These are Userboxes that wikia users can add to their own userpage to show what they like and enjoy! If you don't see the type of Userbox you want, then you can request it to be made here. If you still don't understand, then feel free to contact an admin on their message wall. You have to put the code in the brackets {{ }}

Example- Code: {{Trish}}

My favorite character is


Austin Moon

Code: {{Austin Moon}} 

Austin Moon
My favorite character is
Austin Moon!

Code: {{Austin's Voice}}

Tumblr lty47uv77P1r25l3yo1 r1 250 This user thinks Austin's voice is amazing!

Code: {{Austin Moon Hot}}

Aa130 This user thinks Austin is Hot!

Code: {{Austin's Dance}} 

Lunapic 135984226012252 This user thought Austin's dance in Girlfriends & Girl Friends was cute!

Ally Dawson

Code: {{Ally}}

220px-Ally season 2
My favorite character is
Ally Dawson!

Code: {{Ally's Songs}}

I think Ally writes great songs!

Code: {{Ally's Stage Fright}}

I have stage fright just like Ally!

Code: {{Ally Dawson Cute}} 

I think Ally is cute!

Code: {{Impromptu Dance}}

Tumblr m82qwpt4zM1rww7gho6 250 This user loved Ally's little slip during her dance in Diners & Daters!

Code: {{Ally's Voice}}

AllySings This user loves Ally's voice!

Trish De la Rosa

Code: {{Trish}}

My favorite character is

Code: {{Trish's Jobs}} 

Tumblr mc1ewzATX21qeewuqo1 500 This user loves Trish's jobs!

Code: {{How Trish Jobs}}

Trish@Zaliens & Cloud Watchers This user wonders how Trish manages to get so many jobs!

Code: {{Trish Pretty}} 

Tumblr n4nu3fcEya1rmzpggo2 1280 I think Trish is super pretty!

Code: {{Trish's Catchphrase}}

FF&FF6 This user enjoys hearing Trish say her catchphrase!

Code: {{More Singing, Trish}} 

Trish'Singing' This user thinks that Trish should sing more!

Dez Wade

Code: {{Dez}}

Tumblr mdlh4qVh1Z1rikj3io4 500
My favorite character is

Code: {{Dez's Randomness}}

Dez still 3
I love
Dez's randomness!

Code: {{Hot Dez}}

Bandicam 2012-12-30 01-03-03-649 This user thinks Dez is hot!

Code: {{UhUhUhUhUh}}

Uh uh uh uh uh This user always says 'Uh' five times like Dez when nervous!

Code: {{Dez's Last Name?}}

Lunapic 136284357695564 1 This user wants to know Dez's last name!


Code: {{Dallas}}

My favorite character is

Code: {{Hope Dallas Returns}}

Aa I wonder if Dallas will ever see Ally and the rest of the gang again...

Code: {{Dallas Hot}} 

Dallas I think Dallas is hot!


Code: {{Nelson}}

Pilot short 2
My favorite character is

Code: {{Nelson's Music}}

Tickets & Trashbags This user enjoyed Nelson's piano playing!

Code: {{Cute Nelson}}

Tickets & Trashbags (87) This user thinks that Nelson is so cute!

Lester Dawson

Code: {{Lester Dawson}}

Lester Dawson
My favorite character is
Lester Dawson!

Code: {{Awesome Dad Lester}}

Fw10 This user thinks Lester is an awesome dad!


Code: {{Mindy}}

My favorite character is Mindy!

Code: {{Hope Mindy Returns}}

Diners & Daters 10 I hope Mindy returns to see Dezzyroo and the rest of the gang again!

Code: {{Pretty Mindy}}

Diners & Daters 2 This user thinks Mindy is pretty!


Code: {{Cassidy}}

This User Absolutely Loves Cassidy!

Code: {{Cassidy's Band}}

88908908 This user would love to hear Cassidy perform with her band sometime!

Code: {{Cassidy's Singing}}

Diners-daters-13 I love Cassidy's singing!

Code: {{Cute Cassidy}} 

Diners-daters-16 This user thinks Cassidy is cute!

Code: {{Season 3 With Cassidy}}

Cassidy'sWeirdFace This user thinks that Cassidy should come back in Season 3!

Tilly Thompson

Code: {{Tilly Thompson}}

My favorite character is
Tilly Thompson!

Code: {{Cute Tilly}}

Bloggers & Butterflies (30) This user thinks Tilly is super pretty!

Demonica Dixon

Code: {{Demonica Dixon}}

My favorite character is
Demonica Dixon!

Code: {{New Team}}

This user would hate if Austin got a new team!

Moon Family

Code: {{Moon Family}}

Tumblr m96m3hGJbP1rdu838o5 r1 25009
This user loves the
Moon family!


Code: {{T-FameLame}}

C&C This user thinks that T-Fame is T-Lame!

Code: {{Trent}}

Backups & Breakups 60 My favorite character is Trent!

Code: {{Trent's Hot}}

Backups & Breakups 63 This user thinks Trent is hot!

Megan Simms

Code: {{Megan Simms}}

Megansimmswave My favorite character is Megan Simms!

Code: {{More Megan}}

A&A This user hopes Megan comes back for more episodes!

Code: {{Cute Megan}} 

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff4 This user thinks Megan Simms is so cute!

JJ De la Rosa

Code: {{JJ's Tricks}}

TrishinHalf This user loves JJ's magic tricks!

Code: {{JJ De la Rosa}}

126231 0069exclusive My favorite character is JJ De la Rosa!

Code: {{JJ's Cute}}

Club Owners & Quinceaneras (12) This user thinks JJ De la Rosa is cute!


Code: {{Billl}}

Billl's Surfshop My favorite character is Billl!

Code: {{Billl's Cute}}

Billl-1- This user thinks that Billl is cute!

Jessie Prescott

Code: {{Jessie Prescott}}

Debby Ryan All Star New Years My favorite character is Jessie Prescott!

Code: {{Jessie's Cute}} 

Austin & Jessie & Ally 12 This user thinks Jessie Prescott is cute!

Code: {{Singing Jessie}} 

Face2Face-6- This user loves Jessie's singing!

Jimmy Starr

Code: {{Jimmy Starr}}

Jimmy My favorite character is Jimmy Starr!

Kira Starr

Code: {{Kira Starr}}

Ferris Wheels&Funky Breath-2- My favorite character is Kira Starr!

Code: {{Kira's Pretty}}

NoOrdinaryDay-17- This user thinks that Kira is super pretty!

Code: {{Kira's Funky Breath}}

Pic13 This user is glad that Kira's bad breath has seemed to have disappeared!

