Cowboy wasn't my first choice. Wacky pants and silly shirts used to be my thing
Chuck McCoy
Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction (116)
Full Name

Chuck McCoy


Chuckie Pie



Resides in

Miami, FL

Eye Color


Hair Color



Trish De la Rosa (Wife)
Ally Dawson (Ex-crush)
Kimmy (Ex-girlfriend)
Didi (Ex-girlfriend)
Sun Hee (Ex-Girlfriend)


Sun Hee
Trish De la Rosa (sometimes)
Ally Dawson (possibly in Family & Feuds)
Dez Wade


Austin Moon
Trish De la Rosa
Ally Dawson


Marino Secondary School (former)

First Episode

"Freaky Friday & Fiction"

Last Episode

"Duets & Destiny"

Portrayed By

John Paul Green

Chuck McCoy is a recurring character in Austin & Ally and is best known as Dez's arch enemy. Chuck first appeared in the episode Freaky Friday & Fan Fiction and since then has shown up on the show various times following. Chuck is flirtatious but also sly and clever. He is known to constantly bicker with Dez and be in constant competition with him in everything he does. His last appearance in the show is in Duets & Destiny.

Chuck is portrayed by John Paul Green.

Physical Appearance

Chuck is a young man that wears cowboy-inspired clothes. He wears black, square glasses.

It is revealed near the end of the episode Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction that his original style of clothes was wacky clothing- exactly like the type of outfits that Dez wears on a daily basis.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Character History

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

He is the main antagonist of the episode. He is Dez's rival. He steals the typewriter after Dez accidentally reveals the typewriter's abilities to him, and he uses the typewriter against the gang in many ways (see Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction to see what he did to Team Austin). He offers to stop and give back the typewriter if Dez apologizes for stealing his original style of clothes, but after Dez apologizes for never apologizing, Chuck leaves, ready to use what Dez inadvertently told him against the gang. And he does- he turns Ally into Abraham Lincoln when she is giving her speech, and he turns Austin's hands into hooves as he starts taking his driving test. After the car crashes into Sonic Boom, he and Dez battle for possession of the typewriter, but after Dez wins, Chuck is shrunk down. At the end of the episode, two things are revealed: 1) His girlfriend is Kimmy, despite him having a crush on Trish, and 2) He has entered the cake baking contest and is determined to beat Dez.

Spas & Spices

This episode is his second appearance of the series.  In this episode, Chuck competes against Dez in a chili
making contest. It is possible that Chuck will have sabotaged the salsa when it was taken by customers, where Austin lost Ally's valuable necklace.

Sports & Sprains

This episode is his third appearance of the series. In this episode, he and Dez compete to get a spot on the cheerleading squad. They do things such as; Who can cheer on the crowd the loudest, doing various tricks, etc. In the end, Chuck and Dez gets the spot, but Chuck ends up being shot out of a cannon.

Family & Feuds

Family & Feuds-43-

This episode is his fourth appearance of the series. When Dez tries to win a scooter from FM 109 as a birthday present for his sister Didi's 16th birthday, Chuck arrives to compete with him and wins it for himself. During the birthday party, Didi reveals that she has a boyfriend, who turns out to be none other than Chuck himself. His surname is revealed to be "McCoy" as of this episode. He and Dez become friends in this episode.

Mix Ups & Mistletoes

This episode is his fifth appearance of the series. When Dez wants the job of being Santa, Chuck competes to be a better one.

Hunks & Homecoming

This Episode Is His Sixth Appearance Of The Series. Chuck and Dez try to make a successful homecoming float for the cheer squad. All goes wrong, and they try to redeem themselves by giving Kimmy the idea for next year's float. It ends up disastrous.

Proms & Promises

In this episode, Trish asked Chuck to prom cause she can't go with Jace, and he said yes. It was revealed that Chuck has an on-off again relationship with Sun Hee. Chuck and Trish go to prom together.

Last Dances & Last Chances

Last Dances & Last Chances73

This episode is his eighth appearance of the series. At the beginning of the episode, he's seen with Trish, and later, he gets back together with Sunn Hee.

Mysteries & Meddling Kids

This episode is his ninth, and final appearance of the series. Team Austin and Ally suspected he stole Ally's songbook. They blame him since he's always out to get them.


  • Chuck says he knows Spanish. 
  • He won 1st place in a burglary contest (may not have happened as it was mentioned in Dez's story).
  • He has a crush on Trish; and might have a crush on Ally as he made her like him in Dez's story, but it's possible that he just did it to further annoy Team Austin.
  • He's revealed to be dating Kimmy at the end of Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction.
  • His original style of clothes was wacky pants and silly shirts.
  • He had to start dressing in cowboy clothes after Dez stole his look.
  • He is very competitive, evidenced by his entering many contests.
  • He and Dez become friends in Family & Feuds.
  • His last name is McCoy.
  • His rivalry with Dez is a play off of The Hatfields and McCoys feud. Although it's possible they might be related to both families.
  • He returns in a season 3 episode called Mix Ups & Mistletoes.
  • He calls Dez ”Red“ quite often because he has red hair similar to what Motor Ed in Kim Possible calls Kim “Red” for the exact same reason.
  • When he and Dez compete against each other he usually says something like 'not so fast Red!' to Dez.
  • It was revealed that Chuck has an on and off-again relationship with Sun Hee in Proms & Promises, and right now, they're off again Permanently.
  • Chuck went to prom with Trish in Proms & Promises.
  • He has had 10 appearances on the whole series.
  • His last appearance on the show is in Duets & Destiny.
  • In the episode Mix Ups & Mistletoes he can do an impression of his old 3rd grade English teacher Mr. Naggle.


Relationships with Other Characters

Trish De la Rosa


Chuck had a crush on Trish ever since Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction, even though Chuck had a girlfriend at the end of that episode it‘s possible that he still likes her. In the series finale, it‘s revealed that they got married and had a daughter together.

Dez Wade


Chuck was Dez's enemy from Freaky Friday & Fan Fiction toward the middle of Family & Feuds. They have been competing with each other a lot. In the end, they ended their feud and became friends.

Didi Wade


In Family & Feuds, it was revealed that Chuck was Didi's new boyfriend and they had been dating since then. But he broke up with her as revealed in Proms & Promises to be with Sun Hee.

Sun Hee

(On and Off relationship

It was revealed in Proms & Promises that Chuck broke up with Didi to be with Sun Hee.


Do you know the skills it would take to break into a second -story window, steal a typewriter, then descend a 20-feet ladder one-handed while holding said typewriter? While, I possess such skills, I didn't do it.
Cowboy wasn't my first choice. Wacky pants and silly shirts used to be my thing.


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