Spelling's not really my thing.
Carrie, in Duets & Destiny
Full Name

Carrie Wade


Babe (by Dez Wade)
Space Cadet (by Jace)



Date of Birth

1996 (aged 21)

Resides in



Waitress at Shredder's Beach Club (formerly)
Employee at Sonic Boom
Super Model

Eye Color


Hair Color



Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Dez Wade (husband)
Piper (sister)
Darrie Wade (son)
Didi Wade (sister-in-law)
Dennis Wade (father-in-law) Donna Wade (mother-in-law)


Dez Wade (husband)


Piper (sister)
Austin Moon
Ally Dawson
Dez Wade (husband)
Trish De La Rosa



First Episode

Cupids & Cuties

Last Episode

Duets & Destiny

Portrayed By

Hannah Kat Jones

Carrie Wade was a waitress at Shredder's Beach Club and Dez's wife. She first appears in Cupids & Cuties, the episode where she met Dez and after the two hit it off, and they became a couple. She was a recurring character in Seasons 3 and 4. Carrie was also an employee of Sonic Boom as of Records & Wrecking Balls until Relationships & Red Carpets. It is revealed in Duets & Destiny that Carrie is married to Dez in the future and they have a child together, named Darrie.

Carrie is portrayed by Hannah Kat Jones.


Carrie's personality is very similar to Dez's. She is a very sweet and pleasant girl but is a bit of an airhead and is very clueless, slightly more dumber than Dez. Carrie is very quirky as well and takes an interest in quirky things. Carrie, however, isn't afraid to show it and seems to not care what other people think of her. Carrie speaks her mind and also is very impulsive. Additionally, she also loves zombie romance movies, flowers, pizza, and goats. She's also very protective of people she cares about, shown in Proms & Promises



Not much is known about Carrie's background. She currently lives in Miami and is around 18 years old. Her sister is Piper but it unknown who is older. She is dating Dez as of Cupids & Cuties. She broke up with Dez a month before Buzzcuts & Beginnings took place but got back together with him in Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds.


Cupids & Cuties

Carrie is first seen when she is the waitress for Trish and Jace's date at Shredder's Beach Club. Right off the bat, her quirky and ditsy personality shows. Carrie talks to her mother on the phone in the middle of the waitress and blurts out loud that she doesn't think their date is going well. Later in the episode, she meets Dez at the beach club. The two bond and get along very well. Eventually, Dez needs to leave to watch a zombie romance movie, Tears of the Dead. He indirectly asks Carrie on a date to the movie, which she shows up for. Their date is a success and Dez later claims it was the best night of his life. At the very end of the episode, the two are seen as a couple with Dez giving Carrie flowers, pizza, a goat, and then hugging.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

This is Carrie's second appearance in the show. In this episode, she is revealed to be Piper's sister, and, as Piper is testing Austin, stops by to ask her what she's up to. She is also revealed to be taking a knitting class, shown by the various (albeit unconventional) sweaters she's knitted Dez. At the end of the episode, she and Dez model a few of those sweaters together for a photoshoot. It's implied that Carrie's somewhat forgetful, as she forgot to turn off the dishwasher near the beginning of the episode.

Proms & Promises

This is Carrie's third appearance on the show. She is first seen walking into Sonic Boom looking for Dez. Dez then asks her to prom and she accepts. Carrie is later seen at prom with Dez and his friends, but can't enter the dance contest with Dez because she can hardly move in her dress. At the end of the episode, she walks up to Austin when she overhears him saying he'd rather be at prom with Ally instead of her sister, Piper. She then almost tells Piper the truth, and the episode ends with 'To be continued'.

Last Dances & Last Chances

This is Carrie's fourth appearance on the show. She is first seen where the last episode finished and decided not to tell Piper the truth that Austin would rather be at prom with Ally than with Piper, but then she threatens to ruin Austin's night. She was meant to enter the dance contest with Dez, but she can't cause she can barely move in her dress. She is later seen dancing a little with Dez.

Beauties & Bullies

This is Carrie's fifth appearance on the show. She is first seen in the second scene and auditioned in the school play and got the part of a tree, which she wanted. She later practices her part. Carrie along with her friends, help Trish when she gets bullied online and in school. Carrie and Dez later find out that Margo is the bully and they attempt to get revenge on her for what she did to Trish. In the end, she performs in the play with everyone.

