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"Bloggers & Butterflies" is the 5th episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on January 15th, 2012 to 2.8 million viewers.[1]


After Austin realizes he is being followed by an annoying blogger known as Miami H8ter Girl who is posting bad things about him, the gang must find a way to unmask the culprit and put a stop to the silly videos being posted online. Meanwhile, Dez and Trish both get a job at a fish fry restaurant and Dez starts frying up everything but fish and that's how he gets fired along with Trish.

Episode Summary

This episode starts with Austin eating a sundae that slips on his pants. As the camera pans out, it is revealed
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that Austin and Ally are actually in Sonic Boom watching a video of Austin eating the "pants-sundae" on a website called Miami H8ter Girl. As the two talk about the video, Trish walks in the store and tells them she got a job at Pirate Frank's Fish Fry with Dez. Austin tells the two about the blog, but Trish already knows about it, saying she loved H8ter Girl, who writes about everything she hates in Miami, and Ally tells them that at the moment H8ter Girl hated Austin. In the mall court, Ally suggests Austin try to do good deeds instead of embarrassing things so H8ter Girl wouldn't have anything to post, and Austin agrees. He tries to do so by giving Nelson a quarter to put in the fountain. Nelson tells him he was going to wish for a mustache, but when Austin and Ally turn their backs for a moment, Nelson falls
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in the fountain. Austin quickly pulls him out and Ally manages to get the various passersby to clap for Austin since he just "saved" Nelson. Austin wants to see if H8ter Girl could make his saving Nelson look bad, and she does by rewinding the video to look as if Austin was actually dunking Nelson in the fountain.

At Fish Fry, Dez is frying anything he can, including a football, hammer, and Trish's purse and phone. When Pirate Frank has to go walk the plank (pirate talk for use the bathroom), Trish gets Dez to do all the jobs Frank assigned to her while she just reads a fashion magazine.

Ally finds Austin camping out in the music room at the Sonic Boom and after she asks why he tells her he was


going to live there until the mall concert so H8ter Girl couldn't get any more bad footage of him. Ally tells him he was taking it a bit too far, saying H8ter Girl couldn't ruin his career, but Trish comes in saying that was what H8ter Girl was indeed doing. She tells them that Austin's concert had been cancelled because the owner of the mall had seen Austin "dunking" Nelson in the fountain.

The four friends camp out in the mall at a hat cart because Dez emailed H8ter Girl and told her that he had some embarrassing photos of Austin. He puts them in a bin as he and H8ter Girl had agreed, and goes back to his friends. Austin tells them they had to stay alert and awake, but they soon fall asleep, and H8ter Girl, who was hiding in the trash can, takes it and runs off, but makes a loud enough noise to wake up Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez.

They're shocked to find the bin gone, and though Austin's upset that they blew the chance to catch H8ter Girl. Ally tells him to look on the bright side because the blogger hadn't gotten any real embarrassing photos. When they check her website at Fish Fry, however, they find Dez had given her real photos, and they question why he did so, and he tells them that even though H8ter Girl was out to get his best friend, Dez had promised and was a man of his word.

Trish complains about having to wear a hook hand because it gets in the way of her reading her fashion magazine (she can't flip the pages), but Ally notices a catfish mascot outside and tells Trish that at least she didn't have to wear it. Trish then tells them that the catfish didn't work at Pirate Frank's Fish Fry as they didn't sell catfish -- they barely served real fish -- and Austin realizes that it was H8ter Girl because the catfish had been watching them.

After the catfish runs off because of their revelation, Dez grabs a fishing rod and manages to stop it. As Dez

Miami H8ter Girl revealed.

holds the catfish by the shoulders, Austin takes the head off, causing Ally to recognize the girl as Tilly Thompson, someone who had been in the same kindergarten class as Ally. They ask Tilly if she was H8ter Girl, and Tilly lets it slip accidentally, then tells them that she hated admitting things.

Austin asks how she had gotten all of the videos of him, and she replies by telling him that she was always around him without his noticing because she was a "master of disguise." Austin then asks why she hated him, but she tells him she didn't, that she thought he was an amazing singer. She actually hates Ally because Ally ruined her song back in kindergarten. Austin asks her how Ally ruined it, so Tilly tells them that in kindergarten the spring pageant was coming up and the theme was insects.

