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Below are the procedures to how users will be warned and blocked when policies on the Austin & Ally Wiki are broken.

Blocking and warning

Every time you break one of the wiki rules, you get a warning. If you disregard the warning and continue to go against these guidelines, we will block you. The time period of a block can go from a few hours to permanently, depending on what you did. Also, if your block is up and you still are breaking the rules we will expand the bblock and soon you may even be permanently blocked.

  • All registered users will get warnings before being blocked. Every user is entitled to a warning although some exceptions will be made. If we can tell that you are continuously disregarding these rules and purposely going against them for "fun", we may not warn you.
  • Registered users are allowed to defend themselves if they are blocked without a warning or feel they were unfairly blocked.
  • Admins cannot use previous blocks in a different category against a user who is misbehaving in another category. For example if a user vandalizes they get a warning. If the same user curses in a comment, they get another warning because it is in a different category.
  • If the rule broken is an obvious mistake due to lack of knowledge of the policies, the user will recieve a reminder using the "reminder" template.

Chat banning and warning

Every user will start off with a warning if they break a rule. If they break the same rule again, they will be warned a second time. Third time offenders will be kicked. If the user comes back and continues to act up, they will be banned.




{{{1}}} Please review the Wiki Guidelines.



{{{1}}} Do not do this again/continue with this behavior or you will be blocked. Please review the Wiki Guidelines.



You have been blocked for {{{1}}} because {{{2}}}. Please review our guidelines. If you have any questions, please reply to this message.