My dream used to be go to music school. But my dream has changed. And that's making music with my friends!
Ally to Austin, Trish and Dez

"Albums & Auditions" is the nineteenth and the final episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on September 9th, 2012 to 2.96 million viewers.[1]


Austin completes his first record and to celebrate its release, Jimmy Starr plans a big party. With the help of the rest of team Austin, Ally gets accepted to a music school and is so excited that Austin, Dez, and Trish sent in an application on her behalf. But little did Trish, Dez, and Austin knows this great school is in New York, forcing Ally to decide if she wants to move and leave her friends behind.

Episode Summary

Austin's first album is officially released by Jimmy Starr, and Trish comes in announcing her new job as a mail delivery woman. She hands letters to Ally that she's already read, and one of those letters is a letter from MUNY, the best music university in the country. Ally discards it, claiming that she doesn't need it; she's happy where she is.


Austin show Ally a magazine ad for his first album, which delights Ally.

 The rest of Team Austin don't believe this, thinking that Ally definitely deserves to get to go to the music school. First, they recover her application from the trash and try to fill it out for her. When Trish notices that their lackluster efforts to do so, she then decides to use the tactic of online applying after Austin and Dez put some foolish and vague entries on the paper.

Using Dez's lessons for a whole year that he won from correctly guessing the amount of candy in the jar, Team Austin, minus Ally, record some brief but useful statements from her as well as her playing a fairly tricky seeming piece impressively well. Piecing together a conversation with the talent scout from MUNY that gave Ally her stage fright in the first place, Austin, Dez, and Trish manage to successfully piece together an online application, and this time the talent scout is quite impressed with her.

Later on, Ally gets a letter from MUNY that not only accepts her; it also gives her a full scholarship! As Team Austin celebrate, thinking that Ally's going to the best music school in Miami, they then go over to the table where Austin's albums are on display. Meanwhile, Ally's father reminds her that she should find a way to reveal the fact that MUNY, is an acronym for the Music University of New York, and they don't have a local campus.

Audition 42

Austin finds out the truth about Ally's "song."

A bit after that, Ally is contemplating how to tell her friends that she's moving to New York. Nelson notices her depression during one of his music lessons, so he offers to let her practice her speech to them on him. She does and inadvertently reduces him to tears, causing him to run out crying as the rest of Team Austin come in, having noticed the crying lad. Convinced she has no other recourse, she claims to be writing a new song for Austin. When she sings a bit of a song, Dez claims "isn't her best." Realizing she may not be able to get the message through to her friends, she invites Austin to sing the rest. He does, and freezes in shock after reading the lyrics and begins to realize that it's more than just a song. They all have a conversation, acting quite selfish by expecting her to not be leaving them. She then runs out in frustration and sadness.

At the food court, Austin, Dez and Trish lament over the possibility of Ally leaving, but Dez actually turns out to be the one who convinces the other two members of Team Austin to her follow her dreams. Both are impressed over his insight and ask how he came to such a conclusion, to which he replies that he both literally and figuratively put himself in Ally's shoes.


Ally is touched by Austin's song and the accompanying video montage.

At Austin's gig to celebrate the release of his album, he talks about Ally leaving, plays a video that he, Dez, and Trish made for her, and sings a slowed-down version of the chorus of Without You. Throughout the entire performance, Ally watches with teary eyes and a touched smile. Ally then, having made up her mind, announces that she, as a matter-of-fact, won't be leaving to New York, claiming that her true dream is with her friends. They hug happily, and Austin resumes the party by performing the Michael Jackson influenced pop song Illusion. After the show, Austin and his team discuss the future of their shared career where anything could easily change.

Memorable Quotes

Ally: You're really going to give away a year's worth of music lessons?
Lester: Of course not. No one's ever going to be able to tell how many jellybeans are in the jar.

Dez: 18,118!
Lester: Yes! Oh no! Awww...
Dez: What's with him?
Ally: You just won a year's worth of music lessons!
Dez: Ugh!
Ally: And this jar of jellybeans.

