Obviously, me and Ally should be together!
Austin to Dez

"Campers & Complications" is the 9th episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally and the 28th episode overall. The episode first aired on February 17th, 2013 to 4.913 million views on its premiere[1].


When Ally’s old summer camp friend, Elliot, comes to town to pay a visit, he and Ally spend a lot of time catching up and reminiscing about the past. Though Austin is now dating Kira, he suddenly finds himself jealous of Ally’s friendship with Elliot.

Episode Summary

The episode starts out with Dez being lonely since Austin is always hanging out with his girlfriend, Kira. After Austin comes back from his date with her, Ally tells them that her friend from camp, Elliot, is coming to town. She shows them some old pictures, and Austin, Dez, and Trish think he's a nerd, but they're proven wrong as a much older and less nerdy-looking Elliot comes into Sonic Boom. Ally and Elliot immediately start reminiscing on their old camp memories, which makes Austin feel left out and awkward, and Ally offers to show Elliot around town, rejecting Austin's request to write a song with her.

C&C Promo-11-copy

"It's been three days. How long does it take to catch up with a guy?"

The next scene shows that it's been 3 days since Elliot's been in town, and Austin and Trish have barely seen Ally since then. Austin mostly complains about it while Trish agrees, which leads her to suggest the idea that Austin is jealous, which Austin denies. Ally and Elliot then appear, talking about camp memories yet again, and when Trish asks Ally about their Girl's Night, Elliot reveals that Ally and he had made plans and that she was welcome to join them, to which she denies. The pair then walk away once more, and Kira appears, asking about her date with Austin. Austin asks for a rain check, using songwriting as an excuse, and Dez asks Kira if he can go to the movies with her, and Kira says that he doesn't have to do that for her. That leaves him still lonely; lonely enough to willingly go to the spa with Trish.

Dez gets back, having gone through painful procedures, and blames it all on Austin (although he likes the smell of Cucumber Melon the spa left him). When he sees what Austin's doing and why, he gets why Austin's doing this. He gets Austin to admit that he likes Ally, to which he corrects Austin. Austin doesn't just like Ally; he loves her.

The next scene shows Dez playing air hockey by himself when Austin runs up to him. Austin tells Dez about having thought about his newly-discovered feelings for Ally but says that she likes Elliot and he's dating Kira who he really really likes. Dez then gives him some more advice: just hang out with his best friend. Austin claims to want things to stay the same, not wanting to mess up a friendship with Ally because of some "mixed feelings". Dez retorts, saying that he likes Ally way more than Kira, and Austin says he's going to prove that Dez is wrong. Kira then appears, asking Austin why he wanted to see her. He replies that to make up how he's been acting towards her, they're going to go to a Katy Perry concert at the beach club. Austin then says that he should have never had second thoughts, but he then says that he and Ally should be together. Trish then offers to keep Dez company by them cleaning the restaurant together: or, Dez cleaning and Trish getting the tips.


The next scene shows Ally and Elliot entering Sonic Boom. Much like their other times together, they were talking about camp memories, but at this point, Ally's grown tired of hearing the camp memories. Ally talks to Trish about her worries that Elliot's going to ask her to be his girlfriend, and how she realizes that they have nothing to talk about but camp. When Trish advises Ally to tell Elliot she's not interested and Ally starts to practice saying it, Dez mishears. He assumes that Ally wants to be Elliot's girlfriend. After that, Dez thinks that Austin's moved on, and tells him what he heard, and Austin gets upset. When Kira appears, asking Austin if he's ready for the Katy Perry concert, Austin quickly lies that on the way, he has to drop off Ally's lucky pencil.

Elliot repeats yet another of their camp memories and says that he never gets tired of repeating them. Right when Ally is about to tell Elliot that she doesn't want to be his girlfriend, Austin and Kira appear to give Ally her "lucky pencil". Elliot asks them if they're staying for Trivia Night, and when Kira says they're going to the concert, Austin says that Ally and Elliot want them to stay. Ally then replies that she just wants to be with Elliot- to break the news- but Austin takes that the wrong way, meaning to stay for a few questions. Elliot claims that he and Ally will win, and Austin retorts that he and Kira are going to win. He then wants to go head to head with Elliot, and Elliot being the competitive one he is, accepts his challenge.