Code: {{Kira's Screaming}}

P&P FE-33- This user is curious about the exact words of Kira's screaming rant!

Code: {{Kira Sings}}

Singing Kira This user was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Kira is also a singer!

Owen & Pickles

Code: {{Owen & Pickles}}

4e4ec477-be0e-4898-b829-b7bc2b9796e9wallpaper This user loves Owen and Pickles!

Shiny Money

Code: {{Shiny Money}}

TT42 My favorite character is Shiny Money!


Code: {{Elliot}}

Camperscomp1 My favorite character is Elliot!


Code: {{Helen}}

R&W --36-- My favorite character is Helen!

Penny Dawson

Code: {{Penny Dawson}}

Penny519 My favorite character is Penny Dawson!

Code: {{Awesome Mom}}

CHCH This user thinks Penny is an awesome mom!


Code: {{Chuck}}

Chuck -3- My favorite character is Chuck!


Code: {{Kimmy}}

Kimmy My favorite character is Kimmy!

Lucy Gluckman

Code: {{Lucy Gluckman}}

This user loves the Austin & Ally director,
Lucy Gluckman!


Code: {{Clavis}}

My favorite character is


Code: {{Ethan}}

Ethan; A&A 2-1
My favorite character is


Code: {{Hazel}}

Hazel; Shredder's Beach Club Manager; A&A 3-4
My favorite character is


Code: {{Didi}}

Didi smiling
My favorite character is


Code: {{Carrie}}

Fashion shows and first impressions 209
My favorite character is

Gavin Young

Code: {{Gavin Young}} 

My favorite character is
Gavin Young!


Code: {{Piper}}

Fashion shows and first impressions 15
My favorite character is Piper!

Team Austin

Code: {{Team Austin}}

I love
Team Austin!!!

All Characters

Code: {{All}}

Aa4 I like all the characters!


Ross Lynch

Code: {{Ross Lynch}}

I am a fan of
Ross Lynch!

Code: {{R5}}

I am a fan of

Code: {{Ross Lynch Hot}}

I think Ross Lynch is hot!

Code: {{Ross's Voice}}

220px-Ross Lynch Paparazzo Photography This user loves Ross Lynch's Voice!

Laura Marano

Code: {{Laura Marano}}

Images (65)
I am a fan of
Laura Marano!

Code: {{Laura Marano Pretty}}

Tumblr mb3iv7FXEK1rwy23xo1 250
I Think Laura Marano Is Pretty!

Code: {{Laura's Voice}}

185px-Images (82) This user loves Laura Marano's Voice!

Code: {{Favorite Celeb Laura Marano}}

This User's fave celeb is
Laura Marano!

Code: {{Laura Fashion}}

This User loves
Laura Marano's fashion!

Calum Worthy

Code: {{Calum Worthy}}

I am a fan of
Calum Worthy!

Code: {{Calum Worthy Cute}}

Calum Worthy-2-small
I think
Calum Worthy is cute!

Raini Rodriguez

Code: {{Raini Rodriguez}}

I am a fan of
Raini Rodriguez!

Code: {{Raini Rodriguez Cute}}

I think Raini Rodriguez is cute!

Andy Milder

Code: {{Andy Milder}}

I am a fan of
Andy Milder!

Aubrey Peeples

Code: {{Aubrey Peeples}}

5aubrey peeples head shot 8 20100822 1102216810
I am an Aubrey Peeples fan!

Code: {{Aubrey's Voice}}

I think Aubrey Peeples has an amazing voice!

Ashley Fink

Code: {{Ashley Fink}}

Ash 011
I'm a fan of
Ashley Fink!

Audrey Whitby

Code: {{Audrey Whitby}}

I'm a fan of
Audrey Whitby!

Aubrey K. Miller

Code: {{Aubrey K. Miller}}

Aubrey K. Miller This user is a fan of Aubrey K. Miller!

Lauren Boles

Code: {{Lauren Boles}}

Lauren This user is a fan of Lauren Boles!

Code: {{Adorable Lauren Boles}}

Lauren B
This user thinks
Lauren Boles
is adorable!

Cody Allen Christian

Code: {{Cody Allen Christian}}

Cody Allen Christian (5) This user is a fan of Cody Allen Christian!

Cole Sand

Code: {{Cole Sand}}

Cole Sand 5 This user is a fan of Cole Sand!

Kiersey Clemons

Code: {{Kiersey Clemons}}

Kiersey Clemons (1) This user is a fan of Kiersey Clemons!

Trevor Jackson

Code: {{Trevor Jackson}}

Trevor Jackson (7) This user is a fan of Trevor Jackson!

Noah Centineo

Code: {{Noah Centineo}}

Noah dres-500x500 This user is a fan of Noah Centineo!

Matthew Scott Montgomery

Code: {{Matthew Scott Montgomery}}

Tumblr mafa5hihwv1rd780wo2 400 This user is a fan of Matthew Scott Montgomery!

John Henson

Code: {{John Henson}}

John Henson (3) This user is a fan of John Henson!

Jill Benjamin

Code: {{Jill Benjamin}}

Jill Benjamin This user is a fan of Jill Benjamin!

Julia Campbell

Code: {{Julia Campbell}}

JuliaCampbell This user is a fan of Julia Campbell!

Debby Ryan

Code: {{Debby Ryan}}

This user is a fan of
Debby Ryan!

Peyton List

Code: {{Peyton List}}

PeytonL -24-
This user is a fan of
Peyton List!

Karan Brar

Code: {{Karan Brar}}

This user is a fan of
Karan Brar!

Cameron Boyce

Code: {{Cameron Boyce}}

Cameron Boyce
This user is a fan of
Cameron Boyce!

Skai Jackson

Code: {{Skai Jackson}}

SkaiJ -8- I am a fan of Skai Jackson!

Main Four

Code: {{Meet Cast}}

Looks fun on set This user would like to meet the cast of Austin & Ally!


Steve Freeman and Aaron Ho

Code: {{Steve Freeman & Aaron Ho}}

Aaronhocastofaustinadnallly This user loves the Austin & Ally writers: Steve Freeman and Aaron Ho!

Shelley Jensen

Code: {{Shelley Jensen}}

This user loves the Austin & Ally director,
Shelley Jensen!

Heath Seifert

Code: {{Heath Seifert}}

This user loves the Austin & Ally writer and creator,
Heath Seifert!

Samantha Silver and Joey Manderino

Code: {{Samantha Silver and Joey Manderino}}

This user loves the Austin & Ally writers,
Samantha Silver and Joey Manderino!

Rick Nyholm

Code: {{Rick Nyholm}}

This user loves the Austin & Ally executive producer and writer,
Rick Nyholm!


