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"Beauties & Bullies" is the nineteenth episode in Season 3 of Austin & Ally. It premiered on September 28, 2014.[1] This was also the nineteenth episode filmed of the season. The episode earned 2.1 million views on its premiere night.


When Trish gets the lead role in the school play, she drops out when she learns someone is making fun of her online. [1]

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Dez practicing for the role of a blacksmith for school play auditions. Trish then breaks it to him that "Sleeping Beauty", the play their school is performing, does not have a blacksmith in it. Austin then announces that he is trying out for the part of "Prince

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Carmine" and recites a line in a stereotypical New York or New Jersey-type accent. Ally corrects him, saying it's "Prince Charming" and announces that she is trying out for the role of "Sleeping Beauty". Trish then reveals that she is also trying out for the same part, sparking a mild rivalry between them.

When results are announced, it turns out Dez got the role of "Prince Charming" whereas Trish gets the part of "Sleeping Beauty". Austin and Ally are both stumped when they realize they're going to play plain townsfolk. Meanwhile, Carrie is playing a tree, Kimmy is playing the "Wicked Witch" and Miles is going to be the narrator, to everyone's surprise. A girl named Margo congratulates Trish warmly on getting the lead role, even though she herself had also tried out for it.

In the next scene at Sonic Boom, Trish, Dez and Carrie are practicing the kissing scene but are disgusted at the thought of kissing each other. Carrie asks Dez whether she should be an oak or pine tree while striking the same pose for both trees. Dez suggests an elm tree and Carrie

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strikes the same pose as before. Austin and Ally walk in, practicing their lines but Ally is not satisfied with the way Austin is saying his one line. Meanwhile, Trish opens the play website and starts reading comments. At first, the comments are nice but then they start getting nasty, saying that Trish isn't pretty and smells like rotten tomatoes, which also contains a notable spelling error. Trish acts like she doesn't care about the comments while her friends praise her. The next day at school, everyone is making fun about Trish and there is a broken mirror with a rude

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comment on her locker. Even though Trish laughs it off then, she, later on, sits at the staircase of the stage and cries while alone.

The next day, Ally finds Trish in the Practice room, crying as she struggles to gain the courage to open up the cover to her computer tablet. Ally tries to give her some encouragement, and Trish pleads with her not to let any of her friends know she had been crying. Unfortunately Austin, then Dez, and finally Carrie also see her in her time of grief anyhow. They all try to comfort her in a group hug.

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The next day, at rehearsals, Trish doesn't show up with the excuse that she's sick and Margo fills her place. Dez and Carrie reveal that she was working at Shredders and was feeling fine. Carrie even exposed an unbelievably stupid excuse that Trish gave her for not being at school, prompting Ally to visit her at work. After she gives up on pretending to be sick in front of Ally, Trish reveals that the attacks she's been facing have gone far beyond online bullying. Ally tries to help by sending a retaliatory text message,

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but when she reminds Trish that she can't pretend to be sick forever, she reveals that she's planning to drop out of high school. Meanwhile, Dez and Carrie learn that Margo is the bully when they look at her poster, which contains the exact same spelling error as the ones in the online messages. Dez and Carrie puzzled and angered why Margo would do that, decide to take revenge on her. Austin teams up with Ally to stop her at work so that he can sing the song "Superhero" in an effort to cheer her up, and though she appreciates the gesture, she still refuses to go back to school. At the play, Dez and Carrie tell Austin and Ally that Margo is the bully and decide to take revenge with a present as a prop. During the play, Dez changes the dialogue and gives her the present, which turns out to have a skunk that sprays Margo in the face as soon as she opens the box.


Trish arrives a few minutes later getting upset that they got revenge on Margo. She says getting back at Margo will not solve her problem. Coach Simmons calls a time out, Trish then tells Coach Simmons about Margo's bullying. Margo admits to bullying Trish because she was jealous, apologizes and agrees to delete her posts. Coach Simmons tells Margo to take a shower and that she’s out of the play. He then tells Trish she could have come to him because he would have taken care of it. The play starts all over again and nobody makes fun of Trish anymore, although she seems to resist being kissed by Dez by snoring. After the play,


Trish returns to an empty stage carrying a bouquet of flowers, basking in the afterglow of her performance where she previously sobbed over the insults she received.

The episode ends with the main cast giving a PSA on bullying.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: You can't keep calling in sick everyday

Trish: You're right
Ally: Good, I'm glad we're on the same page.

Trish: That's why I'm dropping out of school
Ally: What do they mean "get back at Margo"? And don't answer with a puppet
Trish: Jokes on you, lavender's my favorite (sniffs)

Songs Featured


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • This is the first time someone gets bullied on the show.
  • This is the first episode to feature a school play.
  • This is the first time Trish shows her "weaker", more sensitive side.
  • This episode is considered a special episode since it's about bullying.
  • This is the first time Austin sings a song to Trish (Superhero).
  • This episode shows an interesting relationship between Team Austin & Ally.
  • This is the first episode to be centered around Trish.
  • This episode also featured a PSA from all four leads in-between the end credits.
  • Like Steal Your Heart, Austin only performs the second verse of Superhero.
  • Coach Simmons and Miles from Glee Clubs & Glory make another appearance.
  • Sleeping Beauty is mentioned and seen (the play).
  • This episode marks the fifth appearance of Carrie.


  • Austin said that Trish gets fired a lot, but never quits, yet, she has quit a few jobs.


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