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Promise me, no matter how big our careers get, we'll always write songs together.
Austin to Ally

"Austin & Alias" is the 7th episode in Season 3 of Austin & Ally and the 52nd episode overall. It first aired on January 26th, 2014, to 2.747 million views.[1]


After Ronnie Ramone forbids Ally from being Austin's partner, she takes on the alias of "Roxy Rocket" so they can continue to work together. But can Ally keep up the facade?

Episode Summary

Waoah Laaa!!

Team Austin seems disturbed by the potential replacements.

Who is Roxy Rocket? Team Austin knows.

Austin & Ally are working on one of Austin's songs when Ally's mogul Ronnie Ramone steps into the office at Sonic Boom, in order to announce the near completion of her first album. But when he finds out she's writing a song for Austin, he insists that she should quit because he is signed for a competing label (Starr Records). Convinced that he doesn't have a choice but to drop Ally, Team Austin tries to hire a new songwriter. His choices include a country & western singer, a death metal guitarist, a Prince-imitator, a female hip-hop DJ, and even a mariachi singer. Eventually, he settles on a mysterious girl named "Roxy Rocket," whose style fits his musical style perfectly. Ally takes the news unexpectedly well because Roxy turns out to be a pseudonym created by Ally, which Trish discovers when he makes a cell phone call to her from approximately five feet away, and then literally turns Austin around to face her. Both Trish and Austin agree to go along with this charade, although Dez suddenly gets the notion that Ally is actually Roxy.

After "Roxy" writes her first big hit for Austin, the team creates a fake biography for this girl. The hype over this imaginary new songwriter leads to an interview with Jett Deely on "Miami Countdown Live", forcing Ally to disguise herself as this Swedish firecracker. When Jett trashes Ally on his show, she blows a gasket and loses her fake accent. Somehow, Austin is able to maintain their charade of Ally being Roxy, and when she's on the verge of strangling him, Austin grabs her, throws her over his shoulder and carries her off-stage, all while the audience cheers her on.

After the show, Ally is still excited about playing Roxy. She high fives all three of her friends, knocking Dez to the ground in the process. Ronnie finds out about Roxy's antics and approaches her, offering to hire her to write songs for Ally. When he calls her up on her cell phone, he finds out that they're one and the same. Before he can drop her from his label, Ally takes some of the characteristics of her alter-ego and chides him over his choice to hire her, insisting that working with Austin is what makes her so good in the first place. Mr. Ramone is intimidated by her for the first time and impressed, and agrees to let her stay with his label and write songs for Austin simultaneously. He even admits he'd rather have Ally continue doing so, than dropping her.

Meanwhile, Dez wins a raffle for a $1,000 gift card to the Animal-Print Emporium, angering Trish because she wanted the card, yet there were only a hundred tickets and she bought the other ninety-nine. Dez, having spent some of the money on the card, agrees to give it to Trish in a week, on the condition that during the week she will be nice to him, or he'll go back and buy something else with the card each time she insults him. Season 1's Bloggers & Butterflies shows that Dez keeps his word when making promises/deals/propositions, and this episode is no exception. After Dez accidentally spills Trish's drink all over her shirt, she becomes extremely nasty to him and launches a tirade of verbal abuse at him. As a result, he spends the gift card until there's only $7 of credit left.

Memorable Quotes

Trish: Hold the phone, Ramone.

Austin: You're Roxy Rocket?
Ally: Yup! I couldn't stand the thought of not writing with you anymore. But, if I write under an alias like Roxy Rocket, then Ronnie will never know it's me!

Austin: That's genius!
Ally: (as Roxy Rocket) Ya.

Ally: Ronnie, writing songs for Austin makes me a better artist. And that's the artist you signed! So let me get right to the point. I will keep writing for Austin, you will not drop me from the label, and you're gonna like it!
Dez: Yeah, you tell him, Ally! (Ally high fives him and he falls)
Ronnie: Hey, no one talks to Ronnie Ramone like that. I'm impressed, and a little frightened. Look, Ally, I'd rather let you keep writing for Austin than lose you as an artist.
Ally: Really? Thank you, Ronnie, you will not regret it.

Ronnie: I better not.

Songs Featured


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • It's the last new episode of any Disney show to air in January 2014.[3]
  • This is the first time that Dez stands up to Trish.
  • This is the second and final appearance of Ronnie Ramone on the show.
  • It's shown that Trish still works at Shredder's Beach Club. 
  • This episode was the most-watched episode of any new Disney episode on the 26th.
  • None of Ally's potential replacements were credited for their roles.
  • Starting from this episode, Austin & Ally's new timeslot is 9 PM EST.
  • The title is based on the Austin & Ally TV series title with "Austin" and the fact that Ally has to go under a new persona to make music with Austin and "Alias".
  • When Trish is calling Dez names with the amount of money left below, if you look closely at her mouth, she calls Dez a "dork" and a "doofus".
  • This is one of three episodes that have no plurals in the title. (The others being myTAB & My Pet and Real Life & Reel Life.) It's the only episode like this in Season 3.
  • The alias Ally was pretending to be was similar from the pop star Hannah Montana, from the former Disney show, Hannah Montana.
  • This was the first time we see the 'bad side' of Ally, when she stood up to Ronnie, in an angry way.
  • This episode was the after show of the new Disney Channel Original Series, I Didn't Do It.
  • Ally’s guise of Roxy Rocket is similar to Lady Gaga.


  • Austin would have recognized that Roxy's phone number was the same as Ally's since they both have each other's numbers.
  • While Austin was singing about being the mayonnaise to your bologna, Dez drops his 'sandwich'. If you look closely, there is nothing in the sandwich. However, Dez might have just wanted a bread sandwich.


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