Canon Pairings


Code: {{Auslly Userbox}} (2) This use
Austin a
r ships
nd Ally

Code: {{AusllyFlyna}}

Ausllyandflyna This user compares Flyna to Auslly... and obviously thinks that Auslly is better!

Code: {{Ausllygator}}

I'm an

Code: {{Auslly}}

Last Dances & Last Chances254
I ship

Code: {{Enough Hugs, Where's The Kiss?}}

Tumblr lxwifi8Ntw1r9karmo1 500 This user is tired of hugs- when's the Auslly kiss?

Code: {{Ausllyheldhands}}

Hand This user thought it was cute when Auslly held hands!

Code: {{Freaking Over The Kiss!}}

AUSLLY kiss This user is freaking over the Auslly kiss!

Code: {{DUH}}

Lunapic 136304079093034 1 Do I ship Auslly? DUH!

Code: {{Ship it!}}

Ausllyshipper Auslly: Ship It!

Code: {{Kiss Reaction}}

Megan simms My face when Austin and Ally kissed!

Code: {{OMG DATE}}

HD P&P-1- OMG; Auslly is already dating?!?!

Code: {{Auslly-Gator}}

Lunapic 136494495390916 22 This user is an Auslly-Gator!

Code: {{Obsessed with Auslly}}

This user is obsessed with

Code: {{Get Back Together!}}

Auslly'sNotDate This user wants Austin and Ally to get back together!


Code: {{Trez}}

I ship


Code: {{Daustin}}

Still 4
I ship


Code: {{Trally}}

I ship


Code: {{Traustin}}

I ship


Code: {{Delly}}

I ship


Code: {{Dallyson}}

I ship


Code: {{Trauzlly}}

I ship Trauzlly!


Code: {{Aussidy}}

This user ships


Code: {{Melson}}

247px-Parents & Punishments 13 This user ships Melson!


Code: {{Nelly}}

Pilot short 2 This user loves the brother-sister bond that Ally and Nelson have!


Code: {{Aussie}}

Face2Face-26- This user ships Aussie!


Code: {{Kaustin}}

Ferris Wheels & Funkey Breath This user ships Kaustin!


Code: {{Alliot}}

Lunapic 136011127757926 1 This user ships Alliot!


Code: {{Kelliot}}

This user ships Kelliot!


Code: {{Lenny}}

This user ships Lenny!


Code: {{Dera}}

Lunapic 136313280680815 5 This user ships Dera!


Code: {{Trace}}

Trace - Cupids & Cuties (3)
I ship


Code: {{Darrie}}

Fashion shows and first impressions 5
I ship

Code: {{DarrieDairy}}

Fashion shows and first impressions 113
This user loves Darrie...and


Code: {{Gally}}

This user ships Gally!


Code: {{Ausper}}

Fashion shows and first impressions 169
This user ships Ausper!

Real Life Pairings


Code: {{Raura}}

Raura-0 This user ships Raura!

Code: {{Obsessed with Raura}}

Raura t the red carpet
This User's obsessed with


Code: {{Laini}}

Behind The Scenes 5 This user ships Laini!


Code: {{Coss}}

Ross Lynch and Calum Worthy This user ships Coss!


Code: {{Roni}}

Rosani This user ships Roni!


Code: {{Caini}}

Raini and Calum and Pixie This user ships Caini!


Code: {{Laurum}}

Laura and Calum This user ships Laurum!


Season 1

Without You

Code: {{Without You}}

My favorite song is Without You!

Double Take

Code: {{Double Take}}

My favorite song is Double Take!

Song Song

Code: {{Song Song}}

Rockers This user loved the Austin and Dez collab song in Rockers & Writers: Song Song!

Break Down The Walls

Code: {{Break Down The Walls}}

Tumblr m68vimraF21rzd8ulo2 250
My favorite song is Break Down The Walls!

A Billion Hits

Code: {{A Billion Hits}}

My favorite song is A Billion Hits!

Not a Love Song

Code: {{Not a Love Song}}

My favorite song is Not a Love Song!


NALS This user's favorite Auslly song is Not a Love Song!

It's Me, It's You

Code: {{It's Me, It's You}}

My favorite song is It's Me, It's You!

The Butterfly Song

Code: {{The Butterfly Song}}

Butterfly Song
♫ I'm a little butterfly ♫

Trash Talka

Code: {{Trash Talka}}

Tumblr ly62hhRNCT1qlsoteo1 500
This user's favorite song is Trash Talka!

Better Together

Code: {{Better Together}}

My favorite song is Better Together!

You Don't See Me

Code: {{You Don't See Me}}

You Don't See Me
My favorite song is You Don't See Me!

Heard It on the Radio

Code: {{Heard It on the Radio}}

My favorite song is Heard It on the Radio!

Code: {{Heard It on the Radio Music Video}}

I loved the Heard It on the Radio music video!

Melody Diner Song

Code: {{Melody Diner Song}}

D&D RS --7-- My favorite song is the Melody Diner Song!

Code: {{Just Want The Pot Pie}}

Lunapic 13605175333282 1 Somebody just get this user some more chicken pot pie! They don't care who it is.

Heart Beat

Code: {{Heart Beat}}

My favorite song is Heart Beat!

The Food Songs

Code: {{Love The Food Songs}}

Get You The Cole Slaw This user loves food, songs, Austin, and totally loves The Food Songs!

Code: {{Chocolate Milkshake}}

Chocolate Milkshake This user specifically likes this food song the best!

Code: {{Side of Fries}}

Lunapic 136011127757926 3 This user specifically likes this food song best!

Code: {{Not A Foot Long}}

Lunapic 136011127757926 5 This user specifically likes this food song best!

Code: {{Get You The Cole Slaw}}

Lunapic 13601999763897 2 This user specifically likes this food song the best of the food songs!

Na, Na, Na (The Summer Song)

Code: {{Na, Na, Na}}

Everglades and allygators song
My favorite song is Na, Na, Na!

The Way That You Do

Code: {{The Way That You Do}}

The way
My favorite song is The Way That You Do!

Code: {{AUSLLY WAY}}

WAY AUSLLY This user's favorite Auslly song is The Way That You Do!


Code: {{Illusion}}

My favorite song is Illusion!

Crazy 4 U

Code: {{Crazy 4 U}}

R5 12
My favorite song is Crazy 4 U!

What Do I Have to Do?

Code: {{What Do I Have to Do}}

R5 12
My favorite song is What Do I Have to Do?!

Austin & Ally Soundtrack

Code: {{Austin & Ally Soundtrack}}

This user loves the Austin & Ally Soundtrack!


