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"Beach Clubs & BFFs" is the fourth episode in Season 3 of Austin & Ally and the 49th episode overall. It first aired on November 24, 2013 to 3.094 million viewers.[1]


Trish becomes jealous after she convinces herself that Ally's new best friend is Kira.[2]

Episode Summary

Team Austin returns from Austin's first tour; once in Sonic Boom, Lester and Kira surprise them and welcome them back. Austin, Dez and Trish learn that Ally and Kira were able to bond over many similarities, also that when Ally joined them on tour, Kira was hired to work at Sonic Boom. Kira offers to take them to the new beach club that replaced Hoppy's Hamburgers, and they accept. Once there, Trish gets a new job and works hard, Austin and Dez pick up a burnt parchment that they assume is a treasure map, and Ally and Kira have many twinsie moments.

After seeing how compatible Ally and Kira are in comparison to her and Ally, as well as how much the former two get to hang out at the beach club compared to the latter duo, Trish becomes jealous. Dez reassures her that Trish is also Ally's irreplaceable manager; Kira then reveals that she booked Ally a gig to perform at the beach club's official opening luau.

Trish confronts Ally about her insecurities on being replaced by Kira; Ally reassures her before increasing Trish's worries. At the opening ceremony, Hazel, Trish's new boss, has Trish hand out lei's. Ally and Trish argue a little more before Trish starts working on moisturizing the giant pig. Ally gets on stage and is about to perform when Trish accidentally breaks the machine that is used to cook the pig. The pig spins too fast and flies on top of Ally. Trish apologizes and says it was an accident, but Ally thinks that Trish purposely ruined her performance.

At Sonic Boom, Austin and Ally talk about the flying pig, and Austin tells Ally that he is convinced that Trish truly meant no harm. Kira then comes in and says that when she asked Hazel about it, she only confirmed that the pig flying was an accident. To apologize, Ally throws Trish a beach luau in the store since Trish loves luaus. They make up. Ally is about to do a second attempt at performing her song, Dez's volcano erupts, with salsa exploding everywhere.

Ally gets to perform Redial, which she wrote to dedicate to Trish, at the beach luau. Austin and Dez discover that the treasure map was a children's menu from the restaurant that used to be there before the pig landed on Ally, but Hazel ends up finding treasure at the beach club anyway.

Memorable Quotes

Ally & Kira: Twinzies!
Trish: Oh, Ally and I are alike too. We're always finishing each other's...*waits for Ally to speak up...sentences.

Hazel: This is a children's menu from Humpys' Burger Barn. The restaurant that used to be here? I find these all over the place.
Austin & Dez: What?
Dez: But how do you explain the blood stain and the giant "X" marking the treasure?

Hazel: That blood is ketchup and the "X" is a half-finished tic-tac-toe game.

Trish: You and Kira can be twinzies. I'm just glad we're besties.
Ally: Me too. *they hug* I never got to sing my song at the beach club. So, I'm gonna sing it right now. I wrote it for you; it's about our friendship.

Trish: Really? *Ally nods*

Songs Featured


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Dez refers to the short-lived relationship between both Austin and Kira (Kaustin) and Austin and Ally (Auslly).
  • This is Kira's first and last appearance in Season 3, and her final appearance on this show.
  • This is the first time Ally and Trish have truly argued with each other.
  • The woman who flirted with Austin in Successes & Setbacks appeared in this episode as one of the women on the stage stairs.
  • This is the first episode to feature the new beach club, which has replaced the Mall of Miami set.
  • Dez reveals that he and Austin's history teacher is named Mrs. Daniels.
  • This is the second episode to refer to Couples & Careers since Ally told Kira that she and Austin decided to go back to being friends for now. The first episode was Tunes & Trials.
  • As of this episode, Trish continues her job at the beach club, and no longer says her catchphrase, "Guess who got a job at....." in Season 3 so far.


  • When Hazel introduces herself to Ally Kira, and Trish, Trish acts as if she's never met her; however, since Trish had just got a job there, she had to have talked to Hazel.


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