Stop trying to learn other languages, you can barely speak English!
Trish to Dez

"Club Owners & Quinceañeras" is the 8th episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on February 19th, 2012 to 3.5 million viewers.[1]


Trish is having a Quinceañera, a Mexican party that celebrates a 15-year-old girl's coming of age. At the party, there is a big-time club owner, and Austin tries to impress him. Also at the party is Dallas, Ally's crush. She decides to ask him to dance, but after he refuses, Austin has to decide between helping Ally or impressing the club owner. Austin chooses her and dances with her, making her happy. Dez wrecks Trish's presents when he literally swings in on a jungle vine, and Austin finds out the club owner is a country club owner (not a night club owner, as he'd initially thought). Dallas comes back and tells Ally he said no because he can't dance. She tells him she can't dance either, so they dance badly together.

Episode Summary

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The First Auslly Dance..

At the Sonic Boom, Dez and Austin are shooting a basketball from the baby grand piano into a tuba when Ally takes the ball. The boys accuse her of not being fun to which she denies and takes a shot, missing the tube and knocking over a rack of instruments. Then, she says not to play in Sonic Boom because of her accident. Trish comes in wearing a dress announcing unhappily that her parents want her to have a Quinceañera. Dez confuses the word with "Quesadilla", and the two argue. Trish also says that her cousin is bringing her boyfriend who is a club owner. Austin sees this as a chance to be booked on a national tour and, for Trish's benefit, says she will be gifted with presents.

Dez discusses ways Trish could enter her quinceañera, and offers ideas such as a motorcycle, jet ski, and an elephant. Trish refuses the idea of riding a "dumb elephant", so Dez offers to use a "smart elephant". She rejects all the ideas, so Dez suggests swinging into the party on a vine. Trish calls the idea stupid. When Austin walks in, Dez asks him if he wanted to swing into the party on a vine, to which Austin calls a great idea. Trish leaves, annoyed with the pair, to go back to her job at the daycare.

Later, Trish and Ally are walking around the mall handing out invites to Trish's party. On the mention of the word

Austin teaching Ally how to Dance!

"magic," Trish's brother JJ jumps out and performs a failed card trick. Trish suggests he perform something else, so he pours milk in his hat and tries to make it disappear, but it only runs down his face, and he leaves. Ally sees Dallas and acts awkwardly. Trish invites Dallas to the party so Ally can dance with him, but Ally tells her that she can't dance.

Ally goes to Austin to learn how to dance. He shows her how to slow dance, but she isn't good at first. Eventually, she picks it up, but she accidentally knocks a speaker onto Austin when he twirls her, spraining his ankle.

Club Owners & Quinceaneras (844)

Dez tries to cure Austin's sprained ankle with ice and acupuncture, but Austin rejects the ideas. Ally enters and Austin suggests that Ally dance with Dez to practice. Whilst practicing, Austin tells them to do a spin, which causes Dez to spin out of the shop.

At the quinceañera, Austin and Ally discuss what they hope to achieve out of the night. Dez enters wearing a poofy suit. Trish appears to the applause of the party-goers. Her mother proceeds to give a speech, but Trish shuts her down in suggestion that she opens her presents. Her mother says no, and the father-daughter dance begins. Austin tells Ally to take the opportunity to ask Dallas to dance, but she stalls as the song had almost ended. She decides to wait until the next song, but another slow song doesn't come for two more hours. Ally goes and asks Dallas to dance, but he rejects her. A despondent Ally leaves upset after Dez swings through the party on a vine, ruining Trish's presents.

Austin calls Ally to figure out where she ran off to and finds her under a table. The two talk about Dallas until Dez interrupts, telling Austin he had to perform because the room was getting cleaned up, and people were leaving. Trish, who had been sawn in half by JJ to get some people to stay so Austin could have a crowd to perform to, is moved off stage, and Austin starts a song. Seeing Ally look sadly at Dallas, Austin decides to dance with her instead, and they share a slow dance. After the dance, Trish says goodbye to Emilio, the boyfriend of her cousin, and finds out that he runs country clubs, not night clubs, and Austin is disappointed he can't get the gig he wanted.