Code: {{Songs}}

I Love All The Songs!

Season 2

Don't Look Down

Code: {{Don't Look Down}}

128655 8302 My favorite song is Don't Look Down!

Code: {{Auslly DLD}}

AUSLLY DLD This user's favorite Auslly song is Don't Look Down!

Sonic Boom Blues

Code: {{Sonic Boom Blues}}

Sonicboomblues This user loved the song that Austin randomly made up for Ally: Sonic Boom Blues!

Who I Am

Code: {{Who I Am}}

Austinally-mags-001 My favorite song is Who I Am!

Got It 2

Code: {{Got It 2}}

GotIt2 This user loved the bit of Got It 2 that we heard!

Christmas Soul

Code: {{Christmas Soul}}

Bd&Ba1 My favorite song is Christmas Soul!

Can You Feel It

Code: {{Can You Feel It}}

Big Dreams & Big Apples My favorite song is Can You Feel It!


CYFI This user's favorite Auslly song is Can You Feel It!

Face 2 Face

Code: {{Face 2 Face}}

Bd&Ba20 My favorite song is the duet sung by Jessie Prescott and Austin Moon, Face 2 Face!

No Ordinary Day

Code: {{No Ordinary Day}}

NoOrdinaryDay-2- My favorite song was No Ordinary Day!

You Can Come to Me

Code: {{You Can Come to Me}}

My favorite song is
You Can Come to Me!


AUSLLY COME This user's favorite Auslly song is You Can Come to Me!

Code: {{Full YCCTM}}

PictureforYouCanComeToMe This user loves the full version of You Can Come to Me!

I Think About You

Code: {{I Think About You}}

AUSLLYFEELS2THEMAX This user's favorite song is I Think About You!

Code: {{FREAKING}}

HD ITAY-2- This user is freaking about I Think About You!

Code: {{Stuck}}

HD ITAY-1- I Think About You is stuck in this user's head... Not that I care!


Lunapic 136459716127976 20 This user's favorite Auslly song is I Think About You!

Code: {{Full ITAY}}

PictureforIThinkAboutYou This user is in love with the full version of I Think About You!

Butch & Bitey Song

Code: {{Butch & Bitey Song}}

Couples Careers 038
This user’s favorite song is the
Butch & Bitey Song!

Pillow Fight

Code: {{Pillow Fight}}

Solos Stray Kitties 016
This user’s favorite song is
Pillow Fight!

Call a Pioneer Ranger

Code: {{Call a Pioneer Ranger}}

This user’s favorite song is
Call a Pioneer Ranger!

Elevator Doors

Code: {{Elevator Doors}}

Imageedit 1 6868944767 My favorite song is Elevator Doors!

Finally Me

Code: {{I'm Finally Me}}

Finally mz
This user's favorite song is
Finally Me!

Code: {{Auslly I'm Finally Me}}

Finally Me (4)
This user's favorite Auslly song is
Finally Me!

The Ally Way

Code: {{The Ally Way}}

580198 176653642509709 532171339 n
This user’s favorite song is
The Ally Way!

Steal Your Heart

Code: {{Steal Your Heart}}

This user’s favorite song is
Steal Your Heart!


Code: {{Timeless}}

TimelessScreenshot My favorite song is Timeless!

Living in the Moment

Code: {{Living in the Moment}}

Living in the Moment (172)
This user’s favorite song is
Living in the Moment!

I Got That Rock and Roll

Code: {{I Got That Rock and Roll}}

330px-Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) - I Got That Rock'n Roll HD
This user’s favorite song is
I Got That Rock and Roll!


Code: {{Unstoppable}}

This user’s favorite song is

Lost His Voice Song

Code: {{Lost His Voice Song}}

RL & RL-27-
This user’s favorite song is
Lost His Voice Song!

The Me That You Don't See

Code: {{The Me That You Don't See}}

The Me That You Don't See (129)
This user’s favorite song is
The Me That You Don't See!

Better Than This

Code: {{Better Than This}}

Better Than This
This user’s favorite song is
Better Than This!

Season 3

Chasin' the Beat of My Heart

Code: {{Chasin' the Beat of My Heart}}

Chasin' the beat of my heart
This user’s favorite song is
Chasin' the Beat of My Heart!

You Wish You Were Me

Code: {{You Wish You Were Me}}

You Wish You Were Me
This user’s favorite song is
You Wish You Were Me!


Code: {{Redial}}

Redial 040
This user’s favorite song is

I Love Christmas

Code: {{I Love Christmas}}

Ross laura
This user’s favorite song is
I Love Christmas!

Austin & Ally Glee Club Mash Up

Code: {{Austin & Ally Glee Club Mash Up}}

Glee fever!
This user’s favorite song is the
Austin & Ally Glee Club Mash Up!

Who U R

Code: {{Who U R}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user’s favorite song is
Who U R!

Upside Down

Code: {{Upside Down}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user’s favorite song is
Upside Down!

Me and You

Code: {{Me and You}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user’s favorite song is
Me and You!


Code: {{Superhero}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user’s favorite song is


Code: {{Parachute}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user’s favorite song is

What We're About

Code: {{What We're About}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user’s favorite song is
What We're About!

Stuck on You

Code: {{Stuck on You}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user’s favorite song is
Stuck on You!

Austin & Ally: Turn It Up

Code: {{Turn It Up}}

Turn It Up Soundtrack
This user loves the
Austin & Ally: Turn It Up Soundtrack!

Custom Userbox

Code: {{Custom Userbox}}



How to Use

Simply go to add other templates and type the code, "Custom Userbox", in the box. Click insert and you will see five boxes to fill in: background, border color, image, imagewidth, font color, message. In the background section, type in any colour you want for the background of the userbox! If you do not want a background type "none" in the box. In the border color section, type in any color you want for the border. If you do not want a border type "none" in the box. In the image section, type the image name, along with the file type, that you want. Make sure the image is on the wiki. Example:Laura.jpg. Next is the imagewidth section. You should leave this blank unless you want to change your picture size. It will determine how big the image is and it will affect the userbox size. We recommend any width from 100-300. In the font color box, type in any colour you want the message to be. And in the message box, just type the message that you want to go in it! To spice up the colors in the userbox, you can go here for a list of css colors you can use.



  • There is automatically no background unless you add one.
  • The automatic border is orange.
  • The automatic picture is the Austin & Ally logo.
  • The automatic width of the picture is 120px.
  • The automatic font color is black.
  • The message will just say message unless you change it.


Season 1

Code: {{Season 1}}

My favorite season is season 1!

Season 2

Code: {{Season 2}}

I'm so excited for season 2!

