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"Cap and Gown & Can't be Found" is the 17th episode in Season 4 of Austin & Ally. It was the 16th episode filmed of the season. It aired on November 22nd, 2015. The premiere was watched by 1.73 million views.


When a missing library book threatens to keep Ally from graduating, Austin tries to find it. Meanwhile, Trish fakes some memorable moments in an attempt to get more photos in the yearbook.[2]

Episode Summary

The episode opens with Dez and Trish in their gown in Marino High when Austin walks in with his cap and gown. He even shows off to a teacher. Trish thinks the cap was boring so she shows the cap decked out with cheetah prints and a touch of bling while Dez put a micro pod on top of his cap since he can’t really film everything in the ceremony. Then Ally walks in without a cap and gown, feeling ridiculous for not getting it because she had an overdue library book that she never returned in freshman year. Dez did a loser cam of her but she blocked the micro pod.

At the next scene, we see Trish in the classroom, sleeping above three books with Dez by her side. Dez yells to wake her up. Being awake, she asks if class ended. Dez answered that it ended three hours ago. Then he asked her if she wants to look at the yearbook layout. Chuck walks in with his catchphrase “Not so fast, Red”. Trish grabs the tablet and sees it's about everyone else with her in sleeping, so she unites Chuck and Dez to help her get more moments by taking fake pictures.

At the A&A Music Factory, Austin was on stage when Ally walks in with a book. Austin walks down and asked what was the book that she was holding and she answered that it was a planner that she had in freshman year. In that planner it says that she lent the book to Austin and he never returned it. She then dramatically says she needs the book right away or her life will be over.

At school, Austin talks to Dez about how he can’t find the book anywhere. However he did find this backpack with a moldy donut that Dez ate. When ally walks in and asks if Austin found the book, he lies and says it was in the backpack he found. When she asks to have it, Austin lies again and says he already returned the book. After she says she will go get her cap and gown, Austin lies a 3rd time saying he already got it for her and gave his cap and gown to ally. Austin says he has a plan to get the book by ordering it online but realizes there are none available. After that, Dez tells Austin that cause he is still young and good-looking, so he can get a girlfriend when ally dumps him.

Back at the A&A Music Factory, Austin found someone auctioning off a copy of the book. Dez says he wants to bid on the “My Tiny Tiger” figurine but Austin says no cause he needs to make sure nobody out bids him. Dez starts to talk about Trish’s photo shoot to get more pictures in the yearbook. Trish and Chuck walk in with sports equipment to show that Trish is going to pretend to be on every team in the school. Trish says to Austin that the reason she is doing this is because she doesn’t want her kids who look at the yearbook in the future, to think she is some lazy slacker who didn’t participate in anything. Austin says “so your gonna lie to them.” Trish says that you lie about your mistakes so your kids don’t make the same ones because that is what her day told her although she is not sure it is true. Chuck starts by taking photos of her playing tennis, cheer leading and skiing.

Still at the Factory, there are only 15 seconds left until Austin wins the bid, as he is counting down someone out bid him and Trish throws a football at Dez, causing him to fall onto the laptop making Austin lose the auction, and breaking his computer.

Austin runs into the algebra classroom to find Dez and tell him that he found a copy of the book in Tallahassee after calling lots of rare book sellers in Florida. It took him 12 hours to drive there and back, not including the 45 minute stop to see the Worlds largest paper clip. He said the gift shop was the best part cause they sell mini Worlds largest paper clips for $25, (Just a normal paper clip) that Dez thought were really cool and that they were way cooler than normal paper clips (they are the same thing). Austin says he just has to deliver it to the library before ally finds out but ally over hears part of it as she is walking in with Trish and is curious what she’s “not supposed to find out” about. Austin uses a cover story saying he got ally a great graduation present and doesn’t want her to find out. Although Trish is confused cause she didn’t know they were buying gifts for each other. Ally asks if anyone wants to hear her speech and Trish says that if it has a lot of words, no. Ally replies saying that Austin will listen to her speech. Trish asks Dez whether the Petri dish or the text tube make her eyes pop which he replies with, neither.

