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This article is just a fan page. It is a part of the Austin & Ally fanbase all based on information from the series or cast and crew.

Cast Shipped

Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez


Best friends, co-workers


Laini, Laurum, Roni coss

Caini (Ca/lum and Ra/ini) is the real-life pairing between Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez. They are best friends and love to hang out with each other any free time that they have.

Calum takes a Silly Pic with Co-Star Raini Rodriguez!

For the in-show pairing between Trish De la Rosa and Dez Wade, see Trez.

Other Names

  • Cani (Ca/lum and Rai/ni)
  • Ralum (Ra/ini and Ca/lum)
  • Raim (Rai/ni and Calu/m)
  • Rainum (Rain/i and Cal/um)
  • Rorthy (Ro/driguez and Wo/rthy)
  • Rainium (Raini and Cal/um)
  • Rainicalum (Raini and Calum)
  • Rainclum (Rain/i and C/a/lum)                        
  • Rinum (R/a/in/i and Cal/um)
  • Cali (Cal/um and Rain/i)
  • Clani (C/a/lum)
  • Craini (C/alum and Raini)
  • Alum (R/a/ini and Ca/lum)
  • Raum (Ra/ini and Cal/um)
  • Rainum (Rain/i and Cal/um)
  • Caluini (Calu/m and Ra/ini)
  • Worthyguez (Worthy and Rodri/guez)


  • They are both the oldest on the set of Austin & Ally.
  • They are both into music.                           
  • They both have Twitter accounts and tweet each other constantly.
  • They are both verified on Twitter.
  • They took pictures at a photo booth together.

    Raini and Calum at the Camp Ronald McDonald 20th Annual Halloween Carnival; October 21, 2012.

  • They went to dinner together alone.
  • Raini has stated on Twitter that Calum's dressing room is where she goes the most.
  • On Calum's Instagram, he seems to mostly take pictures with Raini out of all the cast members.
  • During the second half of the Charades Marathon, they were a team.
  • Calum stated that he likes hanging out with Raini.
  • On a live stream, where the whole cast was there, someone asked a question of what do you think of your cast members, and when it was the time of their impression of Raini, Calum called her gorgeous.
  • Raini Rodriguez explained why Calum was the sass master in the same live stream, he agreed with her reasoning and they both laughed about it.
  • Calum and Raini went to the Disney prom together (Ross and Laura went together too).
  • Whenever something funny "comes", they seem to laugh at the same things.
  • Calum wished Raini a happy birthday.
  • Calum spent Thanksgiving (2013) at Raini's parent's house in Texas.
  • They both kissed for the Austin & Ally episode, What Ifs & Where's Austin, although the kiss may not have been real.


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