Tilly wrote The Ladybug Song and claims everyone loved it, though it wasn't true. Ally claimed that it was because the lyrics were all over
640px-Butterfly Song
the place.

Ally wrote The Butterfly Song and Tilly claims everyone hated it, which was the opposite since everyone clapped for her and chose her song for the insect play. Ally tells the four that it had been a special day for her because it was the day she decided to become a songwriter. Trish says it was also a special day for her because it was the first time she was fired from a job. Tilly tells them it wasn't a special day for her because Ally destroyed her dreams.

Austin doesn't understand why Tilly was attacking him when she was mad at Ally, and Tilly says that she had figured that by taking it out on him, she would also ruin Ally's career. Dez tells her he should just go after Ally directly, which Tilly thinks is a great idea. This annoys Ally, but Dez comments that he hadn't told Tilly a way to get back at her, though he lets it slips about Ally's stage fright. Tilly decides to go with that, saying they would have a show at the mall where they would both sing their songs. Ally wonders what would happen if she didn't sing her song, and Tilly tells her that she would continue posting videos about Austin so he wouldn't get any other gigs.
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In the music room, Austin is trying to help Ally combat her stage fright by having her sing in front of some stuffed animals, but Ally claims she can't do it. Austin asks what happened after kindergarten because she hadn't had stage fright before, but Ally doesn't want to talk about it, though she does say that if she did want to talk, she would go to him. Austin tells her that she didn't have to go on stage, but Ally said she did because Tilly would ruin Austin's career if she didn't, and Austin says it means a lot. He tries to distract her by gesturing to the sunset so he could get her dolphin that he wanted to keep but without even turning around she tells him not to touch it.

At Fish Fry, Trish can't believe Tilly was forcing Ally to sing in front of a bunch of people, and Trish was going to miss it. Dez says that Trish was a good friend for wanting to support Ally, but Trish says that Ally might have a meltdown and puke on someone in the crowd, and, after they laugh, quickly adds that she also wanted to be there to support her best friend. Dez says they could ask for the night off, but Trish says that they had to get fired, making Dez tell her there was something he had wanted to do. Later, Pirate Frank finds out that the two of them had deep-fried almost everything in his shop and fires them.

At the show, Ally has to sing first, but she pretends the microphone doesn't work to get out of it. Dez, who was filming, comes on the stage and checks the mic, telling Ally it was working fine. Annoyed once again at Dez, Ally "thanks" him. She attempts to sing the song, but when Austin sees she couldn't he surprises her by coming on stage and saying he was going to sing it. Ally asks what he was doing, and he tells her he didn't care if Tilly ruined his career because he would rather that happen than Ally face her worst fear.

Angry, Tilly also goes on the stage and tells Austin that if Ally didn't sing the song, Tilly would keep posting the fake stuff about Austin online. Austin asks if the crowd had heard what Tilly said about the fake stuff, and they boo at her. As Tilly gets angry at herself for admitting it, Trish pulls her off the stage, and Austin sings The Butterfly Song.

The next day, Ally, grateful at what Austin had done for her, gives Austin the dolphin he really wanted, but he
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gives it back to her saying he would pick it up later after Trish asks if he like stuffed animals. Ally asks what they were watching, and Dez tells her that H8ter Girl had a meltdown on the stage and it was now all over the web. Trish says that Tilly had been so embarrassed that she shut down her website, and Austin says that they didn't have to worry about her anymore.

A lady with a stroller walks into the Sonic Boom, and Ally wants to see the baby, so she pulls down the blanket, but in the stroller is Tilly, who asks them if they had missed her, causing them to scream.

Memorable Quotes

Austin: I can't believe this is on the internet. I thought I was alone.
Ally: Austin, you know there's no eating in the store. And there's definitely no eating off your pants.
Austin: There's no sign for that.
Ally: There shouldn't have to be a sign to not eat off your pants.

Ally: I mean look at all these embarrassing videos she posted. Austin with broccoli in his teeth. Austin biting his toenails. Austin checking out a girl.
Austin: That was so embarrassing. Trish, did you just click "like"?
Trish: Hey. Funny is funny.

