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Cast Shipped

Calum Worthy & Ross Lynch


Best friends, co-workers


Raura, Caini, Roni, Laurum

Coss (C/alum and R/oss) is the real-life friendship pairing of Calum Worthy and Ross Lynch. They seem to be close friends and, being co-workers, get along well and hang out as much as they can. They also seem to have a brother-like relationship.

For the in-show pairing between Austin Moon and Dez, see Daustin.

Other Names

  • Coss (C/alum and R/oss)
  • Cross (C/alum and Ross)
  • Rolum (Ro/ss and Ca/lum)
Screenshot 2014-07-01 at 8.26.22 PM.png
  • Rosslum (Ross and Ca/lum)
  • Rossalum (Ross and C/alum)
  • Ralum (R/oss and C/alum)
  • Wonch (Wo/rthy and Ly/nch)
  • Worthynch (Worth/y and L/ynch)
  • Lythy (Ly/nch and Wor/thy)
  • Wolynch (Wo/rthy and Lynch)
  • Lynthy (Lyn/ch and Wor/thy)
  • Lorthy (L/ynch and W/orthy)
  • Lynchy (Lynch and Worth/y)
  • Worch (Wor/thy and Lyn/ch)
  • Lywornch (Ly/nch and Wor/thy)
  • Shorvid (Shor and Da/vid)
  • Dashor (Da/vid and Shor)


  • In a picture with the Austin & Ally plus Jessie Cast, Ross and Calum were smiling at each other.
  • In another picture, Ross and Calum Worthy were shown hugging.
  • They are normally sitting next to each other during their Live Streams. 
    Coss and pixie.png
  • In a tweet, Calum joked around and actually used the ship name "Coss".
  • During the Charades Showdown, Ross and Calum were working together.
  • They did a promo for the movie "John Carter" together.
  • They have tweeted each other several times.
  • Calum once tweeted "Hey @Raini_Rodriguez and @Lauramarano and the cute one wanna jump online" (Calum was talking about doing their live stream they did back in December 2nd, 2014 celebrating their 3 years of "Austin & Ally") he called Ross "The cute one".
  • Ross said Calum was a great actor.
  • When Laura and Raini were talking about Raura (back then Raini and Laura thought Raura was them together) Ross and Calum mentioned Coss and Laura and Raini said Coss was beautiful.
  • In an R5 Livestream, when asked if Calum was funny, Ross agreed with Riker that Calum was really funny.
  • Calum Worthy went to the LA R5 concert and tweeted that R5 was "the coolest band out there".
  • In a picture, Coss took a pic with Pixie and their heads were "touching".
  • During the Hang-Out-A-Thon, Ross high fived and agreed with Calum that one of his favorite parts of the set was the cast and crew.
  • In an interview with "Life Story" magazine, Ross said he's closest with Calum out of everybody on the Disney Channel shows.
  • During the live stream, Ross was able to name some of Calum's favorite TV shows.
  • When Ross still had his permit, Calum tweeted a picture of himself in the back of the car while Ross was driving.
  • In the live stream, Ross called Calum amazing, while Calum called Ross dreamy.
  • Ross said in an interview he bonded with Calum right away on set because they had so many scenes in the pilot.
  • In an interview with ClevverTV, Ross and Callum said the other was the funniest person they had ever met.
  • Callum said that his favourite place on the Austin & Ally set is anywhere Ross is.[1]


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