Code: {{S2 Finale}}

AAS2 This user can't wait for the Season 2 finale!

Season 3

Code: {{Season3Gitters}}

I'm super excited for
Season 3!

Code: {{Third Season}}

Austinandallylogo This user hopes that Austin & Ally get a third season!

Code: {{Season 3}}

055a7a549e2b11e389ba12538dcb3c3c 8
My favorite season is
Season 3!

Season 4

Code: {{Fourth Season}}

Austin and Ally season 4!
This user is so excited for Austin & Ally season 4!


Overnight Sensation blogs

Code: {{Subscribed!}}

OvernightSensation This user is subscribed to the Overnight Sensation blogs!

Code: {{I Read It!}}

OvernightSensation This user reads the Overnight Sensation blogs!

Auslly & Kick

Code: {{Auslly & Kick}}

-awkward This user compares Auslly to Kick!


Code: {{Sup}}

Tumblr m5u8e5JS4V1rxpp8eo1 500
<insert name here>

Go Gurt

Code: {{Go Gurt}}

Tumblr m4u5skuzFS1ruibmko1 250
This user's favorite food is Go-Gurt!

Cliptastic Countdown

Code: {{CliptasticCountdown}}

I'm still waiting for...
Cliptastcic Countdown!


Code: {{Reading Fanfiction}}

Reading Austin &amp; Ally Fanfiction
This User loves reading
Austin & Ally FanFiction!

Code: {{A&A Fanfiction}}

FF This user writes Austin & Ally fanfiction!

Joined the Wiki in 2012

Code: {{Joined in 2012}}

A&amp;A 2012
This User joined the wiki
in 2012!

Joined the Wiki in 2013

Code: {{Joined in 2013}}

A&amp;A 2013
This User joined the wiki
in 2013!

Glamour Kitty

Code: {{Glamour Kitty}}

Glamour Kitty
This user would want to be
Glamour Kitty!

Country Kitty

Code: {{Country Kitty}}

Country Kitty
This user would want to be
Country Kitty!

Wicked Kitty

Code: {{Wicked Kitty}}

This user would want to be
Wicked Kitty!

The Stray Kitties

Code: {{Stray Kitties}}

Stray Kitties 2
This user would want to be part of the
Stray Kitties!

Pinball Panic

Code: {{Pinball Panic}}

Pinball Panic
This user loves to play
Pinball Panic!

Sonic Boom Lounge

Code: {{Sonic Boom Lounge}}

This user loves to create songs in the
Sonic Boom Lounge!

Hype Cart

Code: {{Hype Cart}}

This user loves to play
Hype Cart!

Musical Marathon

Code: {{Musical Marathon}}

This user loves to play
Musical Marathon!

Sonic Boom (Game)

Code: {{Sonic Boom (Game)}}

This user loves to play the
Sonic Boom (Game)!

2nd Kiss

Code: {{2nd Kiss}}

2nd kiss
This user thinks Austin & Ally should have a second kiss!

1,000 Edits

Code: {{1,000 Edits}}

Just freak out
This user has made 1,000 edits!

Austin & Ally Musical Cliptastic Countdown!!!

Code: {{I Voted}}

Musicalcliptasticcountdown I voted for the Austin & Ally Musical Cliptastic Countdown!

More Bloopers

Code: {{Bloopers}}

Bloopers This user wants to see more bloopers soon!


Code: {{Twitter}}

Twitter This user has a Twitter account!

R5 in an Episode

Code: {{R5 W/ A&A}}

R5WithA&amp;A This user thinks that R5 should guest star on Austin & Ally!

Disney on Demand

Code: {{DisneyDemand}}

DisneyDemand This user has Disney Channel on Demand!

Protective Over Book

Code: {{Don't Touch}}

AllywithBook This user doesn't want anyone to touch their book!


Code: {{Party}}

Tumblr m67h9e9Ozx1r7r4xb
The party doesn't start 'till this user walks in!!


Code: {{Fangirling}}

Fan girling
This user starts fangirling every time there's an Auslly moment!

An Austin & Ally Movie

Code: {{Want Movie}}

Tumblr md164bLAiP1rko48ao1 500 This user wants to see an Austin & Ally movie!

Typewriter from Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

Code: {{Typewriter}}

Typewriter This user wishes that they could use the typewriter...

Cheetah Beat

Code: {{Cheetah Beat}}

Partners Parachutes14
This user wants to go buy
an issue of
Cheetah Beat!

Wild Things (the book)

Code: {{Wild Things}}

Wild Things This user wants to read The Wild Things by Penny Dawson!

Miami H8ter Girl

Code: {{Would Read It}}

Lunapic 136344774674481 6 This user would read Miami H8ter Girl's blog if the user could...

Can Come

Code: {{Can Come}}

Chapters Choices 30 You can come to this user.

Let's Talk!

Code: {{Let's Talk!}}

Megan4 This user wants to talk about Austin & Ally!

Totes Dilar

Code: {{Totes Dilar}}

C&amp;C Promo-13- Austin is totes dilar; Ally is meant for you!

Technique from Ch&Ch

Code: {{Interesting Technique}}

Ch&amp;Ch GIF 3 This user was very intrigued and interested in Trish and Dez's technique to help Ally!

Trish and Dez Reaction

Code: {{Trish and Dez Reaction}}

This user thought Trish and Dez's reaction to the Auslly kiss was hilarious!

Auslly Handshake (from Costumes & Courage)

Code: {{Auslly Handshake}}

C&amp;C GIF 2 This user thinks this handshake that Austin and Ally made is cool!

Auslly and Phinebella

Code: {{AusllyPhinebella}}

This user compares Auslly to Phinebella!

Swamp Bride

Code: {{Swamp Bride}}

Swamp Bride This user would totally watch Swamp Bride!

User's Freaking

Code: {{User's Freaking}}

Freaking! This user usually doesn't get starstruck, but this user is freaking!

Parody of The Butterfly Song

Code: {{A Little User}}

Bloggers &amp; Butterflies (91) I'm a little user; spread my colorful edits!

Ask Something 8 Times (from Diners & Daters)

Code: {{8 Time Asking Customer}}

D&amp;D RS --21-- This user's a customer now, and they would like to hear them 8 times!

The Helen Show

Code: {{The Helen Show}}

R&amp;W --9-- This user would watch The Helen Show!

Moon's Mattress Kingdom

Code: {{Moon's Mattress Kingdom}}

I would buy a mattress from
Moon's Mattress Kingdom!

Trish's Dress

Code: {{Love The Dress}}

Tumblr m0bb8vcSw81rodwt1o1 500 This user loves the dress Trish wore in Club Owners & Quinceaneras!