Austin: Hey, Nelson. Come here. How would you like a shiny new quarter to make a wish in the fountain?
Nelson: Thanks. I'm gonna wish for a mustache

Austin: "Austin dunks defenseless boy into fountain"?
Ally: Wow. H8ter Girl is good. I mean bad. I mean good at being bad because she's a bad person but she's just so good at being a bad- I'll stop talking now.

Austin: I've got everything I need: food, video games, a bathroom-
Ally: That's a closet.
Austin: Oh. Might not wanna go in there for a while.

Austin: "Old school photo of Austin Moon"?
Ally: Why did you give her real pictures?
Dez: Because I promised. She may be an evil blogger who's out to destroy my best friend, but I'm a man of my word.

Ally: There's no eating shoes in the store.
Dez: There's no sign that says-
Ally: here shouldn't have to be a sign to not eat your shoes.

Ally: You're H8ter Girl?
Tilly: H8ter Girl? You mean that beautiful, amazingly talented girl who has that awesome website abut how much I hate Austin? Never heard of her.

Ally: What? What did I do?
Tilly: Oh, don't act like you don't know.
Ally: I'm not acting, I really don't know.
Tilly: You mean, you don't spend every minute of every day thinking about my song you ruined in kindergarten?
Ally: No. A person who dwells on something every minute of every day for ten years would have to be insane- ly talented. And pretty.

Young Tilly: I'm a little ladybug, I have black polka dots, I like to eat pizza and ride my bicycle.
Tilly: Everybody loved it.

Ally: I mean, ladybugs don't ride bikes.
Tilly: Oh, like you know everything about ladybugs.
Ally: I don't know everything. Just that they don't ride bikes.

Ally: That was special day for me. It was the day I realized I wanted to be a songwriter.
Trish: It was special day for me, too. It was the first time I was fired from a job. Apparently, a hall monitor can't charge kids to use the bathroom.
Tilly: Well, it wasn't a special day for me. It was the day Ally destroyed my dream.

Ally: It was kindergarten. We were kids. 'Kinder' is German for kids.
Dez: And 'garten' is German for meatloaf. Kindergarten. Meatloaf made of kids.
Trish: Your brain's made of meatloaf.

Austin: Ladies and gentlemen, singing The Butterfly Song, Ally Dawson.
Ally: I'm a little butterfly- I cant do this. They're staring at me.
Austin: They're stuffed animals. They don't blink.

Austin: I mean, now you can't even sing in front of a bunch of sweet, little, fuzzy animals with cute little eyes and- can I keep this one?
Ally: Look Austin, I promise if I ever want to talk about my stage fright, you'll be the one I go to. It's really sweet that you care. Now give me back Dougie the Dolphin.

Austin: You're going to sing as beautiful as the sunset out there.
Ally: Don't touch my dolphin.

Ally: I want you to have this.
Austin: Dougie!
Trish: You like stuffed animals?
Austin: No (to Ally) I'll pick him up later.

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  • It is revealed that Trish's first job was in kindergarten, as a hall monitor.
  • Trish and Dez were hired and fired from Pirate Frank's Fish Fry in this episode.
  • Ally wrote her first song in Kindergarten.
  • In the country Australia, on the program FOXTEL, the information for this episode was switched around with World Records & Work Wreckers, so this episode didn't premiere. But it was then fixed but Bloggers & Butterflies finally aired on Friday, 26th October 2012
  • The episode title refers to Tilly Thompson posting hateful blogs about Austin, and "The Butterfly Song".
  • H8ter girl has more than 1,000 Hits.
  • This is the first time Dez got fired.
  • This is the first episode where we meet a character from Ally's past.


  • When they were camping out in the mall and fell asleep, Austin was lying next to Trish, who was lying next to Ally. After H8ter Girl takes the trash can and makes a loud noise, they wake up and then stand, and the camera shows Dez. It goes back to Austin, Ally, and Trish, but now Austin's standing next to Ally, who is standing next to Trish, but it doesn't seem as if Ally or Trish moved.
  • Austin sang extended lyrics to "The Butterfly Song" that little Ally had never sung unless she was just never shown singing them.


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