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  1. #AustinAndAllyMovie

It's time to be creative. Under the line below type in an ideal show with a plot and a cast. You don't have to do this but I encourage you to do it. I can't wait to read your ideas.

You may put your ideas here. Thanks!

  • DatNuttyKid: I was thinking it could be a road trip movie where Austin and Ally are going to California for Austin to perform in a movie. In order to raise money for the trip, Trish hosts a "spend a day with Austin Moon and Ally Dawson" contest, but the day falls on the same day as the trip, so they have to go on the trip with the winner, who tries to break apart Team Austin & Ally.
  • AustinAndAllyFan : "The Life Of Cole" The show would be about a 12 year old named Cole (played by Jace Norman from Henry Danger), Hisbig brother and best freind Austin (played by Ross Lynch) who's 14, His obnoxious sister Piper (played by Ella Anderson from Henry Danger) who's 8 as he survives middle and high school with his best freinds Luke (played by Cameron Boyce) and Ryan (played by Daniel Seavey from Season 14 of American Idol).
  • Austin and Ally Ultimate Fan: Maybe it could be a crossover movie. KC and her family had a mission in Miami and then they met Austin and Ally. Austin invite KC to sing at one of his concert. KC gets really nervous and she said no. After Marisa sang instead. Ally and Marisa spend shopping all the time and KC gets jealous and Marisa and KC falls out so KC decided to focus on the mission. But her mission is at Austin's concert and then she blew her cover. After, the enemy spy kidnaps Ally and KC and Marisa worked together to save the day. At the end, KC and Marisa back to be best friends and Team Austin keeping KC cover as a sercet
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