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It'll be the last P he ever takes!

"Burglaries & Boobytraps" is the 13th episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It aired on April 15th, 2012 to 3.281 million viewers.[1]


When there's a thief on the loose in the Miami Beach mall, Ally and Trish come up with ideas to catch him. But when the clues all point off to Austin, they have to confront him and Dez, learning that Austin was framed. They find out that the thief steals from stores in alphabetical order. They also put every instrument beginning with "P" in an easy place.

Episode Summary

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When Austin skips out on practice with Ally to go to a Bruno Mars concert, she gets frustrated with how much Austin skips practice. So in order to make up for it, Austin borrows the new guitar in Sonic Boom to have it autographed by Bruno Mars. However, with the situation concerning the mall thief that has been going on, Ally notices that the guitar is gone and thinks that it has been stolen. She looks at the security camera to see who took it and sees it was Austin.

Trish and Ally assumed Austin was the mall thief, but Ally wanted to hear it from Austin before she turned him in. Ally confronts Austin, but he denies it at first, leaving Ally to think that he really is the mall thief and Trish to turn him in instead for prizes provided by the mall's stores.


Though, once Austin gets the guitar autographed, he gives it back to Ally, telling her he got it autographed to make up for skipping practice. But with having already turned Austin in, that leaves them to catch the real thief to clear Austin's name. They realize how severe the situation is since the mall association is now desperate to capture the thief. It turns out that the thief steals from stores in alphabetical order, resulting in the thief being called "The Alphabet Bandit".

The foursome decides to meet up late the next night in order to find out who is the real thief, with Austin promising that he won't be late. Though, it seems that he does not show up on time again. The plan is that Ally and Trish set up a birdcage to catch him, while Dez sets up a giant glue mousetrap. But it doesn't go as planned when Dez gets stuck on the mousetrap. Ally and Trish try to help him, but Ally accidentally sets off her trap, meaning she and Trish get stuck in the birdcage. The thief then and there comes in the store and attempts to steal the piano. Though he almost gets away with it, Austin comes out of the piano, knocking the thief out in the process. The whole time, he was in the piano to catch the thief, but because of a soft blanket knitted by Trish at her latest job - the Yarn Barn - in there, he fell asleep. The thief turned out to be the mall delivery guy, whose reason for his theft being that no one tips him at the mall, as shown when he delivers various items throughout the episode.

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At the end, Austin gives Ally a calendar for all the times he is available to practice with her, though it is empty at first. However, Austin explains that she'll fill in the dates at whatever time so that he'll always be there when she needs him. Trish then comes by with a cart of rewards for catching the thief with the rest to share with her friends but gives them the really small and inexpensive stuff while keeping the big stuff, like a flat-screen TV, a laptop, and a trip to Hawaii, for herself.

Memorable Quotes

Dez: Don't look now, it's that cute girl from the bathing suit store. (Austin turns his head around) I just said don't look now!
Austin: When can I look?
Dez: When she's not looking. NOW! (Austin turns head) Wait, no, not now. NOW! (Austin turns head) Wait, no, not now. NOW! (Austin turns head) No, not now. NOW! (Austin turns head) No, not now. Now! Not now.
Austin: Ow, my neck!
Dez: Oh, forget it. It's not her. It's that long-haired guy from the surf shop.

Dez: Wait, don't you have practice with Ally at 4?
Austin: Oh yeah... What time is it now?
Dez: 4:30.
Austin: Well, I'm already late. We'll just work longer next time. Eh, she won't be mad at me. (scene change)
Ally: I am SO mad at him!

Ally: Austin was supposed to be here two hours ago. And now I have to go the emergency Mall Association meeting. Everyone's freaking out about all the burglaries.
Lester: I know. Last week, someone stole a guitar pick! I-I'm just sick about it!
Ally: We give those away for free...

Delivery Guy: It's funny: the guy at the coffee shop gives you coffee, and he gets a tip. And, how heavy is a cup of coffee? Not as heavy as all these boxes I carry.
Lester: You know right, you're right. It's not fair! You should get a job at the coffee shop. (gives him high-five)

Ally: What'd you get?
Lester: A little something to help me catch the mall thief. A state of the art security camera.
Ally: State of the art in what century?

Trish: Guess who got a job at the Yarn Barn? I spent my first-day knitting this scarf instead of working.
Ally: That scarf would really come in handy, if we didn't live in Miami.

Trish: Hey, aren't you supposed to be rehearsing with Austin?
Ally: He still hasn't shown up. This is the third this week he's been late.
Trish: Maybe he had an emergency.
Austin: Hey, guys. We just went to an awesome concert.
Trish: At the emergency room?

Austin: You can't set a time for creativity.
Ally: Yeah you can, it was 4 o'clock.

Ally: As president of the Mall Association, I assure you, we're doing the best we can to catch the thief.
Lester: Well, your best isn't good enough!
Ally: Dad?!
Lester: Sorry honey. Love you.

Ally: One last thing: I know this is kind of obvious, but until the thief is caught, the police suggested we shouldn't leave our stores unattended.
Crowd: (is silent for a moment; they then all run towards their store)

Ally: Thanks. (delivery guy coughs a lot to get Ally's attention) Here's a cough drop.
Delivery Guy: Thanks.