Austin: You know what? We're going to help Ally get into that school. I'm not letting her give up on her dream. I wouldn't even be putting out an album if it wasn't for her.
Trish: And I wouldn't be managing a guy putting out an album if it wasn't for her.
Dez: And I wouldn't have eaten 18,118 jellybeans if it wasn't for her. ...I probably would have.
Trish: Let me see that. Pickles isn't a hobby, and I'm pretty sure her favorite subject isn't smart stuff.
Austin: [gestures to Dez] It's lame stuff, right?
Dez: Hey Ally, would you teach me how to kiss?
Ally: Nooooo.
Dez: What is the opposite of me?
Ally: Smart.
Dez: No, the other opposite of me.
Ally: I'm a much better piano player than you.
Talent Scout: Well, you've certainly gotten very modest since the last time we met.
Austin: You all deserve half. You deserve half, Ally definitely deserves half, Trish deserves half, and Dez deserves half.
Jimmy: That is way too many halves.
Lester: They think MUNY- Music University of New York- is in Miami?
Nelson: Practice on me. You'll feel better.
Ally: Okay. Austin, Trish, Dez, I have to move to New York and I won't see you guys for a long time.
Nelson: [gasps] You're leaving? But you're my favorite piano teacher! How could you do this to me?!?!?! Nooooooooo!!!! [runs out of the store]
Ally: [singing] I'm leaving for school. I'm going far away. Your career's about to start; I'm sad that I have to depart.
Austin: Wow. Kind of a downer.
Dez: Can I be honest? Not your best work.
Dez: Come on. MUNY? Music University of New York.
Austin: You knew?
Dez: I'm not stupid.
Dez: Guys, we have to put ourselves in Ally's shoes. I mean, she's probably feeling betrayed because she has a shot at making her music dreams come true, and we aren't being supportive.
Trish: She's the one leaving!

Dez: I know you're mad. But, that's just misplaced anger masking the hurt you're feeling over losing your best friend. If we really care about Ally Dawson, we need to put away those feelings, so that she can soar. [makes dove sign]
Austin: Wow Dez, that's great advice. Where'd you come up with that?

Dez: I told you. I put myself in Ally's shoes. [puts his feet on the table; he's wearing Ally's heels] I don't know how Ally walks in these things. My feet are killing me!
Austin: Ally, I'm sorry for the way I behaved, but... I'm happy for you. And I'm really going to miss you.
Trish: And I'm sorry too. Dez made me realize that I was just upset about you leaving.

Ally: Dez made you realize something?

Dez: I know, right?
Austin: Alright dude, I've signed like a hundred of these. This is the last one. Is there anyone else you want to make it out to?
Dez: Well, I do have a little cousin who just broke his arm. He could really use some cheering up. Could you sign this CD for him?

Austin: Of course, what's his name?

Dez: Dez.
Nelson: Good news Ally! I'm coming to New York with you! Trish, mail me!
Ally: That's sweet, Nelson, but... I'm not leaving! I'm staying here in Miami.

Trish: And I don't work at Mailboxes and So Forth anymore. I got fired for reading the mail. And so forth.

Nelson: Awwww nartz! Do you know how hard it was to find an envelope this big?
Ally: We're gonna be living the dream.
Lester: Honey, um, before you lock up, could you please clean the bathroom?
Ally: Yup, we're living the dream.

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  • This episode is the Season 1 finale.
  • The plot of this episode is similar to the plot of Model It Up, an episode of Shake It Up!.
  • The music school and talent scout mentioned and seen in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking returns.
  • Laura stated in an interview about the episode that she has been in a similar situation that Ally was in.
    Albums & Auditions Picture

    Ally pleading with her friends to let her follow through with her lifelong dream.

  • This is the second time Austin sang an acoustic version of a song. The first time was Not a Love Song in MyTAB & My Pet.
  • This episode title refers to Austin's release of his new album, and Trish, Dez, and Austin setting up an audition for Ally.
  • This episode was ranked #3 in Disney Channel Australia's "Fanpicked Austin & Ally Countdown".
  • Trish reveals that she already knew the source of Ally's stage fright.
  • In this episode, Ally sings in front of someone other than Austin.
  • This is the first time when it's shown flashbacks from previous episodes.
  • Dez reveals that Ally's birthday is in February, but in Dancers & Ditzes Ally said November 29 was her birthday which is also her actor's birthday.


  • Austin said he never knew the music school was in New York, but in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking, when Ally had explained why she got stage fright, she mentioned the music school, and about it being in New York. He could not have thought it was a different school when he questioned Ally, asking "Wasn't it your dream going to that school?". It is possible that he forgot.
  • When Austin was filling out Ally's MUNY application, if you look closely, the pen never touched the paper.
  • Dez said that he ate all of the jellybeans. However, there was a jellybean sitting on the counter behind him and some jellybeans fell on the floor, so he might've exaggerated and didn't eat all of them.


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