Disney All Star Challenge (5)

Kira and Austin at trivia night

Trish asks the first question, which is about "Rolling in the Deep", and Elliot admits that he's not really into music. The next question is asked, which is about a tie-dying method, and Elliot, as well as Ally, know the answer is batiking. Kira once more asks to go to the concert, and Austin claims to go after one more question. That quickly turns into a lie as they end up staying to answer all 50 questions- Austin and Elliot end up tying, for last place. Ally is revealed to have won. Kira wants to go to the concert and Ally wants to talk to Elliot about not wanting to be his girlfriend, but Austin needs to beat him and states the perfect way to settle it: air hockey. After they both end up being too good
Campers & Complications Pic
of a defense, they switch to basketball, where they keep tying for the number of baskets. They then go to rock paper scissors shoot, and they keep thinking of the same motion. They then go into a thumb war, but since neither win, they go to the final game: tug of war. Ally and Kira ask them why they care so much, and after Elliot says that he doesn't and lets go, Austin wins...but is covered in egg salad and buffalo sauce. Happy from his victory, Austin asks Ally if she still wants to be Elliot's girlfriend, and Kira takes offense, telling Austin to make up his mind on what he wants. Meanwhile, Elliot tells Ally that he just wants them to be friends: they can only talk about camp, which gets boring after a while.

Trish and Ally are then talking about the whole Austin and Elliot thing, and Trish says that he was acting jealous. They then realize that Austin has feelings for Ally! Trish then tells Ally to wait for him to come to her since boys are like birds, and if they get freaked out, they fly away. She makes the same bird motion that Dez did and then admits that she's spent too much time with him.

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Austin leaning in for a kiss.


Austin tries to apologize to Ally about the night fiasco, but she says it's fine, and then they start to work on the song, You Can Come to Me. They're about to kiss, but Ally turns away, starting to play the chorus for "You Can Come to Me". At Champy's, Trish then tells Dez who was cleaning the tables, that she had fun with him tonight; he's a good friend. Dez gives Trish her tips and asks Trish to play with him since the restaurant is clean. They play rock paper scissors and Dez ends up with rock and Trish ends up with scissors but still hits him anyway and the episode ends.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: I know you miss him, but part of growing up is learning to be your own best friend.
Dez: You're right. I don't need Austin. I have myself, and that's enough.
Ally: Good, now I'm going back-
Dez: Don't leave me; myself's not enough!

Kira: Awwww, you're so cute when you pout!
Austin: Awww, you're so cute when you tell me I'm so cute!

Ally: She means that it's totally cool that we can't hang out today, 'cause, I have an old friend coming in town. His name's Elliot. We went to Arts & Crafts Camp together. (shows them a picture of Elliot from the camp)
Dez: Beep beep beep! Oh, just got a text message. It says, "Nerd alert."

Ally: Here's a picture of us making macaroni Christmas ornaments.
Austin: Eh, if you take away the braces and bushy eyebrows, he wouldn't look so bad.
Ally: ...That's me.

Elliot: Ally?!?!
Ally: Elliot?!?!
Austin: That's... Ally's friend?
Dez: Beep beep beep: Hunk alert!

Ally: It's so good to see you again! Wow, you look ah-mazing!
Elliot: What about you? You look ga-orgeous!
Dez: Why are they talking so cra-azy?

Austin: I used to do arts and crafts too!
Dez: Nobody cares.

Elliot: Remember when we tie-dyed pillowcases?
Ally: We were only supposed to tie-dye t-shirts. We were arts & crafts rebels!
Trish: Yeah... I don't think those words go together.

Austin: Check it out! It's a hand turkey! Gobble gobble gobble!
Dez: Put it away, you're embarrassing yourself.

Elliot: Ally, I need to ask you something. Will you... help me make a toothpick house for my turtle?
Ally: Of course! Still have your glue gun?
Elliot: I never leave home without it.
Ally: Isn't he cute?
Trish: (whispers to Austin and Dez) I thought so until he pulled out a glue gun.

Austin: Hey Trish! Have you seen Ally?
Trish: No, she's out with Elliot.
Austin: Again? It's been three days. How long does it take to catch up with a guy?
Trish: A regular looking guy: a day. A cutie like him: you may never see Ally again.

Trish: I was just asking. You don't have to sound all defensive.
Austin: I'm not defensive! I think you're jealous of my panda!

Elliot: And then I said, "Your baskets were unbe-weaveable." (laughs with Ally; Trish and Austin turn to them)
Ally: We had so much fun back then!
Austin: Well, I bet your fun back then wasn't any more fun than our fun back now.
Trish: Anyway... Ally, you ready for our Girl's Day?
Elliot: Oh... Trish. Don't hate me, but I was really hoping me and Ally could basket weave again. For old time's sake. You wanna join?
Trish: Oh... That sounds awful.

Dez: Wanna hang?
Trish: I don't know. I'm doing girly stuff-
Dez: I'll pay.
Trish: To the spa we go.

Dez: Guess who just got his eyebrows plucked, armpits waxed, and feet scraped
Austin: That sounds painful.
Dez: It was! And it was all your fault!
Austin: Sorry, but you do smell pretty good.
Dez: Thanks. It's Cucumber Melon.