Trish: You're pretty lucky. It seems like you're the only store in the mall who hasn't been robbed yet.
Ally: It's not luck, Trish. I've been watching this store like a hawk; there's no way anyone's gonna rob ol' Hawkeye Dawson. ...Someone robbed me!
Trish: What?
Ally: The new guitar's gone.
Trish: Way to go, Hawkeye.

Ally: This must be the thief.
Trish and Ally: Austin.../No way...

Trish: I am his manager and his friend. Do you really think I'd sell him out for a surfboard, a tanning salon coupon, some sunglasses, a free massage chair, some jeans, a flat-screen TV- He's my friend. He's my friend. He's my friend.
Ally: Look, I know Austin, and he's not a thief. I'm gonna give him a chance to explain himself.
Trish: A FREE TRIP TO HAWAII?!?!?! I can always make new friends. I can always make new friends. I can always make new friends.

Austin: Be cool.
Dez: Got it. Cool. (door opens, they see Ally) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Ally: You gotta lot of nice instruments in here. Get any new ones?
Austin: No.
Ally: Then what's this? (messes his bed up)
Austin: That WAS my made bed. Now I'm not going to get any allowance! Thanks a lot.

Ally: You sure you don't have anything you'd like to tell me? Like, uh, some big secret?
Austin: Uh-uh, my middle name's Monica.
Ally: What?
Austin: Nothing.

Austin: Look, from now on, whenever you need me, I'm available. Just now right now, I'm not available. (shoves her out the door of his bedroom)
Ally: Wait, hold on! (Austin slams the door in her face)

Ally: I guess he really is the Mall Thief
Trish: Then don't you think it's your duty as president of the Mall association to tun over the security tape?
Ally: I guess so.
Trish: Good. I'm glad you agree with me. I already turned in the tapes.
Ally: Why would you do that?
Trish: Two words. Re-wards.

Ally: He won't go to jail unless they actually catch him with the guitar.
Austin: Hi, Ally.
Ally: You're going to jail.

Ally: The mall association thinks you're the thief.
Austin: What?
Ally: Relax. I'll clear this up. The employees of this mall are some of the most rational and understanding people I know.
Angry Mob: We want Austin. We want Austin. We want Austin.
Ally: You better run.

Dez: We want Austin. We want Austin.
Ally: Dez!
Dez: We want Austin.
Ally: Why are you in the angry mob that wants to arrest Austin?
Dez: I thought this was a happy mob that wanted to hear Austin sing.

Austin: Okay. Here's what we know. So far, the thief has stolen an air conditioner, a boogie board, a cowboy hat, some-
Dez: I got it. He's a sweaty cowboy who loves to surf. Or he's a sweaty surfer who loves to rides horses. Either way, he is sweaty.

Ally: The thief's gonna come in, see the piccolo, trip the wire and get trapped in the cage. Can I get a "what what"?
Trish: What?
Dez: What?

Dez: I still think this trap is better.
Trish: A giant glue mousetrap?
Dez: No, a giant glue people trap. It's the more humane way to catch a person.

Austin: Here, Ally. I want you to have this calendar. It has all the days I'm available to work with you.
Ally: But it's blank.
Austin: Yeah. You fill in the dates, and whenever you need me, I'll be there. No more Austin time. From now on, it's Austin and Ally time.
Ally: Thank you, Austin. How's today at four?
Austin: Sorry today's no good... Kidding.

Dez: Since all four of us helped catch the thief, Trish is going to share the rewards with us. Isn't she nice?
Trish: Okay let's see. Ally, you take this really cool pen. I'll take this flat-screen TV. Dez, you take this candle. I'll take this laptop. Austin you take this keychain. And I guess I'll take this trip to Hawaii. Aloha.
Dez: I got a candle.

Austin: He's the Alphabet Bandit! If anyone asks I came up with that.
Trish: Nobody's going to ask that.

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  • This episode was a part of Disney Channel's Whodunit? Weekend, airing April 13-15, 2012.
  • It is revealed that Austin's middle name is Monica.
  • This episode is featured on the first Austin & Ally DVD, Austin & Ally: All the Write Moves!.
  • When Dez is stuck to the mousetrap he is wearing a top with a QR code on and if it is read it says Dez Gee.
  • Trish was hired and most likely fired from The Yarn Barn.
    267px-Tumblr m2mbfd2NYX1qeewuqo1 500.png
  • The blanket that Trish knitted is a recurring object in this episode. It has been featured at least 3 times
  • This episode title refers to the numerous burglaries taking place in the Mall of Miami, and Ally, Trish, and Dez getting caught in their own boobytrap they set up to catch the thief. 
  • Dez's outfit he wore in this episode was the same outfit he wore in the opening theme song, Can't Do It Without You.
  • It is revealed that Dez had a pet ostrich.
  • It was revealed in this episode that Austin and Ally are big fans of Bruno Mars.
  • The truck that the delivery guy was loading his goods into said Fred Ex, which is a parody of FedEx.
  • The actor that played Billl is the same actor that played Zilch in Eggs & Extraterrestrials.
  • The scene where everyone came into Sonic Boom holding pitchforks seemed a little too violent for a Disney Show because it's obvious they wanted to hurt him with pitchforks. However, Ally refused to let them so it's not that bad.


  • When Dez walked up with the glue trap stuck to him he was in a different position than before.
  • It is impossible that Dez could have stood up when he was stuck to the glue trap because his feet were too far away from the bottom of the trap.
  • It's impossible that Trish & Ally could have gotten out the store door because the cage was too wide and tall.


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