Ally writers, Samantha Silver.
  • This episode is the fifth part of the "Auslly Arc".
  • Even though Austin and Ally break up, they get back together over a year later, in "Last Dances & Last Chances".
  • When Dez wears the Zalien costume, you can see the mutant logo that used in Dragonball.
  • This was the second episode to do with zaliens. The first was "Zaliens & Cloud Watchers", and the third is "Eggs & Extraterrestrials".
  • Austin and Ally later become a couple permanently in "Last Dances & Last Chances".


  • Zaliens 8 was mentioned in this episode, but in "Zaliens & Cloud Watchers", Dez mentioned how he already saw Zaliens 1-14. However, Dez may have researched Zaliens and found out there were 14 movies ordered for the Zalien movie series. Thus, it should be Zaliens 15.
  • Since Austin is very famous, he could have been invited to the premiere, so Dez and Trish didn't really need to make a video since Austin could have invited them to go with him.
  • Ally seemed excited about the Zaliens movie, despite hating scary movies.


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