Ally's Song Book

Code: {{Inside Ally's Book}}

AustinDez Songbook This user wants to know what's inside Ally's Song Book!

Kira & Elliot?

Code: {{Kira Seeing Him}}

Lunapic 136027688888857 7 This user thinks it's weird that Kira openly checked Elliot in front of her boyfriend...


Code: {{MUNY & Ally}}

01CCZCZXCXC This user is so happy Ally decided not to go to MUNY!

Claws: Dun Dun Dun

Code: {{Claws Dun Dun Dun}}

Claws Dun Dun Dun (15) This user would totally watch Claws: Dun Dun Dun!

Tim's Square Pizza

Code: {{Tim's Sq. Pizza}}

Timssquarepizza This user would like to visit Tim's Square Pizza!

Benjy's Bungees

Code: {{Benjy's Bungees}}

Magazines &amp; Made-Up Stuff31 This user would love to go bungee jumping with Team Austin at Benjy's Bungees!

Sonic Boom Chat

Code: {{Love Sonic Boom Chat}}

Tumblr mc7uabrLve1rj21qpo1 400 This user loves the Sonic Boom Chat Room!


Code: {{Dance-Off}}

Tumblr mbn3soBYfT1re0vaco6 250bb This user enjoyed the dance-off between Austin and Trent in Backups & Breakups!

NBT Winners

Code: {{Chloe & Halle}}

Chloe&amp;HalleBailey This user can't wait for Chloe and Halle to perform on Austin & Ally!

Suzy's Soups

Code: {{Suzy's Soups}}

Tumblr m98hynkaiT1rd7wwxo3 250 This user would love to try some soup from Suzy's Soups!

Head of Mall Association

Code: {{Ally Mall Association Head}}

Lmallym21 This user wonders how Ally, a teenager, became the Head of Mall Association among adults...


Code: {{Zaliens}}

Tumblr lwknb3mG7f1qavv62o1 500 This user would love to watch all the Zalien movies!


Code: {{Tweeter}}

9088989080 This user would love to make a Tweeter and twit Team Austin!

Galexis Nova

Code: {{Confident and Fearless}}

Ccekwfhoieu3r9834m This user is confident and fearless like Galexis Nova!

Austin's Merchandise

Code: {{Austin's Merchandise}}

Tumblr lw22jo9VPv1qimzj1 This user would love to get some of Austin's merchandise that he and Dez made!

Songs 4 Fun

Code: {{Songs4Fun}}

Songs4fun This user loves Songs 4 Fun!

Austin & Ally

Code: {{Austin & Ally Fan}}

Austinandallylogo This user is a fan of the show, Austin & Ally!

Code: {{Favorite Show}}

Austin &amp; ally logo
This User's favorite show is
Austin & Ally!

Sonic Boom

Code: {{Sonic Boom Rocks}}

Sonic Boom This user thinks Sonic Boom rocks!

Mall of Miami

Code: {{Mall of Miami}}

I would shop at the Mall of Miami!

Miami Beach

Code: {{Miami Beach}}

Welcome to miami beach
I wanna go to Miami Beach!

Melody Diner

Code: {{Melody Diner}}

Melody diner
I would eat at the Melody Diner!

Austin & Ally Wiki

Code: {{Austin & Ally Wiki Fan}}

Austinandallywiki I'm a fan of the Austin & Ally Wiki!

Fan Art Contest

Code: {{Fan Art Contest}}

I entered the Fan Art Contest!


Code: {{MyTAB}}

I would so buy a myTAB!


Code: {{Admin}}

I'm an

Chat Mod

Code: {{Chat Mod}}

Tumblr m6c7x5p87T1r3dfv9o3 250
This user is a Chat Mod!


Code: {{R5}}

I am a fan of

Code: {{Ready Set Rock}}

Ready Set


Code: {{OMG}}

Tumblr mbf8tjFJ9r1r2wdcx
OMG!!! This user has made 100 edits!!!

Marino High School

Code: {{Marino High}}

MarinoHighSchool This user would love to go to Marino High School!


Code: {{Mini's}}

Backups &amp; Breakups 5 This user would love to eat at Mini's, even with their extremely small portions of food!


Code: {{Cute Pixie}}

180px-AWW This user thinks Pixie is so cute!

The Pilot and the Mermaid

Code: {{The Pilot and the Mermaid}}

Heart of the Mermaid (8)
This user would totally watch
The Pilot and the Mermaid!


Next Episode

Code: {{Next Episode}}

Austinandallylogo This user can't wait for the Next Episode of Austin & Ally!

Season 1

Rockers & Writers

Code: {{Rockers & Writers}}

My favorite episode is Rockers & Writers!

Kangaroos & Chaos

Code: {{Kangaroos & Chaos}}

Ally still 4
My favorite episode is Kangaroos & Chaos!

Secrets & Songbooks

Code: {{Secrets & Songbooks}}

Ally still 3
My favorite episode is Secrets & Songbooks!

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

Code: {{Zaliens & Cloud Watchers}}

Still 6
My favorite episode is Zaliens & Cloud Watchers!

Bloggers & Butterflies

Code: {{Bloggers & Butterflies}}

Still 3
My favorite episode is Bloggers & Butterflies!

Tickets & Trashbags

Code: {{Tickets & Trashbags}}

AUSTIN &amp; ALLY TICKETS &amp; TRASHBAGS <center>My favorite episode is Tickets & Trashbags!

Managers & Meatballs

Code: {{Managers & Meatballs}}

My favorite episode is Managers & Meatballs!

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

Code: {{Club Owners & Quinceaneras}}

126231 0069exclusive
My favorite episode is Club Owners & Quinceaneras!

Code: {{Austin's CO&Q Dance}}

Austin&#039;s Dance in CO&amp;Q This user loved Austin's moves in Club Owners & Quinceaneras!

Deejays & Demos

Code: {{Deejays & Demos}}

My favorite episode is Deejays & Demos!

World Records & Work Wreckers

Code: {{Word Records & Work Wreckers}}

World Records and Work Wreckers
My favorite episode is World Records & Work Wreckers!

Songwriting & Starfish

Code: {{Songwriting & Starfish}}

Songwriting &amp; Starfish
My favorite episode is Songwriting & Starfish!

Soups & Stars

Code: {{Soups & Stars}}

My favorite episode is Soups & Stars!

Burglaries & Boobytraps

Code: {{Burglaries & Boobytraps}}

&#039;Burglaries and Boobytraps
My favorite episode is Burglaries & Boobytraps!

myTAB & My Pet

Code: {{MyTAB & My Pet}}

126839 0280
My favorite episode is myTAB & My Pet!

