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Austin & Ally: Turn It Up
Turn It Up Soundtrack.jpg
Ross Lynch, Laura Marano
Released December 17, 2013
Recorded 2012-2013
Length 38:22
Label Walt Disney Records
Produced by Various

Austin & Ally: Turn It Up is the second soundtrack from hit Disney show Austin & Ally. [1] It released on December 17th, 2013. The album consists 13 songs, in which 4 songs are from Season 2, and the rest being from Season 3.

Many of the season 2 songs are not on the main album, but some of them are released as bonus tracks on exclusive versions of the album at stores like, Walmart.

Track list

  1. Upside Down by Ross Lynch
  2. Me and You by Laura Marano
  3. Who U R by Ross Lynch
  4. Superhero by Ross Lynch
  5. Parachute by Laura Marano
  6. What We're About by Ross Lynch
  7. Chasin' the Beat of My Heart by Ross Lynch
  8. Stuck on You by Ross Lynch
  9. Redial by Laura Marano
  10. Steal Your Heart by Ross Lynch
  11. Better Than This by Ross Lynch
  12. I Think About You by Ross Lynch
  13. Unstoppable by Chloe and Halle

Walmart Exclusive bonus tracks

Japan edition bonus tracks


  • Most of the songs from this album are featured in season 3, yet it is unknown if the full versions of the rest of the songs from season 2 will be realesed or not.
  • The album became available for preorder on iTunes on November 19th, 2013.
  • Timeless, The Me That You Don't See, I Got That Rock N' Roll, and You Can Come To Me are on the album Disney Channel: Play It Loud, released on February 11th, 2014.
  • Can You Feel It and Christmas Soul are the only season 2 songs with full versions released that are not on this soundtrack.
  • Ross Lynch and Laura Marano both sing on this soundtrack.
  • Most songs on this soundtrack were fully released on this soundtrack before being peformed on the show, unlike most songs which are heard on the show then the studio versions are released. These songs are:
  • It was revealed on twitter by Austin & Ally creators that some of the songs in season 3 aren't on this soundtrack so that means that that's a chance that there will be a third Austin & Ally Soundtrack or a CD with the remaining songs.