Hey, Trish. Aren't you just a bundle of sunshine!
— Bobbie (Duos & Deception)
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Duos & Deception

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Duos & Deception

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Dove Cameron

Bobbie is a performer part of the famous sibling duo "The Billie and Bobbie Show." She is portrayed by Dove Cameron.


Bobbie, along with her brother, is an extremely perky person, and as Austin puts it "a little cheesy." She and Billie tend to talk at the same time a lot, which they don't seem to even notice. Bobbie appreciates all of her fans, saying that she does what she does "for the kids," and she gets along well with people, but can also be very deceptive. She is willing to share the spotlight with her brother, but can get extremely competitive, especially against her brother, if provoked. Aside from this, she very rarely gets angry, and even when she does, she has a very innocent vocabulary, apologizing for using phrases like "no good, cherry-picking sack of marshmallows" as though it was a swear.



Bobbie seems to be from the south. Bobbie and her brother Billie are very close, though there seems to be confusion about which sibling is named what, as both names are unisex, and even their theme song is ambiguous when it comes to this.

Billie claims that their mother always liked him the best, and that both he and his father agree that she is a brat, though he may have only made it up to hurt her when they fought on stage.


Bobbie appears with her brother Billie in the episode "Duos & Deception". The two are hired by Trish De la Rosa to perform at The A&A Music Factory in front of their students. Some time before performing in front of the students, they sabotage the music factory so that they can fail their inspection, placing condiments in the wind instruments, rats in the vending machines, and too much soap cleaning up the bathroom and leaving the sink on so that bubbles run all over the school. When she and her brother end up getting ketchup and mustard on each other after using the wind instruments, they happily go to the food court to use the condiments on them for eating. She and her brother sympathize with Austin and Ally when they hear about how Trish and Dez caused the mess in the music factory, leaving Austin and Ally to do all the work to fix everything, and insist that Austin and Ally go get lunch while they clean up. Once Austin and Allie leave, the brother and sister go to talk to Trish and Dez, feigning the same sympathy, saying it's a shame they have to do the work while Austin and Ally go out and have a relaxing lunch.

After Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez realize that Billie and Bobbie had sabotaged The A&A Music Factory so that it would be shut down so that they would get more business at "The B & B Music Factory," the four come up with a plan to Billie and Bobbie for the frauds they are. Later that night, before the performance, Trish and Ally tell Bobbie that Billie was bad mouthing her and saying that he was the star, and Dez and Austin do the same to Billie. During the performance, Billie and Bobbie lash out at each other

Physical Appearance

Bobbie is a teenager with green eyes and wavy blonde hair that she is known for styling big. She tends to wear clothes that have a 70's-esque style, and always match her brother Billie's attire.


  • Dez and Lily are fans of the Billie and Bobbie Show.