Outside the classroom , Ally was reciting her speech and Austin thought it was super boring.

Back at the lab/classroom, Dez says that Trish spilled acid on the book and burnt a hole through it. Austin asks why he used real acid and Dez gets offended saying that is work is real and authentic. Austin yells saying “THE WHOLE PHOTO SHOOT IS FAKE”. Trish says why it matters cause he already returned the book but Austin says he was lying and needed some more time. Trish says he’s gonna be in trouble if ally finds out. Austin says that if he doesn’t get the book back, Ally won’t go to graduation, she‘ll never speak to him again and she won’t become the president of the USA. Dez tries to make it better by saying nobody will have to listen to her boring speech.

In the next scene you see Austin, Trish and Dez sitting on the couch thinking about how to tell Ally that she's not going to graduation. Dez says that they should destroy the school so that there will be no graduation and Ally won't miss anything. Trish replies saying that Ally will her best friends who will be in prison for destroying the school. Trish tells Austin this is his problem and tells Dez to take more fake photos of her. That gives Austin the idea to put on a fake graduation. Trish and Dez say they should make a graduation music video and invite the whole school. After a few doubts they come up with a finalized plan.

The go upstairs and have Ally read her speech and work out until she falls asleep. Austin goes to find Trish and Dez asleep holding hands, which Dez and Trish find disgusting. They change all the clocks to make Ally think she slept for a day.

In the morning, they wake up Ally and frantically tell her to get ready cause she is late for "graduation". They push her out the door and follow behind her.

At the school, Austin thanks everyone for being a part of his video. They rush Ally onstage to give her speech but she asks why the principal isn't introducing her which then Trish says the principal said she needs no introduction. She gives her speech about honesty in which causes Austin to confess the whole story off what he did to find the book and lose it. All Ally does is hug Austin and says she was mad about what he lied but happy that he came clean. She also says that anyone who would plan a whole fake graduation must really care about her. Austin asks how she knew and she says she knows when he's lying and the cap and gown had his name in it. It turns out Ally does get to go to graduation and only had to pay a $7 fine which irritated Austin. Austin then performs "Jump Back, Kiss Yourself"

The Gang is back at the music factory after real graduation although Dez thought the real one was a let down compared to the fake one. Ally asks if everyone liked her speech and Trish says she was asleep. Chuck walks in and asks if everyone would sign his yearbook. Ally points out that the yearbook is huge and only pictures of Trish. Chuck saved a page with him and Trish for best couple and after Trish says they even dating, chuck says he wants to tell his kids he dated the prettiest girl in school and Trish is touched by the comment and says she feels slightly less disgusted by him than normal. Austin and Dez got voted best bromance. The episode ends in a hug.

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  • The cast had the table read of this episode on March 16, 2015.
  • This episode began filming on March 19, 2015.
  • The title refers to the gang wearing their graduation outfits and Austin not being able to find Ally's lost library book.
  • The writers revealed on Twitter that one of their favorite songs on the show was in this episode.
  • The gang graduate high school in this episode.
  • Austin performs at the graduation.
  • Trish and Dez hold hands.
  • This is most likely the last episode that will take place at Marino High because the gang graduates in this episode.
  • The plot where Ally can't find her library book is similar to the Liv & Maddie episode "Ask Her More-A-Rooney", which involved a missing library book, and also aired on the same night.
  • When Austin is singing & and dancing he can be seen doing the Whip from "Watch Me" by Silento.
  • Even though the gang graduates in this episode, only the fake graduation is shown, not the real one.
  • At the first scene when Austin Moon says to the teacher that pigs can't fly he is referring to Beach Clubs & BFFs when he said to Ally that if a pig can fly Austin will receive an A in algebra.




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