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking

Code: {{Filmmaking & Fear Breaking}}

My favorite episode is Filmmaking & Fear Breaking!

Diners & Daters

Code: {{Diners & Daters}}

My favorite episode is Diners & Daters!

Code: {{Trish Quit Better than Mindy Fired Her}}

Diners-daters-8 This user thinks that Trish quits better than Mindy fires!

Everglades & Ally-Gators

Code: {{Everglades & Ally-Gators}}

Everglades and Ally gators
My favorite episode is Everglades & Ally-Gators!

Successes & Setbacks

Code: {{Successes & Setbacks}}

Austin Setback
My favorite episode is Successes & Setbacks!

Albums & Auditions

Code: {{Albums & Auditions}}

My favourite episode is Albums & Auditions!

Season 2

Costumes & Courage

Code: {{Costumes & Courage}}

Costumes &amp; Courage
My favorite episode is Costumes & Courage!

Backups & Breakups

Code: {{Backups & Break-ups}}

3753c1fae4f1217c4dc34857170b1a5aad85a082 My favorite episode is Backups & Breakups!

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

Code: {{Magazines & Made-Up Stuff}}

My favorite episode is Magazines & Made-Up Stuff!

Parents & Punishments

Code: {{Parents & Punishments}}

Parents &amp; Punishments 64 My favorite episode is Parents & Punishments!

Crybabies & Cologne

Code: {{Crybabies & Cologne}}

185px-Crybabies and Cologne 1
My favorite episode is Crybabies & Cologne!

Big Dreams & Big Apples

Code: {{Big Dreams & Big Apples}}

My favorite episode is Big Dreams & Big Apples!

Code: {{Duet}}

Austin &amp; JESSIE &amp; Ally
I love the duet Austin and Jessie sung in Big Dreams & Big Apples!

Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year

Code: {{Loved Crossover So Much}}

Bd&amp;Ba11 This user loved the crossover so much that their eyes seemed to freeze open like Ally's!

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Code: {{Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath}}

Ferris Wheels&amp;Funky Breath-14- My favorite episode was Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath!

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Code: {{Pumped for GF&GF}}

Girlfriends &amp; Girl Friends -14- This user is excited for Girlfriends & Girl Friends!

Code: {{Girlfriends & Girl Friends}}

Girl35 My favorite episode was Girlfriends & Girl Friends!

Campers & Complications

Code: {{Excitement for C&C}}

Camperscomp5 This user is excited for Campers & Complications!

Code: {{Campers & Complications}}

Lunapic 136405281341273 26 My favorite episode is Campers & Complications!

Chapters & Choices

Code: {{Freaking over Chapters & Choices}}

CH&amp;CH C--47--
This user is freaking over
Chapters & Choices!

Code: {{Chapters & Choices}}

IMG 1356 My favorite episode was Chapters & Choices!

Partners & Parachutes

Code: {{Pumped for Pa&Pa}}

Parteners &amp; Parachutes photo This user is TOTES FREAKING about Partners & Parachutes!

Code: {{Partners & Parachutes}}

Clip PA&amp;PA-15- My favorite episode was Partners & Parachutes!

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

Code: {{Freaking about FF&F}}

Lunapic 136344774674481 32 This user is freaking out about Freaky Friday & Fiction!

Code: {{Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction}}

FF&amp;FHQ-3- My favorite episode is Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction!

Couples & Careers

Code: {{CO&CA}}

Co&amp;Ca This user is excited for the premiere of Couples & Careers!

Code: {{Couples & Careers}}

Couples &amp; Careers My favorite episode is Couples & Careers!

Spas & Spices

Code: {{S&S}}

Sp&amp;Sp This user is excited for the premiere of Spas & Spices!

Code: {{Spas & Spices}}

VictoryforChuck My favorite episode is Spas & Spices!

Solos & Stray Kitties

Code: {{SO&SK}}

SO&amp;SK I can't wait for the premiere of Solos & Stray Kitties!

Code: {{Solos & Stray Kitties}}

Solos&amp;StrayKitties (Pillow Fight) My favorite episode is Solos & Stray Kitties!

Boy Songs & Badges

Code: {{BoSo&Ba}}

BoSo&amp;Ba Clip-17- This user can't wait to see Boy Songs & Badges!

Code: {{Boy Songs & Badges}}

BoSo&amp;Ba Clip-35- My favorite episode is Boy Songs & Badges!

Tracks & Troubles

Code: {{Tr&Tr}}

Tracks &amp; Troubles (1) This user can't wait to see Tracks & Troubles!

Code: {{Tracks & Troubles}}

Tracks &amp; Trouble (37)
My favorite episode is
Tracks & Troubles!

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

Code: {{Can't wait for VV & VBD}}

This user can't wait for Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing!

Code: {{Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing}}

VirVid&amp;VerBadDan My favorite episode is Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing!

Tunes & Trials

Code: {{Tu&Tr}}

Tra&amp;Tro This user can't wait for Tunes & Trials to air!

Code: {{Tunes&Trials}}

Tune&amp;Trial My favorite episode is Tunes & Trials!

Future Sounds & Festival Songs

Code: {{FS&FS}}

FS&amp;FS This user can't wait to see Future Sounds & Festival Songs!

Code: {{Future Sounds & Festival Songs}}

F11 My favorite episode is Future Sounds & Festival Songs!

Sports & Sprains

Code: {{Sports & Sprains}}

Sports &amp; Sprains (25) My favorite episode is Sports & Sprains!

Beach Bums & Bling

Code: {{Beach Bums & Bling}}

Imageedit 2 7254710610 My favorite episode was Beach Bums & Bling!

Family & Feuds

Code: {{Family & Feuds}}

Imageedit 6 2016885165

My favorite episode was Family & Feuds!

Moon Week & Mentors

Code: {{Moon Week & Mentors}}

Moon week My favorite episode was Moon Week & Mentors!

Real Life & Reel Life

Code: {{Real Life & Reel Life}}

Life My favorite episode was Real Life & Reel Life!

Fresh Starts & Farewells

Code: {{Fresh Starts & Farewells}}

Fresh Start My favorite episode was Fresh Starts & Farewells!

Season 3

Road Trips & Reunions

Code: {{Road Trips & Reunions}}

My favorite episode is
Road Trips & Reunions!

What If's & Where's Austin

Code: {{What If's & Where's Austin}}

My favorite episode is
What If's & Where's Austin!

Presidents & Problems

Code: {{Presidents & Problems}}

47a216cc2d8011e3b3cf22000aeb3e5c 8
My favorite episode is
Presidents & Problems!

