Trish's Boo has another Boo? Boooooo!

"Backups & Breakups" is the second episode in Season 2 of Austin & Ally, and the 21st episode overall.It first aired on October 14, 2012 to 3.7 million viewers.[1]


Trish's new boyfriend, Trent, auditions for a role as Austin's backup dancer. At the same time, Trish decides to keep their relationship a secret so as not to influence Team Austin's decision. However, when Ally sees Trent flirting with another girl, she has to decide whether or not to tell Trish.

Episode Summary

Backups & Breakups 7

Austin's flash mob dance promo.

Team Austin has found a new restaurant to eat at within the Mall of Miami, specifically Mini's, a restaurant that sells tiny food. During their lunch, Austin decides to carry out a promotional stunt using backup dancers in a flash mob for his website. They dance to an instrumental version of "Illusion", and one of them stands on an ice cream cart that suddenly starts rolling toward Mini's crashing into it and injuring the dancer, thus forcing Austin to seek a replacement. The next day at Marino High School, Austin and Ally saw Trish and Dez giggling with each other, but suddenly stops when they inquire about their laughter. A teacher named Mr. Conley approaches them with a flier seeking auditions for the dance and tries to audition himself. The dance auditions contain the good, the bad, and the weird, yet Ally applauds them all and seems to think that each and every one of them deserves the job. One dancer named Trent truly stands out, and for some reason Trish is
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determined to make sure he gets the job. After the audition, Trish runs off to the movies and drags Dez with her. Ally begins to suspect that the boy Trish is dating is actually Dez, an assumption that Austin originally blows off, until the scene is cut the two of them spying on Trish and Dez hugging each other. The two assess the situation with a shared montage of romantic fantasies about Trish and Dez with each other, and both seem repulsed by the idea. They agree that the idea of their two best friends dating would be too weird to handle, almost as weird as the idea of being a couple themselves. Nevertheless, Ally wants to find out if they're dating but tries to be subtle about it. Ally gives up being subtle and comes right out and accuses them of dating each other, a thought that repulses both of them. Dez admits that he secretly watches romantic movies, while Trish reveals that she has been dating Trent.
Backups & Break ups

Ally spots Trent with another "Boo."

Ally is gushing over Trish's love-life, much to the chagrin of her best friend. Trish reveals that Trent gave her a charm bracelet that reads "Trent's Boo." As she runs off to get fired from the nail salon, Ally notices Trent with Becky, who turns out to be his real girlfriend. She hides behind a surfboard on display at the "Everything's Beachy" surf and bike rental shop and spies on them. She finds that Trent is using Trish to get the audition and not only promises to break up with her but gave his girlfriend the exact same charm bracelet as they walk off.

Ally has a video chat with her mother Penny, who is on a research trip somewhere in the jungles of Africa, and as it turns out shares many of Ally's characteristics and catchphrases. Penny named two baby gorillas after both her and Trish. Ally reveals that Trish has a boyfriend, and seeks advice from her on how to handle his mistreatment of her. Penny urges her daughter to tell Trish what she knows.

Backups & Breakups

Austin & Trent's Dance-Off

Back at Marino High, Ally reveals Trent's infidelity, which she first takes offense to, but quickly realizes that she'd never do anything to hurt her feelings and faces the fact that it's true. Later on, the rest of the team finds out about Trent. All members of Team Austin confront Trent over his unfaithfulness towards Trish, but he tries to talk Trish out of breaking up with him. Austin fires him on the spot, but he accuses him of being afraid he'll be exposed as the better dancer. Trent challenges Austin to a dance-off, which he originally turns down until he calls him a coward. Trish encourages him to go through with the challenge. Austin defeats him and at Sonic Boom, Dez boasts about posting the video of the dance-off on Austin's website. Ally is still lamenting over Trish's heartbreak until she walks in with another dancer as her new boyfriend. The team celebrates their victory with a chocolate cake from Mini's that Austin wolfs down before she can even cut it.

Memorable Quotes

Trish: Sorry I'm late for the Team Austin meeting!
Ally: Actually, you're right on time. You see, I set your watch ahead 45 minutes, so you wouldn't be late.
Trish: Aw man! That means I was on time for work too! That's why they didn't fire me...
Dez: Shhh! Fine, we'll just keep this a secret between us.
Austin: Keep what between us?
Trish: Uh...Wha...Uh...Uh, this book! For now we'll just keep this book between us!
Ally: Just the fact that you showed up here today're a winner!
Dez: Except we're looking for one dancer, so the truth is, most of you are losers.
Trish: He seems very driven.
Ally: I like him, let's hire him!
Austin: I think we should see him dance first.
Ally: They'd feel the same way if we were dating.
Austin: ...Me and you? Heheheh... That'd be weird.
Ally: Haha, totally weird.
Ally: We know your secret.
Dez: Fine. You got us.

Ally: I knew it! You and Trish are dating!

Trish/Dez: Huh? What? Ewwwww!
Dez: The Wedding Diaries is out already?!?! Listen guys, I have to go. I have practice for...sports. [runs to door before running back and grabbing tissue box] In case I cry during the...sports.
Penny: Hey Ally! Guess what? Lula the gorilla gave birth to twins!
Ally: Awwww...
Penny: I named this one Ally because she's so creative, and this one Trish because she's so tough. And also because she sleeps a lot.
Ally: And... Trent has another girlfriend and he's only using you so he can be Austin's backup dancer.
Trish: [laughs] Puh-leeze. That's ridiculous...[starts yelling] that you would be so jealous that I have a boyfriend that you would make up such a horrible story! But wait... You wouldn't make up a story like this, would you? Because you're my best friend. And you would never want to hurt my feelings, and this was probably really hard for you to tell me, which means... It must be true.

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  • The episode title refers to Trent becoming a backup dancer to Austin and Trish and Trent breaking up.
  • Marino High School is first introduced in this episode.
  • Mr.Conley was introduced this episode, but it's unknown what he teaches.


  • It is a rule in Sonic Boom that eating in the store is not allowed but at the end of the episode, Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez eat in the store with no problem.
  • Trish and Ally call Trent Trish's boo. However, a boyfriend is a beau. A girlfriend is a boo.


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