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Ally's Book
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Ally Dawson

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Ally's Book is her diary, journal, and songbook that is all bundled up into one book! She is very protective of the book- she doesn't grant permission to people if they ask to touch her book (especially Austin Moon). If anyone does touch it, she snaps and says one of her Season 1 catchphrases: "Don't touch my book!" The book is very precious to Ally- this is seen by her reaction to losing the book in the episode "Secrets & Songbooks." The book is mostly seen in some of the Season 1 episodes, but a few of the Season 2 episodes have included appearances of the book. Its also shown throughout Season 3.

Hey i just met you and this is crazy but here's my songbook please dont touch it

Ally's song book meme!


Season 1

Rockers & Writers

Ally's book can be first seen when Austin and Dez come into Sonic Boom for the first time to film their video. Ally is reading her book by the counter. Later on, Ally is in her room and singing the slower and acoustic version of "Double Take," Austin coming up to her and saying that she should vamp it up a bit, and reaches for Ally's book before Ally snaps in and says "Never touch my book!!!" ("Dont touch my book!")

"Secrets & Songbooks"

The episode focused on the book primarily, revealing that Ally wrote her secrets in it too, and that she lost
it. While Team Austin are on a wild search to find the book, Austin and Dez managing to find it first, with Dez remembering that he used the book as a roof for his gingerbread house. Austin and Dez then read the the book, reading about Ally's crush, and the two speculate that it was Austin that Ally had a crush on, and Austin starts to become extremely nervous around the book owner, until the girls are able to force it out of Dez, and he then reveals their knowledge of her "little crush" on Austin.

"Songwriting & Starfish"

The first appearance of the book is when Ally finally thinks of some lyrics at the beach, so she decides to write them down in her songbook, when she picks it up, it turns out to be that Dez's gum has stuck on & melted all over it, and Trish decides to put it in her ice cream cart in order to freeze the gum off. Its second appearance was when they found out that they left the book in the cart, and went to 'Scoop, there it is' (The ice cream shop is featured in the episode). Ally got her book back but her, Austin, and Trish got locked in the freezer.

Season 2

In this season, Ally's Song Book isn't as important, not is it shown as much, but it is still shown a few times.

"Girlfriends & Girl Friends"


Near the end of this episode when sad music is playing and Austin and Kira have left, Ally once more appears, taking the nice note from the flower bouquet and putting it in her song book. After that, all she does is sadly stare at it before heading into the practice room.

"Chapters & Choices"

In the beginning of the episode, Ally uses her song book when writing "You Can Come to Me" with Austin. In the beginning, practicing the song is awkward for them. Some time off screen, Ally was writing I Think About You which was found by Austin in the next episode.

"Partners & Parachutes"

Near the end, Austin and Dez were in the practice room and Austin found the card from the flowers he gave Ally in Girlfriends & Girl Friends on the piano.The card was used as a bookmark to Ally's song about Austin, "I Think About You." Austin later serenades Ally with the song.


  • During a Live Stream, the cast revealed that in the book there are lots of random diary entry pages, drawings and scribbles written by them. The prop guys would write diary entries and song lyrics, real and fake lyrics.
  • Laura Marano kept the song book after the show wrapped. [1]