Beach Clubs & BFFs

Code: {{Beach Clubs & BFFs}}

My favorite episode is
Beach Clubs & BFFs!

Mix Ups & Mistletoes

Code: {{Mix Ups & Mistletoes}}

My favorite episode is
Mix Ups & Mistletoes!

Glee Clubs & Glory

Code: {{Glee Clubs & Glory}}

Glee clubs and glory 8
My favorite episode is
Glee Clubs & Glory!

Austin & Alias

Code: {{Austin & Alias}}

Roxy Rocket
My favorite episode is
Austin & Alias!

Princesses & Prizes

Code: {{Princesses & Prizes}}

My favorite episode is
Princesses & Prizes!

Cupids & Cuties

Code: {{Cupids & Cuties}}

Cupids &amp; Cuties Dr Cupid
My favorite episode is
Cupids & Cuties!

Critics & Confidence

Code: {{Critics & Confidence}}

Critics &amp; confidence11
My favorite episode is
Critics & Confidence!

Directors & Divas

Code: {{Directors & Divas}}

My favorite episode is
Directors & Divas!

Hunks & Homecoming

Code: {{Hunks & Homecoming}}

10388029 1456991084545821 149050359 s
My favorite episode is Hunks & Homecoming!

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

Code: {{Fashion Shows & First Impressions}}

Fashion shows and first impressions 43
My favorite episode is Fashion Shows & First Impressions!

Quotes and Moments

Edit or English Paper?

Code: {{Edit or Paper?}}

Twit Is this your edit or your English paper?

Bloopers from Couples & Careers

Code: {{Loved Bloopers}}

BlooperofRaini This user loved the bloopers in Couples & Careers!

No Hassle (from commercial in Successes & Setbacks)

Code: {{No Hassle}}

Tumblr m96m3hGJbP1rdu838o5 r1 25009 There's no hassle in this user's castle!


Code: {{Dougie}}

Tumblr m5ttjjWqEZ1qgz2hlo1 500


Code: {{An Illusion}}

This user is just
an illusion!!!

Smart Stuff

Code: {{Smart Stuff}}

Tumblr ma7xzffw4X1rodwt1o1 250
This user is pretty sure Ally's favorite subject isn't "smart stuff"

Love Whisperer

Code: {{Love Whisperer}}

Tumblr m5ub3kX9sW1rxpp8eo1 250
They call this user the
"Love Whisperer"!

Hot Dog Rain

Code: {{Hot Dog Rain}}

Hot Dog Rain This user wishes they could have been in that hot dog rain...

Team Ally Shirt

Code: {{Team Ally}}

P&amp;P FE-39- This user wishes they had a Team Ally t-shirt!

Serenading Moment

Code: {{Serenade}}

ITOY This user wants someone to serenade them!

FryFel Tower

Code: {{Collapse of Fry-Fel}}

FRYFEL This user is saddened to hear that the Fryfel Tower has collapsed!

Breaking Stage Fright

Code: {{Overcome}}

YCCTM This user is so proud of Ally for overcoming her stage fright!

Put The Calculator Away

Code: {{Put It Away}}

Lunapic 136405281341273 24 Put the calculator away.


Code: {{Saved}}

Lunapic 136405281341273 5 Blowing jars and a thumping bucket? We're saved!

See Ya Later

Code: {{See Ya}}

Lunapic 136405281341273 8 See ya later, Baby Gator!

So Sweet!

Code: {{So Sweet}}

V. 1 ITAY-14- This user thinks it's so sweet how Austin performed I Think About You for Ally!

Can You Say Exclusive?-Megan Simms

Code: {{Exclusive!!}}

AUSLLY kiss Can you say exclusive?

Totes Hilar!

Code: {{Totes Hilar}}

Lunapic 136284357695564 3 This user is totes hilar!

Totes Disgust

Code: {{Totes Disgust}}

Lunapic 136284357695564 9 This user thinks that eating bugs is totes disgust!

Double Take

Code: {{Made Double Take}}

2jc7p5k This user made 'em do a Double Take!


Code: {{Feelings}}

Tumblr m5zhvgwXqR1rxpp8eo1 500 (2)
This user is feeling....feelings!

Cupcake While Talking

Code: {{Cupcake While Talking}}

Tumblr m5tzxnsyHt1rxcjgro1 250 This user is slowly licking a cupcake with white frosting while Trish speaks.

Doesn't Know What He's Missing

Code: {{Doesn't Know What's Missing}}

Tumblr m4wzkx7n1F1rn07pno1 400 This user thinks that Dallas doesn't know what he's missing. But they're glad he doesn't, 'cuz Auslly better happen....

Important to Get Their Dance

Code: {{Important to Get Their Dance}}

Tumblr m50a4ozIMX1rn07pno1 400 Hey, it's important that the coolest user here finally gets their dance.


Code: {{Girlie}}

Tumblr m33ntkyqUm1rnwy27 This user is a girlie!

Smell of Crab Meat

Code: {{Smell of Crab Meat}}

Tumblr m4v43pmpX71rxpp8eo5 250 This user loves the smell of crab meat in the morning.


Code: {{Sand-witch}} 

Costumes &amp; Courage2
This user would love to grab a


Code: {{Awesomus}}

Awesomeus This user likes things to be AWESOMUS!

"Zebra's Your Color"

Code: {{Zebra is Her Color}}

Trish and Mrs. De La Rosa (5) This user thinks that zebra is definitely her color!

Quote From Campers & Complications

Code: {{Jealous of the Panda}}

Lunapic 136027688888857 5 "You're jealous of my panda!" Oh Austin, yes, we're all definitely jealous of your panda...

Britney (from Filmmaking & Fear Breaking)

Code: {{Britney's Fall}}

Lunapic 13599115014518 2 This user thought Britney's fall was cool!

A Scene from Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Code: {{Poor Ally and Kira}}

Lunapic 135984911328333 1 This user felt bad for both Ally for being dragged like that & Kira for getting the wrong assumption.

No Fear (from Filmmaking & Fear Breaking)

Code: {{No Fear User}}

A&amp;AF&amp;F12 This user's not afraid of anything!

Flower Bouquet Gift (From Girlfriends & Girl Friends)

Code: {{'Small Gift'}}

Lunapic 135951149031856 If that's a small gift, I would love to see a big gift!.

Lover of Love (From Backups & Breakups)

Code: {{Lover of Love}}

Tumblr mby55uL2xt1re0vaco4 250 This user loves love!

Pick Trent! (from Backups & Breakups) Parody

Code: {{Pick Auslly!}}

Backups &amp; Breakups 40 Trish should have just told Austin to pick Auslly instead of just Trent!

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