Later, Dallas comes to Ally when the party is over and admits that he only said no to her because he couldn't dance. Ally laughs and admits she couldn't dance either. The two dance awkwardly with Trish and Austin talking about how disappointed they were with the night. But, when they see Ally dancing with Dallas, they become happy with her getting what she wanted.

Memorable Quotes

Dez: Can I have a chicken quinceañera? I'm trying to cut back on red meat.

Trish: You're thinking of a quesadilla.

Dez: No, a quesadilla is a traditional Latin American party celebrating a girls 15th birthday.
Dez: Hey. There's nothing wrong with hand me downs. This underwear has been in my family for 6 generations.
Ally: Ew.
Austin: If Amilio sees me perform at your party, he'll want to book me at all his clubs.

Ally: This could be your first national tour.
Dez: Aw, I hope we get to play in Miami.
Ally: We live in Miami.

Dez: I know. But I love it here.
Trish: Listen to you guys. You're just like everyone else. You want me to have a quinceañera just so you can get something out of it. How selfish is that?

Austin: You realize that you'll get a boatload of presents, right?

Trish: Guess who's ready to party?
Trish: Okay, you pass out invites on that side of the mall and I'll get this side.

Ally: You're inviting girl from jewelry store? You don't even know her name.

Trish: I know that a pair of diamond earrings will make a great quinceañera present.
Trish: Hey Dallas, I'm having a party. Black tie; optional, gifts; mandatory.
Trish: They'll play a slow song, you'll touch hands, stare into each others eyes, and BOOM! Instant boyfriend. At least that's how it happens on that reality show BOOM! Instant Boyfriend.

Ally:You know I can't dance, Trish. I'll have better luck talking to him.
Dallas: Sorry. I left my drink on your table.

Ally: Or maybe you left our table under your drink. laughs
Ally: I must be the worst dancer in the history of dancing.
Austin: Aw. That's not true. Dancing's been around forever. There must be someone worse.
Ally: Austin, I am so sorry. Nobody feels worse about this than I do. Well, you probably do because you have a sprained ankle, but I'm a close second.
Austin: Dez, you be Dallas. Ally, you be Ally.

Dez: Aww. I want to be Ally.

Austin: Dez we've talked about this.
Ally: That's much more Trish.

Austin: She looks great.

Dez: Yeah. Zebra is defiantly her color.
Austin: Ally where are you? I've been looking all over. Under where? laughs I just said underwear.
Austin: I really wanted to sing for you guys, but there's only time for one song. And I'd rather spend that time dancing with one of my best friends.

Dez: Man. That's so sweet.

Austin: Not you. Ally.
Ally: Sorry this night didn't work out, Austin.

Austin: I still had fun. I got to hang out with my friends, eat some shrimp from Dez's pants, and I learned a little español.

Trish: Hola! Still in here.

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  • This episode was the first to have no new song, although the beginning instrumental version of A Billion Hits was
    played twice.
  • Trish's mother mentioned Trish used to work at the Book Store and a Bakery.
  • The episode title refers to Trish having her quinceañera, and Austin preparing to perform to the club owner.
  • This is the first time someone has pretended to be Dallas.
  • When Trish started dancing at the beginning of the episode, it was a similar dance to the one she did in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers.
  • This is the first time Austin sprains his ankle.
  • This was the first time Auslly dance together. The second time was in Princesses & Prizes.


  • Austin broke his ankle dancing. But later in the episode, he slow-danced with Ally with no problem, and at the end, he is seen with crutches again.
  • Austin broke his ankle, and Ally says Austin had a sprained ankle, but if your ankle is sprained, you don't need crutches.


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