Dez: Austin, don't you see what's going on here? You like Ally.
Austin: What?! That's crazy!
Dez: Is it? You know like everything about Ally.
Austin: Well, yeah! I like a lot of stuff about Ally. I like writing songs with her.
Austin: Uh-huh.
Austin: I like that I can talk to her about anything.
Dez: Go on.
Austin: I like her smile... And the way she laughs. Oh and I like it when we play piano and my hand accidentally touches hers. And I get this awesome feeling that no one, not even Kira makes me... Oh man, I like Ally.
Dez: Oh, it's more than that, buddy... I think you're in love with her. (does an arm gesture around in a circle)
Austin: Wow, I like Ally.

Austin: Maybe I do have feelings for her. But she clearly likes Elliot, and I'm dating Kira, who I really really like.
Dez: I get it; you're torn. Let me give you some unbiased advice: Forget about girls! Hang out with your best friend! Trust me, you'll feel better.

Austin: Isn't she awesome? Man, I can't believe I had second thoughts. Obviously, me and Ally should be together!
Dez: Did you hear what you just said?
Austin: Later, buddy. (walks away)

Elliot: And remember when we tie-dyed pillowcases?
Ally: Yup, I still remember.
Elliot: So, I'll meet you at Champy's at 7. Don't forget, it's Trivia Night. Remember how competitive I got when we played games at camp?
Ally: Yes, I remember everything from camp!

Ally: Elliot mentioned the "g" word today.
Trish: Glue gun?
Ally: No, girlfriend. As in, I think he wants me to be his.

Dez: She wants to be his girlfriend.
Austin: What?!

Kira: Austin what about Katy Perry?
Austin: I'll beat her too!

Austin: Look Ally, about tonight...
Ally: You don't have to say anything Austin. Well, you don't have to not say anything...You know what? Let's just work on the song! (sits next to Austin)
Both: (laying piano, hands suddenly touch, both look at each other and start to lean in)

Austin: Austin, 1, Elliot, 0!
Kira: Kira, bored, (points at Katy Perry sign) can we go now?

Trish: At least you don't have to worry about Elliot anymore. Austin made that easy.
Ally: Yeah, what was that all about?
Trish: I don't know. If you ask me, he's been acting weird since Elliot got here. It's like he's jealous.
Ally: Jealous? ...You don't think...
Trish: Yup, Austin likes you.
Ally: Whoa...what should I do? Should I tell him I like him too?
Trish: No, let him come to you. Guys hate to be pressured. They're like birds. If you freak them out then they'll fly away. (makes hand bird flying away)
Ally: (gives Trish a weird look)
Trish: Sorry, I've been hanging around Dez.

Trish: Name the method for dying fabric using wax.
Elliot: I know this from camp!
Ally: Shocker.

Dez: But paper covers rock!
Trish: Who cares? (pounds his hands)
Dez: Ow! (takes his hand away)

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  • This marks the third episode where we meet a character from Ally's past (the first being "Bloggers & Butterflies", and the second being "Soups & Stars").        
  • This is Part 2 of (what fans know it as) "The Auslly Arc". 
  • Austin realizes his feelings for Ally in this episode.
  • Austin and Ally almost kissed in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Elliot was Ally's first crush.
  • Kira and Austin are still dating in this episode, yet Kira openly admits that she thought Elliot was cute, right in front of her boyfriend.
  • Austin and Kira break up in this episode.
  • A metaphor was used in this episode. The metaphor, "To every girl with a broken heart, there's a boy with a glue gun," is portrayed through Ally- the broken-hearted girl- and Elliot- the boy with the glue gun.
  • Two known artists are mentioned in this episode. Austin and Kira mentioned Katy Perry a few times, and Trish said Adele is the singer that sang 'Rolling in the Deep' in Trivia Night.
  • It is revealed that when Ally was at camp, she had bushy eyebrows and braces.
  • This episode is the second most-watched episode in A&A history. 1st is "Rockers & Writers" with 5.7 million views.
  • The first part of the episode title, "Campers", refers to Ally reuniting with her camp friend, Elliot, and the second part, "Complications", refers to the complications that arise once Austin realizes he likes Ally.
  • When Austin and Ally were at the piano there were 2 horns that were the same color as Ally's dress and as Austin's shirt.
  • The song Eye of the Tiger was featured here.
  • During the transition showing the mall right before the last scene of the episode where Ally and Austin sit at the piano, you can see a Hot Topic in the bottom right corner.


  • Elliot says he's not into music, but at the beginning, he is revealed to be a big fan of Austin and said his album rocks.
  • Ally says she had bushy eyebrows and braces but in episodes such as "Filmmaking & Fear Breaking" and "Bloggers & Butterflies" they show Ally when she was little and she did not have bushy eyebrows and braces. However, she might have had those and been to camp before the events of the flashback in "Filmmaking & Fear Breaking".
  • When Austin & Ally almost kiss you can hear a loud noise in the background, but no one should be in the store.
  • Austin explained how he felt about Ally, but in "Diners and Daters" Ally said he couldn't communicate his feelings.
  • When Ally said she thought Elliot wanted her to be his girlfriend if you looked closely, she was wearing the necklace that said "Kira", not "Ally".


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