Records & Wrecking Balls

This is Carrie's sixth appearance on the show. Carrie didn't have a very big part in this episode. She is first seen serving Trish and Dez. Later in the episode, she gets fired from Shredders after an accident. She tried to look for a new job, but can't. Near the end of the episode, she is seen at Ally's record release party with everyone and in the final scene, Carrie gets hired at Sonic Boom.

Relationships & Red Carpets

This was Carrie's seventh appearance on the show. She tells Dez that she is moving to LA at the end of the week, because her dad got a job out there, really upsetting Dez. Trish brings her back to Miami for the music awards for Dez. In the end, Dez goes to LA with Carrie.

Physical Appearance

Carrie has short blonde and curly hair, which is tied into two pigtails. She leaves some of her hair loose in the front. Her clothing style is unknown. She is seen in her attire for her job at Shredder's Beach Club most of the time. She is very attractive and hot. She became a model.




Piper is Carrie's sister. While they are sisters they have very different personalities. Piper is calm and collected and Carrie is very quirky and clueless. Carrie cares a lot about Piper as seen in Last Dances & Last Chances. When Carrie heard that Austin would rather be at the prom with Ally she threatened Austin saying that if he doesn't give Piper the best prom ever than she will ruin his prom.

Dez Wade


Main article: Darrie

Carrie met Dez in Cupids & Cuties. As they get to know each other in the episode, they bond and eventually become a couple. They have similar personalities and interests. They went to prom together in Proms & Promises and in Last Dances & Last Chances. It was revealed that they broke up in Buzzcuts & Beginnings. In Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds, it was revealed that they never actually broke up. In Duets & Destiny, it is revealed that Dez and Carrie are married in the future and have a child named Darrie.

Trish De la Rosa


Presently, Trish and Carrie are not that close, but Trish seemed to be annoyed with her in Cupids & Cuties. In that same episode, Carrie was Trish and Jace's waitress. She seems ecstatic for her job, as she is new to the job. However, when her mom calls, she ends up talking to her instead of serving Trish and Jace. While on the phone, she mentions her customers are on a date, and she doesn't think it's going well. She pats Trish on the head and walks away.



Like Trish, Jace met Carrie in Cupids & Cuties. Carrie was their waitress, but she never served them, because she answered a call from her mom. After her comment on their not-so-great date, he calls her a space cadet.


You look like you just got rejected by a dozen girls.
Well, they call me [does robot dance] "The Love Robot". Actually nobody calls me that.
Are you asking me out?
Flowers? Pizza? A goat? You really do like me!
That's a great idea! You'd love her! She's just like me, only kinda forgetful. Oh. Which reminds me. I forgot to turn off the dishwasher.
Bubbles taste weird.
Spelling's not really my thing.


  • Carrie is a recurring character in season 3.
  • Carrie works at Shredder's Beach Club as a waitress but was fired in Records & Wrecking Balls.
  • Out of the few recurring characters season 3, Carrie is the one who appears the most in the season, as Gavin and Piper only appear for about 3 episodes.
  • She was Dez's first girlfriend.
  • She calls herself "The Love Robot".
  • In Cupids & Cuties, she was Trish and Jace's waitress but never served them because she answered a call from her mom.
  • She is a very hyper person.
  • She likes zombie romance movies.
  • She and Dez have similar personalities and interests.
  • Piper is her sister.
  • She goes to a knitting class (Fashion Shows & First Impressions)
  • She might no longer like Austin much after hearing him say he wanted to be at prom with Ally instead of Piper. (Proms & Promises).
  • According to Piper, she gets spaghetti stains on the inside of her clothes quite a lot. (Last Dances & Last Chances).
  • She's not good at spelling (Beauties & Bullies).
  • Carrie is the only recurring character from Season 3, to appear in the finale, Relationships & Red Carpets.
  • She got fired from Shredders and then got hired at Sonic Boom, in Records & Wrecking Balls.
  • She moved to LA in the finale, because her dad got a job out there.
  • She broke up with Dez, however, it was a misunderstanding by both Carrie and Dez (Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds).
  • She marries Dez and has a child in the future. (Duets & Destiny)


Season 3

Season 4


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