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Austin & Ally
Ross Lynch
Released September 11, 2012
Recorded 2011-2012
Length 36:29
Label Walt Disney Records
Produced by Various

The Austin & Ally Soundtrack is a soundtrack from the hit Disney Channel original series, Austin & Ally. The album features songs from the show and featuring Ross Lynch and his band R5. The soundtrack was released on September 11th, 2012 .[1]

Background and release

During a commercial for the single "Heard It on the Radio", Ross Lynch announced that a soundtrack for the show was on its way. The track list was revealed on July 20, 2012. On August 6, 2012, the soundtrack cover was revealed by the magazine BOP and Tiger Beat. On the week of September 3, 2012, Radio Disney Planet Premiered songs from the album. Candice and Ross 'took over' the radio station every night at 8PM ET for one hour until September 7, 2012.

Song List:

  1. Heard It on the Radio
  2. A Billion Hits
  3. Not a Love Song
  4. Illusion
  5. Na Na Na (The Summer Song)
  6. Double Take
  7. It's Me, It's You
  8. Heart Beat
  9. Better Together
  10. The Way That You Do
  11. Break Down the Walls
  12. Can't Do It Without You (Austin & Ally Main Title)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Crazy 4 U (ft. R5)
  2. What Do I Have to Do? (ft. R5)


  • This album has twelve songs performed by Ross Lynch and two songs by R5, his band, both of which are bonus tracks.


  • On August 6, 2012, the cover was revealed by BOP and Tiger Beat.
  • During the official commercial of the Heard It On The Radio music video, Ross Lynch confirmed that an Austin & Ally soundtrack was on its way.
  • You can listen to previews of all of the songs here, but Illusion is not a Love Song:
  • For those of you who do not live in USA and can't view the above link then follow these steps to view it:
    • Open the link:
    • Here you will see that you have been redirected to Disney's Guest Services. Now click on the left tab which says "Go To"
    • You will now see a list of countries so click USA.
    • On the top there is a navigation bar. On it is a Music tab. Click it.
    • On the left there is a Browse Catalog option. In it is  a tab called Full A-Z Music List. Click it.
    • Now click the letter A in the catalog.
    • You will now see the Austin & Ally Soundtrack written here. Click it.
  • The Butterfly Song, Trash Talka, Suzy's Soups Jingle and You Don't See Me will not  be the part of the album. You Don't See Me wasn't planned to have a full version, and the producers didn't want any hate, so they didn't put it on there.
  • There are no songs on the album that feature Laura Marano, Calum Worthy or Raini Rodriguez even though all are professional singers alongside Ross.
  • On the week of September 3, 2012, Radio Disney Planet Premiered songs from the album. Candice and Ross took over the radio station every night at 8PM ET for one hour until September 7, 2012.
  • The soundtrack was released in Australia on September 14.
  • Ross did a take over with Ernie D. the day the soundtrack released in the U.S.A.
  • Ross' pose on the album cover is similar to Michael Jackson's pose on his album "Number Ones".
  • Ross's top five favorite songs on this album are: Na Na Na (The Summer Song), Illusion, Not a Love Song, Double Take and A Billion Hits.
  • As a lot of people thought that Laura, Calum, and Raini wouldn't be in the soundtrack, since Ross is the only one on the cover, they all are in the inside booklet with the CD.
  • The album was mastered by Stephan Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood, CA.
  • The albums design was by Anabel Sinn.
  • Business affairs for the album were by Jeff Lowy and David Shea.
  • The albums special thanks goes to Eric Vetro and everyone at Disney Channel , Radio Disney, Walt Disney Records and the Disney Music Group.


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